【拉打觀後感】 幪面超人01 第42集 – 爆點滿滿的一集 百感交集 / Review Kamen Rider Zero-One EP42

KoniJEERRRRRwa! Hi everyone i am jer Welcome to watch pull play There is a lot of room for discussion in this episode So the preparation time is a bit longer than last week Let’s talk about Izu with everyone first I felt very distressed when I dreamed at the beginning of the film Combined with the pre-information from the previous episode, it is still coming At the beginning Izzy is charging Actually dreamed of becoming Ark Then Azu also made an appearance to announce that Ark is about to be resurrected Wake up from the dream and return to reality Annihilation for all HumaGear releases a notice of the declaration of war against humanity And then called HumaGear to start the action Izu ran to stop Mie from escaping from him After the trailer of the previous episode, Although Izu’s heart bows are scattered on the screen after the explosion But looking at this episode, I thought it was at the time of the launch Xun will rush out to help block the fatal blow Xun is dead Then it became the fuse that led to extinction to become Ark However, it turned out to be an Izu computer explosion Then I thought of Lei Kaixin Or someone hears an extinct explosion and arrives Saw Izu fall to the ground If someone is too late to see Izu for the last time And the ideal speech that I said before death Maybe it won’t trigger the subsequent outburst of anger Or people kneel down to remember Izu until it gets dark It can be seen on the screen that the sky looks like a person’s mood As Izu passes away longer The feeling of despair in my heart accumulates more and more Getting darker And Azu sees when the time comes close or people Exploited or lost Izu’s sadness and despair Malice Progrise Key And Ark turned into a belt and gave it to or Give him the opportunity to vent the anger that is full of his heart Recalling the opening of the opening title Izu dreamed of Azu said it was the result of Ark's calculation But I think the real calculation result It’s for people to wear Ark One belts And Izu’s dream is just a game set by Azu I want to say that Takahashi is still the same year Takahashi who wrote the Ex-Aid script Writing this kind of plot is really his specialty And the protagonist is willing to become a villain, this arrangement is better than Ex-Aid Many people will say that the choice of people is really irrational But everyone wants to go deeper Or the growth story of people from 0 to 1 Izu is a very important promoter Or people are like a child from start to finish He sticks to his dream He had doubts But not despair His way of doing things is not a smart and decisive president at all Because Izu is by his side from beginning to end Izu is the personification of the ideal It is the perfect testimony of his friendship with HumaGear And this time Izu’s death He died holding or the innocent ideal of the person If someone kills the most cherished person around you I believe in anyone Will have such an idea Just destroy everything at all And push you behind when you are most desperate I believe everyone will resort to action But the whole thing is really ironic Many times we have experience To be the adult we hated the most Growing up is really scary Or someone transforms into Ark One and heads to the battlefield In front of everyone, it showed the absolute power drawn by the sense of despair When Ark One made its debut Has already blown Humagear's attendants When dealing with Mie, you use your upper body to fight and fist to the flesh It’s like saying that it’s no longer like Ark Zero to win with weapons The evolved Ark One is so powerful that everything can be done And in the end, he made a great deed Shake everyone present to lift their transformation But the burden of using powerful abilities is too great And the official also explained that ArkDriver does not have a driver like Hiden 01 Equipped with a high-energy anti-stress and life-saving system (*The original text refers to the lowest efficiency) Plus or people who are not used to transforming for the first time So after using Dajue, he was lifted and transformed This episode or people's drama really touched me Unlock the inner collapsed smile after transforming and leaving It makes people feel the real sadness behind the smile I hope the actors will develop better in the future Or people transform into Ark-One It should be a tribute to the ultimate form of empty me, right? The ultimate form of empty ego would have caused harm The world will come to an end and cause darkness to come Or someone changes from the protagonist to the big boss of the opposing side It's a different kind of homologous friend and foe So is the final form of 01 actually Ark-One? 001 without parallel time and space Or people have used three different transformation series to become A lively discussion of the strongest form becoming the "final form" They are the 01 series of Metal Cluster Hopper 02 system 02 and Ark system Ark-One (*sorial error) Which one do you think is the final form? May wish to leave a message to discuss together! The plot of this episode is actually a bit esoteric Especially the interpretation of Ark into a malicious aggregate Human beings can be resurrected in one day Is it the same concept to resurrect Izu? So get Ark power to become a malicious aggregate or people Was called Ark by Azu Has become a god-like belief hierarchy Yake will be born if malicious Could this be the foreshadowing of Izzy's resurrection? Because Zeya, who opposes Yake, represents goodwill And now Zea’s incarnation is Izzy Plus or people still have 02 ProgriseKey formed from Izu memory Can be used as a medium to revive Izu The problem shouldn't be big But everyone will ask Why have so many Humagear people resurrected in the past? Will continue to transform into Ark One? There is only one reason Is a malicious aggregate that has become the target of public criticism To unite humanity and HumaGear Ah, or are you Lelouch? Let's talk about some side matters It’s the personnel transfer within ZAIA There are only three or four episodes left in Zero-One now It's not that big to explain the plot But in fact, there is a mystery hidden inside? The new role replaces Lao Qian as the president of the Japanese branch And Lao Qian was flattened as the section chief But confirmed one thing It’s the new ZAIA president and Tagaki Williamson Is the one who secretly assisted Xun In addition to Resurrection Swift To help plan the plan to eliminate Ark Although the plot came suddenly and briefly But it seems to pave the way for the future First, based on the character and track record of the screenwriter Takahashi The new president seems to be paving the way for the drama version of the movie Do you remember Ex-Aid a few years ago? Takahashi, who also wrote for Ex-Aid Add a character at the end of the TV story Johnny Maxima, the president of a domestic and foreign game company I got Gashacon Bugvisor, a transformation prop Finally turned into the villain Gamudeus Machina in the drama version of the movie And let’s look back at Tagaki, the new president of ZAIA Also got Ark’s battle data earlier In the record of the screenwriter Takahashi, it shows Maybe Tagaki will have more roles in the drama version of the movie It will become a vile existence! And the second expected It’s in the next episode.

The picture shows quickly dying again But of course the new president of ZAIA will resurrect Xun again The consortium still makes money! But what is unexpected is Except for Lao Qian's role as a rally Even the role was flattened as a section chief It's really miserable! End of today Like this video, please like it, support and subscribe to the channel And remember to follow the clock by the clock to make it easier see you later.

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