50 Kamen Rider Amazons Facts Part 2 – Neo, Final Judgement

Hello everybody! Welcome to part 2 of our Kamen Rider Amazon's fact video series. As you could probably guess, it's better to check out part 1 before you start here Which is in the description below. If you already have then let's just jump straight in. While Neo does have a mechanical interior, he was born from the concept of a Bionic Amazon There were a little bit worried that adding too many mechanical parts to him would make him lose the appearance of the original Amazon So they requested for Neo to still retain the same silhouette for consistency's sake In regards to the color, to be able to easily distinguish between Neo, Alpha, and Omega, Blue was chosen. For the head, the visors eyes were designed slanted upwards in contrast to the original downwards slanted eyes to illustrate the Heisei and showa design contrasts respectively. Mole Amazon's open mouth is based on a star-nosed mole, but is also the image of mole beastmen from the original.

Spoilers time for this one: In season 1 Mamoru ate a human flesh hamburger when questioned about Mamoru's obsession for hamburgers being intentionally set up for this Kobayashi said that it wasn't, however she could have said that originally he wanted Mamaru to split his hamburger in two and share it with someone, an action that would be replayed later on except not with a hamburger, but human flesh. Kobayashi thought that this was a little bit too cruel ,and decided to go with what you saw in the series. Tom Fujita had done auditions for different Rider shows twice before failing both times.

It took up to four months from the auditions of Amazon's before he got the call that he got the role. When he received the first episode script and his name was listed first. Leading up to filming of Final Judgment, Tom Fujita had no idea there was going to be a new movie or a new series until he met with a makeup artist on a different shoot and she informed him that it was going to be a movie. Even his agency didn't know. Fujita describe how Haruka's personality changes from season 1 to season 2 as becoming more like Jin as they had spent the past 5 years hunting Amazon's. Masashi Taniguchi first met producer Shirakura talk about his character Jin He was explained to as "don't think of it as a Kamen Rider.

Don't think of having to play like a hero." Director Ishida told him that Jin was three things: dependent on his girlfriend, a murderer, and an alcoholic. The first henshin scene of Alpha is probably one of the most memorable scenes in the entire show. But in the very first take Taniguchi did a far more angry performance but immediately wasn't pleased with how it was done and he asked a re-film it. Th egg breaking scene on the belt was Taniguchi's suggestion as Jin consume protein on a regular basis to sustain the Amazon cells that were inside of him. And so this had become an everyday habit. So his non-chalantness would betray that. Director Ishida told Taniguchi to make a distinction between Jin when he's off hunting Amazon's and when he's at home with Nanase.

No matter how cool you are on the outside you don't have that face in front of your wife. When you eat dinner, help by getting bowls .Taniguchi described in his relationship with Nanase as dependence in food emotions and also money. Taniguchi described that grabbing Haruka's hair in episode 2, which was Taniguchi's own idea, was to pay no respect to his personal space And to give an odd air to the scene, as if Jin couldn't read the room properly. Episode 2 had Haruka looked like he was going to cry, unable to deal with being an Amazon. Where as episode 7, He had had kill looking in his eyes. He did do one take where he did cry, but they decided to reshoot it. Fujita has stated that this was actually his favorite scene Chihiro's actor You Maejima, auditioned for the show but thought that the role was going to be a monster.

Only to discover that he got the leading role when his agency contacted him that he landed the job. Iyu's actress Ayana Shiramoto, initially had trouble saying Amazon when she transformed as she had no pose. But it all came together when she tried with the least amount of effort had been minimalistic. Chihiro worked with Neo's suit actor for his henshin pose. Director Ishida did reject a version that was much swifter. From the beginning that were concerned about viewers connecting the show from the series that was broadcasting at the time come, Kamen Rider Ghost. So from the very beginning the aim was to differentiate them from each other. The characters in the story were of course Wildly worlds apart. But one of the main points was cinematography. Movie equipment was introduced instead of regular TV equipment, as well as the types of lenses for the cameras and to move more closely to how western media was filmed.

Taniguchi said that during season one, while filming he didn't actually have a clue if tandwhen Jin was going to die. So he described working on the recent movie as being "a dream." Shiramoto admitted she was late to her own audition, and didn't actually think she would pass it because of it. Taniguchi said that he was late to his as well. But that was probably the reason he actually got the job. Shirakura denied this however. The song for the first season “Armour Zone, ” was a tuned rewritten by NoB that he'd made before the offer for Amazon's came in.

Even though it's Kamen Rider they wanted to make something that was different from everything up until that point. Going with rock is that was their specialty. The original version was described to be very similar to Gun N’ Roses "Welcome To The Jungle." When Director Ishida initially read the script for the first episode, he noticed that the exterminator squad characterization was rather thin. He thought it would be better to flesh them out despite them only be side characters He created backstories for them including birthplaces, blood types, and other small details.

During a group reading of the first episode script, he informed them each of their character information that he had created for them. He believed that main roles shouldn't just be firmly in place, but side characters as well. And that is Kamen Rider Amazon's, all done. Thank you very much for watching, if you enjoyed it please like, comment ,and subscribe to our channel. Comment below of what you would like to see from us next. And if you want to support this channel you can Donate $5 to Patreon a month, and get early access to these videos.

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