【拉打觀後感】 幪面超人01 第44集 – 最終決戰前的一道暖流 / Review Kamen Rider Zero-One EP44

KoniJEERRRRRwa! Hello everyone. I’m jer. Welcome to watch the rally. After watching this episode, I feel that the fighting scenes in this episode, whether it is the real battle of the action actors and the special effects in the post-production, are amazing. The impressive one is believed to be the sword mound scene. Bar? But what I love even more in this episode is the crew’s in-depth description of each character. Zero-One, as the first set of Reiwa's story, is really great. The part mentioned in the encounter that affects each other will be in the new generation of Reiwa. Every child left a mark in his heart to make the world better .

The part about the person is still a pure person in his heart, but the person is gradually getting worse than Kai Ting. He recognizes the goal of revenge and tries his best to continue from the previous episode. Avoiding and not breaking them head-to-head. In this episode, instead of using Ark Driver to transform into Ark One, it uses 02 Driver to fight with the unbreakable. It is not visible that the unbreakable is not the object of venting grievances. It is a pity that some Ark will be inserted on the screen when 02 is not broken. The picture of One’s leather case represents maliciousness that has eroded from the inside unknowingly, or even if a person transforms into 02 , every punch he throws is a malicious incarnation attack. This situation is described very truthfully. Many times people will have a purpose. Under the circumstances, some informal methods are used, but they are used too much, just like taking drugs. If they are dependent, they will be slowly eroded and lose themselves. I wonder if you have played a dark nostalgic fighter video game called "R-TYPE". ? In the story, the protagonists fight against alien enemies in order to gain strength.

They use the enemy's technology and even abandon their bodies to become fighters. The CPU makes the attack more efficient. Finally, they transform themselves into new alien enemies and return to the theme or people. This approach is really slow. To the dark, but he thought he was awake and very pitiful, but fortunately, there are still people around him who are right or who never leave, pitiful and bring a little happiness. At the end of the first episode, or someone kicked and exploded, so he did to himself.

Things start to doubt that the power of darkness may not be correct. Now when the episode is unbreakable , people know that they are covered by Azu or a variety of maliciousness, or people are in an extremely confused state in the choice of life, and the protagonist loses himself. The happiest thing is that there is a group of people who support him. At this time, the true protagonist walks out without breaking and uses the dead Japanese wolf ProgriseKey (spoken language: ZetsumeriseKey) to transform into a two-headed dog Vulcan.

Open with power or a human heart, although in the end it is due to a transformation device SHOTRISER couldn't bear the Japanese wolf ProgriseKey and was forced to lift the transformation (spoken error: ZetsumeriseKey), but it did not break the ARK ONE shadow of 02 and turned back into the shadow of the dark shadow, right? The unbreakable transformation belt burst open, but we still have the blade BB. Is n’t it difficult to make another transformation without breaking? The appearance of Lao Dou Liming may cause major changes in people’s minds, or people who use 02 ProgriseKey to connect to Zeya’s satellite network to ask Zeya for answers to questions. Zeya did not answer. Instead, there was a personal figure that slowly came out and that person turned out to be. The Dawn story of Orren’s father does not continue to describe the dialogue between Liming and Orren after meeting, but the dawn with 01 Driver should be solved, or people or people will self-destruct Ark Driver in front of Mie’s eyes and then use 01 Driver to transform themselves to end their malice The chain, right? But the interesting thing is that if someone is holding three belts of Ark Driver / 02 Driver / 01 Driver at the same time, will it be a little tired? In addition, this episode about the chain of severing malice uses several supporting characters to describe each of them, although the length is short, but everyone’s characterization is very deep.

First of all, the blade BB. When the new president and Tagaki lead a team to confront HumaGear and more Gaki also ordered the AIMS team members to attack the excited HUMAGEAR. Just as the team members were preparing to shoot, the blade BB rushed out in the name of the AIMS captain to prevent the team members from returning the authority to control AIMS to the government before being removed from the position of president. Therefore, AIMS No longer under the jurisdiction of ZAIA, so there is no need for the team members to obey orders and Tagakito’s death is also good. These episodes are called a lot of good people and good things. However, BB and later were attacked by HumaGear but decided to put them down. Hate chooses to forgive HumaGear with love to accept the emotions. HumaGear is determined to break the chain of maliciousness.

But my question is that in the previous episodes Izu has already pushed or people to nine feet away with a single push. How can the BB be attacked without death? And on the other side is the vice president trio. It can be said that this episode’s tear gas is the vice president of this episode. Even if you can’t see what the person is doing, your heart is very tight. Feidian Intelligence, a company that came out to face the masses in the absence of the president. I can tell from words that the vice president is a man of affection.

In addition to not leaving the company, he also implements the company's emphasis on HumaGear. In fact, I saw my eyes wet when I saw the bottom of my heart when I saw the vice president. Then I saw the vice president. The trio kneels and asks for forgiveness. The tears are really uncontrollable. This episode is moved and the tears flow. The reason for the tears is seeing something that is lacking in reality. Many people are saying that Mie is a double standard. The cause of IZU's war was only focused on the disrespect of others toward oneself and spreading maliciousness, but in fact, this is the most realistic aspect of mankind . Many people who "do not allow the people to light the lamp, but only allow the state official to set fire" are seen on weekdays. Quite a few, but the words from the bottom of the heart and the way in which the characters just said are just the existence of Qingquan in our ideal hometown, so it looks very great and moving 01 as the first set of Lada is really the gospel of the new generation of children.

I also hope that all of you who watched 01 will get the Ark One in the original plot. There is no reason to watch the worst form being snatched away. Therefore, I will also come to a final evolution . The secret meeting AZU in the night and take the set. The new transformation props, press the mass-produced ProgriseKey , and the new panel is changed on 01 Driver, and the key is the same as the 02 ProgriseKey. The trick to cheat money is very good at [ __ ] You Bandai . On the day of the battle, the show performed a new change. The body movement finally used his katana to transform into this Swastika Senbonzakura is so handsome. The katana that has been decorating has finally made a difference instead of just cutting the cloth. It’s also too happy. New shape head The first half is Ark. The face is half of the face mask with crack marks.

The more special part is that the armor part of the body is changed to a type 1 holster. It is necessary to know that both Ark and Liming Qixiong are father-type HumaGears. The body design and shape of the two pull holsters are the same. It can be seen that the production team has also found a very reasonable reason for the launch of the toy [ __ ] You Bandai . Is there a new pull picture after the next episode of the trailer? It should be the new president and Tanzania who lost AIMS so they went into battle by themselves? Now that the malice has been extinguished, and Azu is sitting on a lot of Progrise Keys, can he use one at any time to seduce Tagaki? That’s it for today. If you like this video, please like to support and subscribe to the channel. Also remember to press the clock to follow the video to make it easier. See you next time..

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