ACPB05 Kamen Rider Malus & Kamen Rider Kamuro Set Review

hey guys Cara sit here with and review this time already be reviewing the ACP b05 town round Mollison Comintern camera set I'm coming our garden this is defense release in the arm strength premium Bondi series and the second two back so this set includes a few things two figures two arms and two arms weapons so start let's say look at the base figures so we'll start from left to right with Conrad malice so in the tradition of movie writers these two have suits that are modified from previous writers in the series for malice his base suit is obviously as in see mold after Conrad barons so this is the European sow by bison so has chain mail on the torso and upper legs as well as Greaves with patterns on them and thigh gardens though these ones are done up in the tower cold with nice red parent on them got knee knee pads and sore pads and shin guards what are the same as the other riders though what is knowable is that this is a bit of a deeper gold color than is used for other ones who have gold armor parts we have the helmet which is also sound like Knights now this one has a more angular and kind of wicked looking eye style little bit of holes or kind of fake indented holes in the mouth piece and that crown like headpiece with red trim and a red forehead gem of course as set the standard single driver which is done by classic with solar panel exceed and yellow belt straps though were something a little bit special is that for a Mollison camera the lock seed that small done has the inner style were kind of the inner part in the actual shape of the insides of the golden and silver wrinkled exceeds articulation wise since they're of course both unseen fears and have very similar bodies I'll only be using one to show the articulation so it's the same as standard our arm since Peters ball joint heads 360 degree rotation at the elbows go in and out bicep swivel single jointed elbows wrist rotation two finger joints waist rotation legs go forward and back and out at ice level singles draw knees and ball joint ankles let's we have counter camera who's by suit is japanese-style though it's actually a mix between Gaiman's anger to shittin as he does have the feathery shoulder pieces as well as the standard cloud like parents on his arms and thighs they also has the black paint on the outer parts of the tour so similar to zangetsu shins by suit the helmet is a lot more similar to guidance than mouths to Berens being basically the same as this kind helmet with exception of this new large head piece or a crest piece that's an added to the forehead and stop a nice gunmetal gray color with this very intricate pattern on inside and a red forehead gem the base body is done up in a silver plastic that's a nice metallic blue paint for the shoulders and the patterns as well as the wrist guards kneepads and shin guards and he has the same belt piece as malice moving on to the arms first we have the golden arms which is rather strangely named they both are sins as you see the golden arms is not actually golden and the silver arms isn't actually silver well at least not for the most part for the golden arms the base color or leastways plastic color is golden the Chabad become a dark cold plastic but for the most part it's pain and talk red with the same cuff swirly patterns indented into it that are on Melissa's bass suit got a metallic green stem at the top and the slightly peeled parts which are painted in this very pale color that businessing tie color that you get on the inside of an apple there are a few holes here and there but they're pretty small so you can't see too much of what's inside then you have the silver arms which does use silver as the base classic muscle paint is metallic blue and this isn't actually the same as the golden arms as the parent is a different one as actually raised instead of indented though still has the same peeled apple parts and the same green Staunton then you have the arms weapons first is Melissa set of the outer reflector and sword bringer first you have the apple reflector which is cast in black classic it has a lot of nice pink to it versus this deep metallic red with the same swirly pattern that's on the arms and the figure then more of that peeled Apple look to it a little black part in the center and metallic gold at the top we have the sword bringer with the handle in black then a red guard then the blade is painted in the peeled Apple color with love nice mold in detail on the blade very intricate imperfectly indented and it goes all the way along both sides as I showed you can also achieve these sword within the shield just like so they have come rose so Ginjo which is this long staff cast in black with some talk blue at the top and then the head of a staff is basically identical to tomorrow's head crest though without the gem in the center painted red it is made of nice flexible plastic similar to the ACOG amatsu though this one seems to be a bit more stiffer a little bit more firm in terms of a flexibility in that doesn't feel quite as wobbly of course then equip them with their arms and so they both do the same way you attach it to the head then place on shoulders then unfold all four sides hold this little tab in the back in the solo pieces fold down the chess piece and there you have counter and mouse golden arms then you do the same for common row that will you don't wanna be careful with the headpiece which makes things a little bit tricky but if you pass that then it's smooth sailing this unfold like so there you have counter Camrose silver arms so taking like together see that the arms is essentially modeled after the melon arms though in a bit of a bulkier style I think it's actually an improvement of Latta and is in terms of design one of my favorite overall armless or at least you know set of arms per Mullis and see that it has a couple of well basically peeled apple horns in the same place as barons banana horns in the back of the helmet is nice gold that matches up with the base color of the arms and it's got these four apple spikes and the back piece is not my nicely mode as well you've also got the inner part it has a nice textured pattern and paint in the same color as the horns and the same color as the other peeled Apple peeled Apple parts you of course come with his weapons bring the sword bringer in the right hand and the elbow reflector in the left hello I you probably want to not do it I did there and put it in the right way or right setup at least though it does cos over from the same problem as stuff like the mountain defender where the square shaped handle makes a little bit tricky to get firm grasp on it something like that to do yes likes that one then four come row because of the length of staff you can have him wield it with both hands just like this and of course because of the flexible nature that also helps in ease of Chris of grasping you just need to move over his hands properly just like so now obviously if I had more time I could get these guys in better poses but I don't want to spend a lot of time just wasting on posing them so overall I think is a great set I definitely like what they did these two figures have some great paint work great sculpting great molding like I said that the golden onto the silver ones in terms of the mould is definitely one of my favorites in terms of arms just because of the nice bulk it has to it and how it's basically an improvement over the kind of well I wouldn't say you use so much a skimpy but kind of it a bit Oh Mel arms that for a writer it seems a little bit small and doesn't have you know what I would feel would be enough bulk to we know look like a good heavy armor additionally they have enough differences to count and some really good paint work and color schemes that work really well and contrast each other there well also so if you're a fan of the guy movie ordered these two riders you can definitely say it to pick up this set as it's definitely worthwhile so thanks for watching please rate comment subscribe share my channel for more videos and for now this is chaotic City riding off

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