As a Gunpla Builder, JUST WOW! – Figure-Rise Standard Kamen Rider Kuuga Might Form Review (Malay)

Hey adults guys only here Today I want to make something different for me instead of being unstable, Ampe, I will review the Extended Kamen figure Rider Kuuga mighty form so-ra people enjoy please subscribe and like this video and subscribe here n Today I will review the modelkit figure Kamen Rider Kuuga mighty form from she has become very beautiful here. Cepu, Mas Reza is also English password.ig gold Brides from Bandai now I'm saving charla the box is so the morning Where are you Dule Batam, the list is exorbitant, it turns out that Yuri is a myth catching tank Ouch kliping This cooltech is Indonesian but [Music] while living is very beautiful in contrast to Wulan, simple dead with plastic and on the back there is SIM A Kwee seng, now the details for borrowing sandpaper my car is Sukirgenk vasopressin gold plastic bacteria a Bani Space Rising very bored of the red stats I want to lower in time too TV At the same time, it's really fitting that December's ears are affixed to this when Jeremy was placed fly only without touching the woman behind it is also there Hi me Hi I have moonveins shoes sumonies It's been proven that I cut the red-blue one, Bolt Green coffee, the police Of course, the rest is black, the code is fine, because this Goblin is my Fatin Choose [Music] [Music] Hi, looking for Brown, a model of front and back motion of the emergence of soil mboten himatas below Hi birthday, happy birthday, can you mess around for the sake of a confident angle and even then this Bolton with front to back swivels bought two itching very good at jars of science breads banned by Wiwik Sagita Hi who bought bread Let's send it Hi, the process sounds so one, it's incredibly dizzy down Hi, with that further, he can be farther away, not the mother kick is higher then Spade WIB in rod form In East Kalimantan, it's said like this, I think it's because the tail is coming tomorrow routinely maintained for the sake of Deni buying it can be monkey money Send whether maybe so if I've been above all the ending this study is very good okay this is a lot of post receipt checks Hi that's why we came with Yes then with a slightly thin electrode [Music] TNI-Polri revoked, yes, right for a second, if you want to remove this taboo flying flying Of course, Angie also came with enough edges for the UK Yes, I bought milk with holes, here it is, which is near the fall [Music] hi hi hi hi Hi OK Google about with extra that hand is Lutfi full and this is Open the af1 lyrics Eng Hai, I'm the original cow helmet on the right side One singing incident, I wanted to meet the hair song in it, it became kind Hi white B full-size conversion, this is a complex sogan motif by modifying Bandung is hoah, I'm okay, we're just Denok again with baking and making will leave the impression of any candidate that hijab sees itself in the subscriber najis video see you on the next video [Music]

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