50 Kamen Rider Amazons Facts Part 1 – Alpha, Omega & Sigma

One of the biggest hits in the past few years with tokusatsu fans is undoubtedly the reboot of the 1974 Showa Rider, Kamen Rider Amazons. Broadcasting on Amazon Prime in Japan, the show was aimed at adult fans, filled to the brim with over top violence, a grim dark plot and grainy filter that strips down any bright colours that might reside in that bleak world. And so, Kamen Rider Amazons the Movie: The Last J Judgement was released last week as well as the first season being released in America and other western markets on Amazon Prime Video we thought it’d be the perfect time to talk about the series and give some of the facts about the show. Just a little warning, there are some minor spoilers! Let's begin. Producer Shirakura, after finding out about amazon prime video half jokingly pitched the idea to amazon japan to unexpected favorable reactions which together with good merchandise potential led the project being green-lit.

Yeah, the show was pitched as a joke. Back in 2016 to announce the show for the very first time Shirakura opened the event with a shocking comment: “Do you think Kamen Rider is interesting lately? I actually don’t. The most unusual series to date is, in my opinion, Kamen Rider Amazon. I wanted to use this opportunity to make Amazon a major player again and bring the “bite” back to Heisei Rider.” Other Rider shows were primarily aimed at children but also
created so that families could enjoy them as well. The highest demographic of online streaming services was primarily men in the 30s to 40s. To hit that market he considered condensing what Amazon's was going to be all into episode one. There was a determination to win over fans of foreign drama as well as fans of superheroes. Cross-overs in RIder absolutely nothing nowadays, there are constant team ups pretty much every few months Staff however never considered having a rider from another show turned up in amazon's world and wanted to have it completely separate as its own original entity and so it could stand at its own two feet.

Granted they do have a cameo appearance in the Chou Super Taisen, but those were game world versions and basically were inserted To advertise the second season which was going to start air a month later. Despite being created as an online show, Amazon season 1 was broadcast on regular television late at night it came with an edited runtime as the online episodes were 30 plus minutes and so quite a few scenes were removed. It does also include a rather odd opening sequence like the sunday morning counterpart Before season 2 was released, Shirakura vowed that he would ensured that it could never be allowed to be broadcast onto television, stating “It’s going to get crazy from now on.” To squash fears of season 2 being a rehash of season 1 the setting was purposely changed to five years later.

Main writer Yasuko Kobayashi originally planned not to have any of the characters from season 1 appear, but after listening to producer Naomi Takebe, it was decided to carry them and be involved. Amazons transformation belt was designed by PLEX employee Daisuke Kobayashi, and while it does resemble the original Amazon belt, he stated that the Battler Grip was much more akin to Kamen Rider X’s Ridol weapon that the user could pull out and use as a weapon. Although this version is a bit more gross Shirakura wanted Omega to be an Amazon that was extremely Heisei-like. Omega's motif is based on a lizard, and much like the original, the hexagon patterns on his chest and legs are taken from actual reptile skins.The design, not actual skins. Alpha does look a lot more like the original Amazon, though they were worried that Omega didn't look quite similar. So to remedy this they applied the same green colors to be his primary color.

Action director Kagenari Tabuchi spoke with director Hidenori Ishida who was doing episode 1 about Omega’s fighting style. Ishida described him having the image of a cat and leopard. But from episode 2 onwards, he moved to a move human-like style of movements, but they would try to focus on him not fight with his fists. A Kamen Rider wouldn’t be a Kamen Rider without a motorcycle (Shinnosuke doesn't count), Omega’s bike was actually remodeled from Kamen Rider Gill’s Gills Raider.

Poor Gills doesn’t even have his suit anymore, and now he lost his bike too… Omega’s powered up design in series 2, entitled Neo Omega was based on a concept prototype of Neo. The exposed mechanical portions on the shoulder and chest were taken from another one of Ishinomori’s characters, Android Kikaider, this asymmetric approach was recommended by the producer. Regarding Alpha’s character, producer Shirakura said that although they respected the original show, that was absolutely not something that they could do anymore.

His design was close to that of the original and Shirakura commented that Amazon motif was a piranhas and based on that, Alpha was given fish like scales and fins. The patterns on his suit are meant to be scars, but were concerned that matching them on either side would look too symmetrical and so were disjointed. To differentiate from the original, Alpha’s chest color was changed to silver to represent a fish. In regards to Alphas action style, director Kagenari Tabuchi asked to make him like a bird of prey, as Jin’s surname Takayama has the kanji for hawk in it Kamen Rider Sigma is a repaint of Amazon Original, the form Haruka takes when transforming without the use of the Amazon Driver in episode one.

His grey color scheme is from a piranha that Amazon was originally based on. The action scenes against Sigma in episodes 10 & 11 were filmed using a drone. And that is all for now. Thank you for watching, part 2 be coming soon, so if you want to be notified of its release please subscribe and click the bell. If there's another show that you would like to see us do please leave a comment below. Also thank you to Malunis for the illustrations for this episode..

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