Arm Change Series PB05 Kamen Rider Mars & Kamuro Set Review

hey YouTube Dawson Ryder here at the review of arm change series premium band I 0-5 Kamen Rider Mars and Kamen Rider lapis set so these are the riders from the guy movie which involved soccer and stuff I don't know premise sounds dumb to me I haven't seen the movie yet I'm sure it's not that good but uh regardless of that I really like these two designs even if they end up coming from a crappy movie really cool I always talked about how from the beginning of guy how I was surprised there was an Apple writer considering it's like the mascot of all fruit and then so they did two of them so that's pretty cool um quick look at the packaging which is how I usually start these amazing reviews of packaging but yeah pretty typical from what we've seen in the one other dual pack but you get a picture of these figures on the front which is cool pretty cool side art here of the two right there and some sort of combination as you can see this one right here is like one of my favorites is uh well actually I might show this near the end of the review is putting Mars his arms on barren and putting banana arms on him it looks really cool oh yeah those are some combinations there and then on the back it shows the two fighting and then on the bottom we get an insuit shot so yeah that's pretty much it I guess we'll start here with Mars um so the articulation for these guys is going to be this exact same so I'm just going to show the base articulation on him and nose is the same knows him sounded really weird but yeah pretty much typical if you've seen any dollar change figure reviews you know the articulation already but in case is your first one you got a hinge joint here swiveling single double now single novel joint single elbow joint swiveling here you've got your double finger joints here you can swivel at the waist he's got a nice little ball joint here on his head so he can get some pretty solid all arrangement motions you got a nice hinge joint here so you get a pretty decent range of movement in the legs as well the swiveling the a single knee joint here and the little ball joint pretty much a cross between figure arts and Power Rangers five-inch figures it's like right in between those two terms of Garrett's class on their own they're obviously pretty basic without the armor on him but they still look pretty cool he's got a really cool-looking design he just looks like he's a knight that's taken his armor off which I guess is kind of true and then he obviously comes with his arms right here and then his two weapons what's our sword and shield which is pretty cool they're not like the most spectacular painted things but hey at least they're painted they're not just a solid color I'm just like I said for him for lapis is his same articulation it's got a different mold a very unique one with this sort of head thing going on kind of like katja dokey so it's gonna make for some really interesting changes depending on what arms you put on him he's a lot more basic also than uh then Mars over there and he's clearly by his base is clearly based on gaim he's got his arms as well and his weapon so yeah now let's go ahead and put the arms on so we'll start with Mars pretty simple they're essentially the exact same mold in terms of their arms I think there's very very slight difference other than the color obviously um but yeah it's pretty easy just pull these down they become the shoulders this will become the front piece this will be the back and obviously now we have the headpiece on which goes in there it's separate when you get it and you attach it in there but you probably knew that I will give him his shield and sword did you he's holding the shoot like he's look like he's the first time in battle who's I don't know how I hold this thing I can't even stand up that's the one thing about these articulated hands is they're neat but they're always kind of a pain to get weapons to hold it especially shields you can pretty much see that it's kind of a pain but I think they stopped doing them in terms of you know like the main figure line but yeah there you go there he is holding his amateur sword and shield he's really cool-looking like I said before I really like his design a lot it's really really cool-looking I really dig it there's not a whole lot of articulation changes outside of their shoulder pads slightly it's not even hindering his arm articulation it just forces them up which could look unnatural but otherwise like I said I this is a really cool looking design I really like the design of his arms a lot very very cool um guy so now his are pretty easy as well you just kinda have to watch out for his giant headpiece just try to get it in between there see damn it there we go and snap it all on and then fold it down shoulders here this will snap out there we go chest piece there this let's go to helmet there boom maybe got his arms on and then I said that really got his arms on let's give him his weapon and pretty cool I really do like both of these guys designs but I don't like his quite as much as Mars I think Mars has a lot cooler of a design but this guy's is still pretty cool and it's definitely unique I think it'll I think in particular with like the headpiece it'll make for some interesting arms changed like combinations depending on what you do but still pretty cool like I said he's pretty clearly based on gaim in terms of the base mold of them and everything but yeah still a pretty cool design in my opinion not quite as cool as Mars but still pretty cool I mean we're gonna just the same time I'm gonna cut away real quick and just show you I'm swapping him with Baron because of how cool it looks so let me just go to that quick alright so here we have their swap which i think looks pretty damn cool you already pretty much saw barons version on the side of the packaging there which I still think looks really cool but then here we have Mars here with banana arms which I think looks really awesome I think because banana arms has the black and gold color scheme it just kind of blends in seamlessly it looks really cool I think these almost look better than the regular versions I think banana arms is one of those ones that I think looks better on everybody else but Baron I mean in terms of the arms change I mean this one in particular I think looks really cool I mentioned and I believe it was the market and sigh good review that some of the arms like banana or cherry or peach have a lot larger like shoulder pieces and stuff that look kind of funny on the arms change because you know they look smaller on the show but then when you put them on other figures they end up looking more right and I think this is the case here where the banana shoulder pads are definitely larger than they are on the show but I don't notice it quite as much on Mars mainly because you know we don't see that in the show so here it just looks right so I think that's one of those cases where it looks really cool and is a really cool change all right now let's going to get out to the final verdict all right yeah so that's pretty much about it I can recommend this set for sure I particularly really do like these designs just on their own I think they're pretty cool looking and I think even though you know both of their base arms with the same I think they make for some really cool looking combinations so yeah I can definitely recommend this set I think there's some really nice figures just on their own they look good and they'll make some some really cool combinations but anyway that's about it until next time make sure you check out the crazy podcast or biters Rangers rambles calm and of course over to like comment and subscribe until next time it's a Dawson Ryder signing out

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