Bandai Masked Rider Faiz 555 Kaixa Driver Review

hello everybody this is charles and welcome to my show cooking for review channel this time got a review the kaiser driver from the series mass ratifies so kinda is actually secondly writer of the show this was one of my favorite bounced without further ado let me just go through the belt okay so i'll take out this let's take out this these are two main components i'll be using for the review okay so here let me just start with the maimed out switching it on yeah and when you clean the code 913 enter yeah and when you want to take a pair enemy yep one more time yep so apart from dan yep it's a gun what as well so similar the fires you press 103 plus we run our bullet 279 recharge and press the 106 multiple shots and likewise you can go a graph or maybe you were to press rami era era era alright so basically this is a very kudi but i like i really like it a lot I really like to solve this he's really cool so yes Charles signing off we get another review or toy hope you guys like it check out my channel next time and it's going to be probably back to the choking can reveal because I'm done the most of this no one robot toys I have to review it so do check out my channel next time and bring you a choking review next time you guys

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