【拉打觀後感】 幪面超人01 第45集 – 令和拉打 Re:Rise / Review Kamen Rider Zero-One EP45

KoniJEERRRRRwa! Hi everyone i am jer Welcome to watch pull play There are a lot of sand and stones in the Zero-One plot But the emotion described in it Realistic and delicate in terms of special photos I saw my eyes wet for most of the ending Thanks to the production team for the past year Bring a moving Kamen Rider work Very reluctant Let’s talk about the fighting part of the episode first It makes people feel the meaning of the breath of funding The final battle that has been brewing for a long time in the previous episode finally starts in this episode In the scenario of infinite sword system Or the ARK ONE of people and the ARK SCORPION of extinction Constantly picking up the weapon next to him or attacking or defending when fighting This kind of arrangement is really enjoyable And between the sword and the shadow There are a lot of CG special effects that everyone likes in the fight between the two.

Make both sides' tactics more changeable Let the final battle add more memory points For example, ARK ZERO’s plural printing floats METAL CLUSTER HOPPER's flying metal SHINNING SYSTEM stolen by THOUSER, etc. All made a lot of color in the first half of the final game In the second half, people may use Realizing Hopper to transform into 01 Back to the basics, use PAKOUR high-speed jump play against it Although the gorgeousness is not as good as the first half But the screen is the same as the first episode 01 In addition to being a description that echoes the beginning and the end Responding to the theme of "starting from scratch, starting from one" "Zero-One" after experiencing "destroy" Even if you give up the strongest power Even if it is defeated by the strongest force "Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight" Add 01 to the number of falling It's the number that gets up This is the biggest blessing from the crew to Linghe generation Although the fighting scenes in this episode are a highlight Helps stir up the atmosphere But it made the ending emotionally explode Is a description of the relationship between some of them For example, the scenes of these two episodes on Zeya Network Give the audience a great sense of warmth Later in the story, people will ask Zeya questions from time to time to find answers But Zeya will not provide the answer directly Instead, let the protagonist think for himself and figure out a way to face adversity In the first episode, someone entered the Zeya satellite network and met his father Liming Qixiong This episode finally explains the dialogue between the two Liming did not directly provide or anyone with a solution to the dilemma It’s about admiration or people’s strengths and advantages Certainly or people believe in the original intention of HumaGear In this scene, the father enlightened his son's dialogue is very real Of course or someone decides to continue using power Suppressing HumaGear or not is a human decision As a father, I have to try my best After all, or the person is already an adult The decisions on the road of life and the results derived from it all need to be responsible for themselves And maybe people are in the second half of the battle against Mi Use Realizing Hopper to transform into 01 And once again connected to Zeya Network People or people connected to the Zeya network I saw a very familiar figure appearing beside me No mistake is Jeongyin's wife Izu Or when someone sees Izu’s facial expressions and acting skills are too impressive And the emotions brought out in it are also touching I first looked down at Izu the moment I looked down In addition to expressing disbelief, I can see the doubt and excitement of IZU again It's also like the guilt of a kid who has done something wrong and dare not face his parents And when people slowly raise their heads to face IZU IZU did not scold or say anything Because the two are so close that they don’t need words to express their feelings And IZU knows at that moment or the trust that people need most Or people know all the feelings and thoughts I can't escape the eyes of IZU Bi Zhi So what you do next must be the most loyal thing Become the most respectable president in the secretary's heart Although this scene is very simple But it can be said to be an emotionally explosive scene in the ending Good ending In addition to a well-written script Also thanks to the acting skills of the actors Among them, Fumiya Takahashi who plays the protagonist Hidden or Human Although his interpretation is not sophisticated But it can be seen that he has always been It’s great for him to take the lead role of Reiwa Actually started from the 01 press conference You can already see the intentions of Takahashi Fumiya Every year the protagonist of the pull conference will come out and pose for transformation At that time, Fumiya Takahashi's actions were rigorous and his eyes were sharp Except that he is so serious that he seems to have practiced hundreds of times It also means that this actor attaches great importance to the role of the leading protagonist Has left a good impression on the audience at that moment And looking at the whole series The person or person played by Fumiya Takahashi has multiple identities in the play Including unhappy comedians The president who came as expected Lost loved ones, sons and friends, etc.

He tried his best to perform Although the acting is a bit green But the emotions brought out by every expression of his movements are very true Intelligence that successfully drives the audience Also very close to one The performance of young people facing various crises I have to praise Takahashi Fumiya's emotional handling. There are too many voltage lines left by Zero-One, right? This will allow Toyo to write more supporting works The final half of the episode focuses on the duel between man and man And the time after the victory Just go to the part where everything has subsided HumaGear no longer initiates a rebellion, the society is generally peaceful Feidian Intelligence continues to develop its business In full swing and ready to launch new satellites Each character also finds his own destination and whereabouts Like a perfect ending But there are actually a lot of things that have been hastily ended or have not been explained For example, the ending only focuses on the very small battle of or people and extinction.

How did HumaGear, the already-stricken Dawei, calm down? Extinction becomes like Uchiha Sasuke in Naruto Go to secretly assist the protagonist group to maintain social peace But as the fuse of the war, he How can one escape the hatred and punishment of the public? And the true protagonist is determined to protect the wind capital, Sho Shotaro Although I can uncover ProgriseKey and people’s hearts But why can't you open the car door as hard as you can without transforming? Don't talk about the things mentioned above The official even brought out the introduction at the end Let everyone keep an eye on the Zero-One theater version of the movie The film at Xia Theater was originally scheduled to be released in December And among them, the traitor ESU played by Hideaki Ito Also known as Kamen Rider Eden Debut before the end of the final What role will he be when he comes to 01, the predecessor of the sea monkey? Could it be that he is or person's biological father He was kicked out of the Feidian family back then to stage a production drama? Everyone may wish to leave a message to talk about your thoughts All in all, I like 01 series very much Bringing a good start to the Reihe era In addition to fighting and burning funds I prefer to describe feelings between people In this regard, screenwriter Takahashi wrote It's more delicate than the Ex-Aid era, it's worthy of praise Except for the 40th episode review that I owed you earlier If there is a chance, I will come to a 01 general comment Tell everyone what I think of the whole drama End of today Like this video, please like it, support and subscribe to the channel And remember to follow the clock by the clock to make it easier see you later

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