101 KAMEN RIDER GAIM Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Hello everyone! Today, we'll be doing 101 facts about Kamen Rider Gaim. We've tried to stay clear of some of the ones that are more well known and you probably already know. Just a warning there will be spoilers, so if you haven't watched the show yet, you have been warned. So let's begin! After the previous few Rider shows from Double to Wizard only having two primary Riders, they wanted to break from that formula and mix things up with a sizeable amount more of Riders.

While the Sengoku era was the main theme, they wanted each Rider to have a different motif so the designs weren’t too similar, such as making them bugs, birds, and other different kinds. Bandai was the one that came to them with fruits as the central theme after liking how OOO would easily swap around widely different forms. The push was because Bandai wanted a theme that hadn’t been used before in Rider. Despite the wildly eccentric theme of fruits the staff was not concerned at the prospect they'd already done a train Rider similar to Den-o even if you look at Gaim You don't realize immediately these powered by oranges While researching into what fruits were popular with kids they discovered the orange came out on top and so was given to Gaim as his base form. Melons are a high commodity fruit in Japan and its association with Zangetsu is reflective of how he is the strongest out of the original four riders. Fruits aren't the only nutritional food in the show nuts were introduced by writer Urobuchi as he wanted to have a rank system within the Lockseeds.

Just like in OOO, you had Cell Medals and Core Medals separated from each other. In Gaim there are fruits and nuts. Hmm, trail mix. In early design meetings, they kept a sentence in mind – “Opening a new world” and “Unlocking potential.” After some research, they figured that locks were the best choice. There was something that’s never been used before and at that point, they had no idea what the story was even going to be like.

The Sengoku era element influenced the story too, where characters fight each other and form alliances. Theu may have been enemies Yesterday, but they are allies today. Those alliances aren’t always perfect. Betrayal may occur or not. Dancing was an important part of the world building at the start of the show, but before Urobuchi joined the project, they were leaning towards fashion instead. Being the producer, Takebe has the authority to make special requests for the show, one that she asked of Urobuchi was a return to early Heisei series, with emphasis like Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki & Faiz. Another request was to do away with the two episode format that had been the staple of Heisei Phase Two up until that time Saying that “There was no point in letting a monster get away one episode only to immediately die afterwards.” Despite what people think, Gaim was not based on Ryuki’s Rider Vs.

Rider concept, but in fact was based on another Rider series – Kamen Rider Black. Urobuchi loved the exciting conflict between Black & his own step-brother, Shadow Moon and wanted to recreate that feeling for a new generation. Although Ryuki did help them decide on how many Riders they would have. The audition process for Gaim was somewhat different to previous shows, down to the fact that Urobuchi’s scripts were very complex. This made it hard to have regular auditions that would actually show the ability of the actor. Instead, they handpicked a set number and brought them in to do readings to see who was capable. Right until the point of going into production, some of the roles had not even been cast. All that said, nobody auditioned for the role of Kouta, Gaku Sano was chosen immediately based on his previous works. Since the staff were looking to go back to the early roots of Heisei, they recruited veteran director, Ryuta Tasaki. Tasaki had worked on many of those shows. But they still wanted to create something new and unique, which is why they hired a new writer that’s famous in the anime world.

Urobuchi was introduced to Gaim producer Takabe, who offered him the job, by Tomokazu Sugita, the voice of Kivat Bat III. Urobuchi accepted the offer to write the show as he wanted a new challenge, something different as he had become too accustomed to writing anime. Fruits had already be decided by then, but the only finalized concepts where the belt design and the transformation concept. At that point only Banana and Grape were finalized, but was also told that they were aiming for multiple Riders. He had initial trouble starting with Gaim, particularly the motif. Saying “Just look at the two previous Riders, an astronaut and a wizard. You could easily make a hero out of those two things, but an orange? From the start, I had to work with something that’s not heroic at all.

That was my mistake, I saw it as a fruit. I realized I had to see it as a toy.” Urobuchi compared working on Gaim to his previous work, Madoka Magica, whereas that had only 13 episodes, Gaim had a full year of stories to tell. Gaim has Kouta constantly changing throughout its entire run, so he decided that he wouldn’t be very Rider-like from the beginning, but have him growing into a full fledged Kamen Rider by the second half. Gaim was delayed one month, so started in October instead of August because Gaim’s Jinba arms power up & Genesis driver would have clashed with the first set of toys release during the Christmas period. That meant he couldn’t introduce the Energy Rider characters and their items until after that point. Also, this lead to Wizard have an extended run with a two episode special set after the show.

He designed the characters by working backwards, by deciding what he wanted them to be once he had grown up. The Yggdrasill name came about due to wanting a connection with plantation as the characters would be using fruits. Yggdrasill is from norse mythology; the world tree that was supporting the universe. When asked about it’s meaning, “Sure, we have a few names taken from mythology, but it doesn’t run much deeper than that.” Despite the actors schedules and movie versions of the show, the series flowed all according to what you Urobochi had planned from the very beginning. During production the show, length was undetermined on whether or not it will conclude on episode 46 or 47. Knowing that, he decided to have the climax of the show finished in 46, so the possible 47th episode could be made into a sequel. Urobuchi admitted that Gaku Sano’s own bright personality had a direct impact on Kouta and was changed slightly. He also stated that Micchy's downfall is the main theme, He wanted to show a much more mature perspective on the sly, patronizing way that he acted, which could be seen as cool by young viewers.

Micchy was planned to bow out at the end of the third arc. In the early stages he wanted Micchy to a cross the line by killing the character Sid. Urobuchi wanted Mai to have a “tsundere” character, being cold and sarcastic, but was changed to be much more like her actress. Until the final stages of the show, Mai’s actress was not informed of the true identity of the Woman of the Beginning. Yuuya is one of the first victims of trying the taste of the Helmheim fruit and was transformed into Byako Invess.

Originally, his design was going to have scrapes of clothing leftover post transformation. Think like Bruce Banner/Hulk. Urobuchi wanted to portray Kaito as the strong opponent that Kouta had to overcome he had to have Gaim gain the upper hand in numerous situations due to higher-ups requests, which in consequently would result in Kaito making an appearance only to lose. When Zack's actor received the script for episode 45 he had heard from staff members that Zack was going to die in a resulting explosion.

But when he got the script for episode 46 his name was written, meaning he was alive. A plan existed for Kamen Rider Knuckle to be a new character, but the writer Urobuchi found himself pleased with Zack and so chose him instead. Hase was always planned to die from the beginning, but the actor was informed very early on. Urobuchi compared Hase to another surprise death character in his other popular work, Madoka Magika. Not naming for spoilers, it is good show, go watch it. Each of their demises were the serious turning points of each show. Yuki Kubota suggested that Takatora would normally keep his hands in his pockets, as a way of keeping a pompose attitude, but also showing that he was keeping his true intentions hidden.

Urobuchi has said that he has complicated feelings towards the Sengoku Driver and this is all gathered into Ryoma Sengoku. Gaim is a complex show with different allegiances and motives in one big gray muddled area mess, but he described Ryouma Sengoku as being “the most evil person in Gaim.” Ryouma was set to appear much later than episode 7 and leave much earlier than episode 43. But after it was decided he would transform into Kamen Rider Sigurd, it was then changed for him to go at episode 20, but he ended up staying until episode 31. Bravo was created as a character to drop the lead heroes into a crisis and debut the Suika Lockseed. It was hard to give the story a serious turn at that point so the character was set more of a “childish adult with a perverted spin."
The original script did not feature Bando.

As all the actors were young and fairly inexperienced, Takabe & director Tasaki asked for an adult actor with acting ability. Tasaki wanted to have Tomohisa Yuge’s role in the series to be reminiscent of the one he had in Shi15uya.
The undersuit of many of the Riders is meant to resemble chainmail.
Seiji Takaiwa increases muscle mass to fit the suit's armor heavy design. Drawing on gestures from Samurai period drama, Takaiwa would drop his waist as he pulls out his blade and press the Musou Sabre against his waist like it was his sheath. He also said he portrayed Gaim while keeping historical military figure Shibata Katsuie in mind whose outfit and stance closely resembled what Gaim was like in the show.

This is something he would change with every new Lockseed he would use. Suika Arms was originally going to have an giant armored mode, but producer Takabe requested that he also have a gyro mode so he could roll around in. Despite being a CG form, part of the head and left arm actually had a life sized prop that they could use. Jimba arms was created as a bridging gimmick between the Sengoku and Genesis Drivers and at the time was only planned to appear for about three episodes.

The shoulder armor on Jimba Arms is meant to resemble leaves. Despite designs for Jinba Melon Arms existing , it never appeared in the show. But there was toy version of it. It is theorized in “Kamen Rider Gaim photobook. Triumph” that the Kachidoki armor is inspired from the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. The close up version of Kachidoki arms was reportedly so heavy that it was difficult to even do basic movements in. Kiwami was based on 南蛮胴具足 (Nanbandou armour) remodeled from popular foreign armor in the 16th & 17th Century that was incorporated into Japanese armor design. The Gaim Fresh Orange arms suit that appeared in the Terebi-kun special was remodeled into Bujin Gaim for the Gaim x Wizard movie and later the mask was used for Gaim Yami in the summer Soccer movie. The closeup versions of the Kachidoki flags were made of artificial leather, but the action versions were made of cloth.

The flags weren’t originally intended to be a weapon and just to be attached to his back, but as they fluttered around when the wind was too strong, the choice of whether to use them or not depended on the day on set. When Ryugen was designed, there was a possibility that he would be a short lived villainous character, so was created in that image, including color schemes that wouldn’t normally be used for any hero character.

Kiwi Arms made it impossible to ride a motorbike, so they would show Ryugen changing back into Budou Arms before getting on the bike. The mask of Kiwi arms was remodeled for the use of Yomotsu Heguri Arms,. and then was changed back to Kimi Arms afterwards. The chest was from Budou Arms. Ryugen was never planned to have a power up in the show, but Urobuchi requested as the power difference between Ryugen & Gaim late game was too wide something was needed to fill in the gap. At the beginning, Zangetsu’s fruit was an apple, but as this rode a little too close to the Forbidden Fruit story of Adam & Eve, Urobuchi requested that it be used in the soccer movie instead.

During the planning stages, the Musou Sabre was only meant to be used by Gaim, but it was decided that other Riders using the Japanese theme ie, Zangetsu, could wield it as well. This way they could show Zangetsu being able to be both offensive and defensive with the Melon Defender. The Zangetsu suit was remodeled into the Watermelon Arms suit for the Gaim Gaiden movie. There was only one prop of the Zangetsu Melon Defender and was remodeled into the Watermelon Gatling Gun for the Gaim Gaiden. It was remodeled back later photoshoots. In episode 36, the shot of Zangetsu’s helmet being broken and exposing his face was created in post production, rather than creating a real prop.

The CG sequence of the melon arms transformation scene was prepared right from the very beginning of the show but there wasn't a chance to use it. With the soon to be appearing Zangetsu Shin episode rolling around, the transformation sequence was included into episode 10, despite not be scripted. Kamen Rider Gridon is based on the armies of Ancient Greece. Gridon was actually a temporary name, but it had such an impact they decided to keep it. If you remove the patterns on Gridon's arms and legs it indicates that the suit is low level like a subordinate. Kurokage’s design was based on the Ashigaru, a light infantry unit that existed through the Heian to Edo period. The panel like armor is one of the their distinct attributes. Since Bravo was firstly fought off as an enemy character, he would not be made into a toy, hence his spiky uncommon design. Kamen Rider Knuckle's design is inspired on Ishinomori's heroes of the 70s. Originally he was going to be a high level and kurohagi Okay, time for a sad story. When Gaku Matsuda was a teenager in high school he began dance lessons with a teacher that the kids nicknamed "Mr.

Kurumi" ie. a walnut. Gaku spoke very fondly of his teacher and admitted it was thanks to him he continued to learn to dance. Sadly, Mr. Kurumi fell sick and had to retire from teaching and passed away in 2010. Dancing was one of the reasons he got the role in Team Baron and Matsuda believed it was fate that he would transform using the Kurumi Lockseed and that his teacher was always keeping an eye on him. The costume for Kamen Rider Jam was remodeled from the Soccer movie’s Kamen Rider Kamuro. The Genesis Driver Riders all use the Sonic Arrow weapon and the choice is reflected in their design. The chestplate is based on a chest guard commonly worn by Japanese archers. The tubing around the mask and over the chest are straws, you know, so they can drink soda easily. Aside from Zangetsu Shin, there were no plans to make toys of the other Genesis Riders.

For all the non-British monarchist out there, a Duke holds a peerage higher than a baron, and so the king-like themes were incorporated into Duke’s motif and design, his mask has a crown, including hair details. During the planning stages, muscat grape was considered to be use as his fruit. The arms and legs of Sigurd are based on Vikings however because they didn’t plan to release toy versions of Sigurd, fur was used without any regard of the trouble it would cause Bandai to recreate. Malika’s design is Chinese in origin, however with an added element of Arabia The helmet of Marika is a peach, as well the design of a mosque.

Baron was not planned to get a power up, but needed to fix the power balance between him and Gaim. Part of the reason that Baron did get the power up was because his character got popular but due to that there were no official designs created for him. To differentiate Lemon Arms used by Baron & Duke, the crest on the chest armor was changed. The helmet was especially made for Baron as the parts for Duke's did not fit with his and so they made one from scratch. One of the suggestions for Baron to acquire his upgrade was to take Ryoma’s Genesis Driver when he exited the show. This upgrade would have been a repaint of Duke’s costume. Urobuchi imagined the Beat Riders as children struggling to free themselves from the control of the adults But he was forbidden to written rebellious children and as such had to turn them into hobbyists dancers that had required permission from the city.

The Yggdrasil corporation was created because they wanted to have a company or organization that the kids at home watching would have a target to fear. The Overlords were not originally planned to be in the show. They came around as the Invess monsters did not speak and conversing with each other was difficult Takebe requested for monsters to appear that could talk. The Overlords special language is as you’d expect, an homage to the Grongi in Kamen Rider Kuuga. Kamen Rider Mars design was intentionally made with Gaim as a base as he was meant to be in a position that stood against Kouta. The helmet is based on hockey masks, in particular one movie monster was kept in mind while designing, Jason from the Friday 13th movies. When the V-Cinema movies were announced post series, the first four were decided by voting polls from fans and released in pairs. Included in the second batch was a voting ticket for a third round of releases.

Sadly, nothing ever came of it. Ugh, still waiting for my Bravo and Malika V-Cinemas. As there had been a Silver, Gold & Dark Apple Lock Seeds, producer Takabe asked if they can include just a regular apple Lock Seed in the Zangetsu V-Cinema. There was a suggestion to have Gaim feature in the Full Throttle crossover movie with Drive as a parallel world counterpart, but they judged that fans wouldn't want to see this, and instead moved with a continuation of the story and so it was made a sequel. 101, last one now. And this supplied by HelmetsHenshin on Twitter, to help promote the show in Hong Kong, they released a number of promotional lockseeds that are only available over there. One of those is the xiao long bao lockseed, a dumpling.

If you want to check out a video of it, just look in the top right hand corner, and click on the link there. There was even a tie-in comic where Ryugen used the lockeseed. And that was a 101 facts. If you enjoyed this please subscribe, also, consider donating to our Patreon. If you donate five dollars a month you get to see these videos a few days earlier, and it also goes towards interviews and event coverage and stuff like that as well. Thank you for watching next week, Ultraman X..

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