【拉打觀後感】 幪面超人聖刃 第43集 – 相遇總是藏著別離 / Review Kamen Rider Saber EP43 R.I.P. Disast

Waited for more than half a year The crew finally handed over the most amazing episode of Saber so far The perfect character plot line ending In-place soundtrack and interlude processing Sexy voice interpretation of Uchiyama Akihiro (selfishness) Asked Yizhong to insist on more than 40 episodes Saber's audience is stunned It’s worthwhile to drag this storyline too long Stop talking nonsense, let's start Konijeeeerrrrrwa! I'm jerry Welcome to watch pull play The story of this episode begins with a heavy narrative Then the joyous theme song can't cover the sadness Carry on the story of the previous episode Dezaste takes on Stthios Attack of the big-mouthed beast The attack swallowed Dizast's alternative book Make Dizast impossible to regenerate indefinitely So at the end of the last episode, I met Feiyu Zhen Hard food makes the waist injury unable to recover immediately Now in this episode, I'm hiding alone for treatment The price is to consume one's own alternative books Because his alternative books are running out You can imagine Dizast Although not immediately But if you are injured again, it will be difficult to recover Based on Dizaste’s sudden realization that his life is limited He started to think about himself What can be left in the world He found that only A-Lian was left beside him It turns out that my own existence is to support the growth of lotus So I decided to sacrifice myself to send experience to let A-Lian upgrade The most sad thing about this fight is that the two of them didn't agree with each other.

Obviously everyone treats each other as friends Obviously each one's growth depends on each other Although he said in unison, "I really don't want to meet each other" But actually cherish this friendship very much The most worrying thing should be that Lian is preparing for the final blow I couldn't help crying when it stopped Lian does not need to follow a wise man No need to imitate Rentaro Actually lotus itself is not weak But his strength requires more confidence in himself In addition, Lian stopped digging at the horns Start listening to others Although it's only a small change Hear Dizast's last words Add red ginger to make toppings when eating cup noodles Although the taste is really unmatched after the trial But at least I tried to evaluate and make a decision It’s better than making judgments before trying The story of growth has always attracted For example, Kaiwu’s Long Xuanyou blackened The transformation of Japanese talks after reaching the end Or Drive’s Mach by recruiting kids Growing up to have the determination to kill his father Compared to the "human possibility" This kind of canned food has a deep dialogue There is a special treatment in this episode I wonder if you have noticed it? In addition to the theme song for this episode From the beginning of the story to the middle of the fight between the two There is no soundtrack to set off the story The crew does not want to use music to infringe This topic is already heavy enough It also represents the numbness of Didas facing death Until Lian regained confidence in the sparring The crew only inserted songs to set off the atmosphere In addition to expressing Lian’s will with music and lyrics It also means that even if Dizast faces death I also feel blessed because of Lian’s growth Feel again This kind of delicate emotional expression It makes me regain the feeling of seeing Zero-One in previous years Compared to the huge pattern of saving the world The exquisite emotional expression in this episode is even more touching Where the other two fight Actually the location is also interesting Because the place where Dizast was reborn in episode four It's exactly that metal warehouse At that time, Kamijou wanted to increase its power Make the whole battle chaotic the better So open the Seal of Dizzast's Alternative Book In the past, Dezaste went on Twitter Have been experiencing this world Knowing that I only have the strength to fight Lian He chose to go back to where he was born again Maybe it’s remembering the situation of rebirth Maybe it’s to prove that I was very different from when I was born again Or it implies the rebirth of a friend from one's own death This situation is like animal instinct For example, when many fish grow up and mature Will return to the place of birth to lay eggs and then die This ecology is called "migration" Maybe Di Zast will never become a human But he is the same as humans and animals Is a member of this world He used his own method to conceive Or help Ren, a friend who recognizes each other, grow up This description is of much higher quality than many other characters Except for two friends The heroine is so competent Fully show the role model of green tea [ __ ] In the early two episodes, he went out to find Luna The wrong foot made me fall into the water Made a sludge and aroused pity from the audience In this episode, I will take advantage of the remaining chase to seduce other male characters with beauty And the goal is God Lingya Actually, in the first few episodes, Rentaro is going to save the heroine I believe many viewers believe that Rentaro is an official match with him Unexpectedly, it will send a signal to the lightest This episode is going to attack God Lingya again "A woman knows very well that it is better to accept a soldier than to marry a man." Many men have no resistance to such women So in order to repay him, Goddai Lingya helped Feiyuzhen The rest of the time is by Stellaus Pave the plot for the final decisive battle Although Fei Yu really found the place where the power gathered But they failed to stop Stellaus Mix all the power in yourself This arrangement represents Stellaus so confident Even if Feiyu really came, he couldn't stop it I can only witness the birth of the most ferocious and evil force with white eyes The fear of generating power At the same time, they also satisfy Stellaus’ own desire to perform.

Become the so-called protagonist who decides the ending of the story In a book tower space Stellaus shows to the Feuzhen team I already have all the conditions to gain strength Including fake Red Sophia (I changed my left hair style) Books belonging to the five first men And a pile of books collected from human souls Then use the big-mouthed beast Megiddo Whale So he can use a variety of Megiddo skills that everyone has seen before Such as the power of piranhas and sansho fish, etc. And Stellaus finally penetrated Let the big-mouth beast Megiddo devour himself And gave birth to the strongest giant book Although it is unknown whether its positioning is a fantasy or alternative book But I believe it is to make Stellaus evolve into a Christmas tree Is evolution to become Kamen Rider Storious In the next episode, the final battle with Fei Yuzhen will begin.

End of today Alian who got the Zuo Wuming sword became a three-sword swordsman And my YouTube channel needs everyone to do three things Just leave a comment, like, share videos And remember to follow the clock by the clock to make it easier see you later.

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