Отзыв-недообзор на японский сериал “Камен Райдер Экс-Эйд” | Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Review / Overview

Hi everybody, it's Nileya. Don't worry, scetches are coming later. And today I present you my sudden review for Japanese drama "Kamen Rider Ex-Aid". It's the latest entry of Kamen Rider franchise. And yeah, it's review, not overview. I just want to tell my opinion about Ex-Aid. If you don't know what Kamen Rider franchise is… I think you know what "Power Rangers" are? It's an adaptation of Japanese show "Super Sentai" from Toei Company. Toei Company also produces another show – "Kamen Rider", and its seasons tells us a stories about various superheroes called Kamen Riders. They usually ride a bike. Well, you know, it's "Masked RIDER", after all. "Kamen Rider Ex-Aid" is one of this superhero stories.

One of the best stories for several years. Well, you know, this show target auditory is 7-14 years old boys, so it can be childish sometimes… What do you think about this costumes? Facepalming, huh? You thinking "It's some another crazy japanese show"? "It's some crazy show for stupid children"? You know, you're wrong. Ex-Aid is one of the darkest KR entry for last 8 years.

Ex-Aid's Christmas episode was shocking and dark. Yeah, Christmas. You know, light and bright episode full of humor and such, like in any other KR entry? Ex-Aid says "fuck off, guys". Ex-Aid's writer made this episode one of the darkest episodes of whole series. He wasn't stopped nor by whole "it's holiday", neither by "it's children show". And now think about what he can do in normal episodes after that. But well, we have light sides of story too. And craziness as well. These opposites are very organically intertwined, becoming an excellent story. This series tell us about doctors and about games. And seriously – a new dangerous virus is threatening humanity here. It's called Bugster Virus or Game Illness.

When person are infected, he manifests some game character this virus strain represents. This character is Bugster. This virus continues to multiply in the human body, until it completely destroys it. After that, a person dies, and Bugster become fully embodied in our world. You can cure the patient only in one way – doctor need to transform to Kamen Rider, to separate the virus from the patient's body and to fight this Bugster Virus. Actually, this is what the characters of the series are doing. All of them work as doctors and treat patients, defeating their viruses. And they can level up too.

From Level 1 to Level 2, to Level 3, etc. Admitting honestly, I was very skeptical on first episode. Kamen Rider Ghost just ended and disappointed many people, including me… I lost faith in franchise and didn't expect anything from Ex-Aid. But towards the end of the first episode I discovered that I suddenly had an interest… "Well… maybe it's interesting… maybe I can give it a chance…" And then I fell in love with Ex-Aid. I rewatched every episode from first to Christmas many times. Then I calmed down, but this series still continued to amaze me. Let's talk about story and characters. Pros and cons will be in the end of review. The plot of this series was very strong, confusing and provides us with many secrets.

Who are Bugsters, where did they come from, why does the main character have a split personality, and some characters behave like… you know. All these secrets are revealed throughout the series and can cause the following reaction: "OMG! HOW?! HOW IT'S POSSIBLE! MY GOODNESS! EX-AID, I LOVE YOU!" It is worth noting that the plot develops very dynamically, in each episode there is a lot of action, useful information, scenes with the development of characters.

And not a single filler. There was one filler-like episode… with plot too! The theme of games and the fight against the virus also develops until it turns into a really dangerous game, where the rate is human life. There is one remark. The storyline of one of the girls was made very strange, and the part on which there was made a rather strong accent, in my opinion, could be cut without problems. I think the show would not have lost anything. Again, this is just my opinion. Those who watched the show will understand who I'm talking about. If you do not understand – DoReMiFa Beat. Let's talk about characters. There will be tons of information. The matter is that in books, serials and films I first of all pay attention to the characters.

In short, the characters are beautiful. All characters are well-developed, each has its own history, at times frankly tragic. Each has its own motives, often conflicting with the motives of other heroes and leading to battles between the Riders. There are 4 main characters and Riders. It's Hojo Emu (Hojo is a family name and Emu is a name). Kagami Hiiro, Hanaya Taiga and Kujo Kiriya. Emu is the protagonist (Kamen Rider Ex-Aid) of the whole series.

Nice, kind, slightly naive… in a word, a typical main character. In the battle or in the game his behavior changes. He becomes M – a little cocky, a little tricky and cold-blooded fighter. Hiiro. Kamen Rider Brave. He is reserved, cold, calm and keeps a little detached. He loves the sweets, eats it simply in incredible quantities. And I think his favorite anime is K-On! One of the special episodes gave us this beautiful frame. Taiga, Kamen Rider Snipe. And he is… asshole. Or not. The opinion about him is changing throughout the series. Rough, sharp as a bullet (pun intended), constantly seeks to take away from the Gashats (transformation devices) from Riders. Very funny scenes are those where something is taken away from him. He screams in a very amusing tone… TEMEEEE! It's like "I kicked you asses many times, got your Gashats, and now you want to take it back? NO WAY, BITCHES!" His first appearance you see on the screen. Folded fingers meant a shot – and fans loved this gesture.

Really. Loved. Kiriya, Kamen Rider Lazer. Yeah, he's a bike. You did understand it correctly. Happy, cheerful, good guy, you can rely on him… you thought so? You were tricked. This cute man with a charming smile is a liar. And while you were chatting with him at ease, he already received from you the necessary thing or information and dumped. Maybe he can help you… or not… or yes… or not. You'll never know it. Separately, I think, it is worth mentioning the creator of the means to transform: Gashats and Drivers. His name is Dan Kuroto and he is a God… you know. KAMI DA. SHIN DAN KUROTO. DAN KUROTO SHIN DA. Those who did not watch the show, hardly understood something. But WE know, right? Ok, no jokes. If you'll decide to watch Ex-Aid – be ready for Dan Kuroto. Be ready. And that's not all the characters. The rest of the characters are cool too, and if you watch this series, I think you'll definitely find someone to your liking.

There are girls too. Two girls. The first one is Karino Asuna, a calm, somewhat strict, well-balanced nurse. …and she is just the second person of Poppy Pipopapo. God, this name sounds like the sound of bursting bubbles. This is a cheerful and crazy girl, who is called the "navigator of players". In other words, she is Kamen Riders' support. There is another girl. Saiba Nico. Tsundere. Rude, loud, impudent, loves to beat people – and simply a cool girl. All the characters – both protagonists and antagonists – are well explained and explained by their motives. For example, why Hiiro loves sweets, Taiga wants to be the only Rider, and Kiriya constantly lies. Everyone gets their development and organically changes throughout the series. It is worth noting that the female characters were given less time than the male characters, and despite the fact that they still worked out well, the four Riders were much better explained. This is due to the target audience of the series, who are more interested in guys, not girls.

But this season gave the girls more screen time than the previous ones, and that's good. For example, Asuna in the middle of the season was given quite a lot of time, and at the end of the season she made a significant contribution to the fight against game illness. She is a true hero! There is another true hero, but I won't spoil it. Let's talk about actors. I, honestly, are not an expert in acting, but I think all the actors in the series played pretty well. Unless the actor Emu in the first episodes did not played well, but soon corrected himself. I believe that the best actors were the actor of Kiriya and the actor of Dan Kuroto. Kiriya played very pleasantly, I unreservedly believed his emotions and it was simply pleasant to look at him.

And Kuroto gave a lot of improvisation, and thanks to this the character could become so… divine. Since this series is about games, there are a lot of references here. The scene where Emu blew on Gashat is a reference to how people cool the cartridges. Ex-Aid forms referencing both Mario and Sonic franchises. Taddle Fantasy, one of Kamen Rider Brave forms, is a reference to Final Fantazy RPGs. That said, there are tons of references. Let's talk about pros now. Twisted, dynamic and very interesting story, great characters. There is only one character I do not like. This is the main villain. I will not tell you who it is and whether I spoke of it in the video. I adore all other characters. Each of them is beautiful in its own way. It is very interesting to look at the interaction and chemistry between the characters. I really like the humor in the series, it perfectly keeps the balance between crazy Japanese humor and the one more familiar to us.

The script writer tried to explain everything to us, unlike the writers of past seasons, who simply forgot to explain some of the nuances of their serials. References, greater than in previous seasons, the role of girls, the wreath of gloom with a very nice humor. BANG! KAMI DA. Cons. Probably, designs. They can scare away the viewer who are unacquainted with the series and create the wrong impression. Girls are secondary characters. This is logical for the franchise, I explained why this is so, but I still do not like it. I just want to see how the girls fight along with the guys. Do not judge me for this desire. Many people do not like the finale, and they say that it's terrible. The ending seemed to me natural, kind, light, but not a happy end.

I warn you that you may not like the final, but I do not understand you. In general, I really liked the season. Now I believe in Kamen Riders again. I'm shooting this video on August 27, the day the final episode of Ex-Aid came out. A week later Kamen Rider Build starts. And I hope Build will be as interesting and cool as Ex-Aid was. This is the end of the review and the end of the video, respectively. Like this video, say something in comments, follow me and watch Kamen Rider Ex-Aid! Thanks for the viewing. Goodbye! .

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