30 Facts About Kamen Rider Kabuto

Hi everyone, today we’ll be talking about
fun facts about Kamen Rider Kabuto. Let’s get started. Hiyori’s illustrations that were featured
in the series were actually drawn by Mitsuru Karahashi, who portrayed Kaido in Kamen Rider
Faiz. Karahashi actually happens to be an illustrator
in addition to being an actor. The foot base of most of the Rider suits is
called the Rider Stomper, which converts a charge in the ZECTER into a surge of tachyon
particles, and increases the kick power used in the Rider form.

The black cloth looking material part on the Rider suits is called
the Sign Suit. It was made to withstand a 50 calibre machine
gun, and protects the wearer of up to 5,000 Degrees Celcius as well as below freezing
temperatures. In story, of course. The colored parts of the armor, such as Kabuto's red breast plate is created by a legendary metal called Hihiirokane, which appears in many fantasy themed fiction. In addition to the insect theme of Kamen Rider Kabuto, Producer Shinichiro Shirakura wanted
to also add the theme of “swarm vs swarm”. While one side featured Worms with Special
Monsters, the otherside featured ZECTroopers with Kamen Riders. Yui Satonaka, who portrayed Hiyori, said in
an interview that Director Hidenori Ishida called her a Worm in a joking fashion. She didn’t think that was true until later,
when she overheard staff saying she would become a worm. Most Riders in the series start off with a
bulky-looking armor in their Masked Forms. They would use “Cast-Off” to remove the
bulky parts, similar to how an insect would shed its skin.

This transformation sequence was inspired
by the Inazuman series, another Ishinomori Hero. Like the Riders in Kabuto, the main character
Goro would transform into Sanagiman, an armored brown pupa. When Sanagiman accumulates enough kinetic
energy, his brown pupa explodes, revealing the blue moth-like mutant hero: Inazuman. When Riders Cast-Off, their armor scatters
at 2,000 meters per second. Many Kamen Riders have something called the O-signal on the forehead of their helmet. In Kamen Rider Kabuto, the function of the O-Signal alerts the Rider of any disturbances in the time-axis, or when a Worm uses clock-up.

The theory going around that Riku Kagami developed
the Hopper ZECTERs was confirmed in the Kamen Rider Kabuto Compilation Book. He created the Hopper ZECTERS to aid Kabuto
and Gatack in their fights against ZECT, who worked under the Natives. He entrusted the Hopper ZECTERS to Yaguruma
who held resentment towards the organization. The official recipes of foods featured during
the series run can actually be found on the TV-Asahi Website of Kamen Rider Kabuto under
“Makanai”, which means “meals.” You can access the website using the way-back machine. Tendou’s personality was actually based
on scriptwriter Toshiki Inoue. Takao Nagaishi said “Tendou is Inoue!”. To which Inoue replied, “I’m not that
kind-hearted!”… oddly enough Hiro Mizushima, who portrayed the titular
character Souji Tendou, said that Kamen Rider Kabuto is not part of his kuroirekishi or
“dark history”, a Japanese term that refers to events that people want to forget ever

He also said on his own personal instagram that he
would have reprised his role in the movie, Heisei Generations Forever, if he had been asked back. While Tendou loves Saba Miso, or Mackarel
simmered in Miso, Mizushima actually doesn’t like fish. During the series run, the Riders are referred
to as Masked Riders, as they were developed as part of the Masked Rider system. Only Drake was referred to as “Kamen Rider”,
by Yaguruma Tokuyama Hidenori , who portrayed Yagurum Sou,
commented on how Mizushima Hiro was interesting because of how spacey he was on set.

Compared to Sato Yuki, who’s confident and
very much like his character Kagami. According to Shirakura, he wanted Clock-Up to depict the idea of Kamen Riders fighting
around you, even if you may not notice it. While there were many Rhinoceros Beetle themed
heroes in the past such as Kamen Rider Stronger, Kamen Rider Blade, B-Fighter Kabuto, and the
Gouraigers from Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger. The designers created Kamen Rider Kabuto with
the motif of Rhinoceros Beetle in the suit’s entirety to differentiate themselves from
past Beetle-Themed heroes. Compared to the serious tone of the previous
Kamen Rider series, the Directors wanted to add more comedy in order to lighten up the
serious tone of Kamen Rider Kabuto.

Their idea was then heavily applied to the successor
series, Kamen Rider Den-O Ishinomori Productions were really impressed
by the designs of Punch Hopper and Kick Hopper, and how they represented the Rider Punch and
Rider Kick finishing moves. Sato Yuki initially wasn’t shown the design
of Gatack. Not even the producer showed him. Eventually, he got to see the suit on the
film location bus with Anna Nagata, who portrayed Misaki on the show. He liked how Gatack’s eyes were red while
his suit was blue, a contrast to how Kabuto’s suit was red, but eyes were blue.

Because Mizushima Hero lived overseas when
he was little, he actually didn’t know what Kamen Rider was.
Shirakura actually chose Hiro Mizushima himself to play Tendou Souji upon meeting him because of how unique his aura
was. Usually it’s up to the Director and TV-Asahi
who makes the decisions but luckily, everyone agreed as well. Nagata Anna, who played Misaki actually watched Kamen Rider Hibiki. She commented on how the Heisei Rider series had a complex storyline, and how the footage has become clear. Compared to the Showa Rider series. She also said that it doesn’t feel like
anime at all. Kazuki Kato, who portrayed Daisuke Kazama,
actually learned how pros would apply make-up by the on-set make-up artist. Mizushima Hiro was surprised that fans who
disliked Tendo at first came to like him.

Clock-Up was inspired by Cyborg 009’s Kasoku Souchi, or Accelerator. The Bee’s Tachion particle is Green, but
when Kagami uses it, it’s amber, similar to the tachyon charges that appear when he
becomes Gatack. Like Hiyori, Satonaka Yui is actually a really good cook, compared to Mizushima Hiro who portrayed Tendou. But Mizushima Hiro did start a cooking channel to learn how to cook. And that’s it for today’s video. What other fun facts about Kamen Rider Kabuto
do you know? Let us know down in the comments.
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