17 Years After ! Kamen Rider Ryuki 2019 | Then & Now

Fight! Kamen Rider Ryuki aired in 2002, … … and was concluded in 2003. This succession is an interesting series, … … because it carries the theme “battle between riders”. And use cards to fight. Are you curious about the direct in the Kamen Rider Ryuki succession? After 17 years have passed, precise in 2019 … … they ultimately returned! “Rider Time: Kamen Rider Ryuki”. But not all cast returned. What does it look like now? Is it still the same? or even different? For those who are bizarre, just go ahead …[ Kamen Rider Ryuki – Shinji Kido][ Kamen Rider Knight – Ren Akiyama][ Kamen Rider Zolda was replaced by “Goro Yura”][ Kamen Rider Ouja – Takeshi Asakura][ Kamen Rider Raia – Miyuki Tezuka][ Kamen Rider Gai – Jun Shibaura] Okay, friends! So from this video, ….. watch their action back in “Rider Time: Kamen Rider Ryuki”. See you in the next video ….

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