Hello, my brother is Tuna here today we continue to come to the Boruto series, surely you are no stranger to the chalk-faced youth Sai of the Naruto series and now when it comes to the Boruto part , the This young man was able to rise to the position of
chief of Konoha's guard, which I think makes sense because Sai used to be part of Danzo's Anbu root organization, so no one can
understand any good tricks. The psychology of crime or political issues that surpass Sai's process and one of the special things that make the Naruto series can leave a deep impression
in the hearts of viewers not to mention the development of the Naruto series. In my opinion , each character in the series has their
own unique type of ninjutsu like the way we
often have the same lover on facebook. It's the same. From childhood I nurtured and molded you into a person without personality, personal relationships, and the name "Sai" was given to him to join Team Kakashi.

When he was in the organization he was even forced
to fight his life with his brother. This was the final step for the organization to eliminate. his humanity and turned him into a true tool, however, despite the harsh living conditions , he always kept for himself a burning passion for painting when it became a place to be. the last resort for Sai to be able to retain his own humanity even after his brother lost his life due to illness
right in that battle because of the harshness of the organization that he couldn't shed tears for him.

his brother, but instead he brought his mood to put on each page so that through it he could remember his brother and to fully portray the passion that Sai had for the association. The artist Kishimoto created for him a set of ninjutsu that could not be more suitable called super beast camouflage with this jutsu he has can infuse chakra into
his own paintings and make them appear and fight with him in the real world and the paintings he creates are extremely vivid and artistic. High art he does not simply use a pen to draw pictures , he draws all with his passion and heart, each picture clearly shows the love he has for the subject.

drawing and this is also one of the points that I really like in the delicate way of building the character of author Kishimoto
and the Naruto series scripting team because there are many characters in the series,
so it is sure to have 720 episodes. The movie is not long enough for the
author to exploit the full potential of each character and the author has adopted various types of ninjutsu owned by the characters , thereby reflecting truthfully. The best personality of each character so that the audience can feel it as easily as possible, I can give some examples such as: Gaara possesses a jutsu that manipulates
sand and uses it as a shield. It can be seen that this is a closed person. Gaara separates himself from the world around him because he is afraid that this world will hurt him. like the way his father did to him, but deep inside that thick golden sand it hides the great love that the deceased mother always gave him with her wish even though she was no longer there.
but she will always protect him or like Tuyen Qua Minh Nhan himself why his famous ninjutsu
is always a shadow clone technique when he first appeared Naruto was built
as a pitiful boy and is always discriminated against by the people around, so what can the clone art say? in the first volume of the Naruto series, Nar exploding told Mizuki that '' I just want to graduate like you guys'' And then Mizuki told him that he only needed to practice one jutsu in the sealing scroll to pass.

And the Shadow Clone Technique is the first jutsu to appear in
the scroll and in my opinion this ninjutsu
from Naruto's point of view is the first hurdle he needs to overcome in order to remove the barrier between himself and himself. the people around him and when he mastered the technique, it was also a turning point where he was able to overcome all difficulties and thereby spurred him on and helped him master the clone
technique within one night and the following episodes. he always tries every day to let people around him
recognize his existence or in short , ninjutsu is also a metaphor that the author uses to reflect the heart as well as the life of a person. shinobi in the series and when coming to the Boruto series , most of the kids these days inherited ninjutsu from their father.

their mother
should be obvious when looking at the kids we can also accidentally see the familiar silhouette of their parents inside
and the main character of today's video is not a stranger, it's Inojin The pet son of the police chief Sai and the grumpy girl Ino of the famous moose and butterfly squad
that day, Inojin since his appearance, he has been built with a pretty kute image, always wearing a lovely looking camisole. Inojin's face looks like Mr. Sai's face, and he also inherited his grandfather's fondness for teasing other people's throats, you can tell that he is a biological child, not like a single-eyed Uchiha If someone sees someone wearing glasses, they will recognize their mother and as mentioned above, Inojin also inherited his father's camouflaged super beast jutsu and in the 4.0 era, so the kids learned it very quickly, you guys just watch the phase Inojin it draws.

Trym to steal Iwabe's hammer or create a chameleon to scare the girls in the episode. Men and women, although his paint colors are not as durable as his father's, but this scene alone is enough to know that this kid is not the last type, although he has a unique jutsu and personality, but Inojin doesn't have it in the first episodes. There's a lot of acting land, but most of them have to give it to the dirty Bor even the event of punching each other with 7 bananas in the foggy village, our warm brother can't even participate but it's so good, but I'm the one I don't even want to
participate in that shameful event, thinking about it makes me shiver, I guess the editors also noticed this injustice so they decided to make
a separate episode just for Inojin's last episode.

This is set after the group returned from the misty water village and this is also the time when the whole class stood on the threshold of the graduation exam to be able to become a genin I hope Iwabe this time won't fail like 2 in recent years and one of the first tests was the ability to work in a team, so now the students in the class
have gathered their own ideas. friends to form a team of 3 and from here we see the next generation of the legendary moose and butterfly team. This sequel team includes Chocho daughter of Choji Shikadai son of Shikamaru and finally, Inojin's son Inojin each time the group practices, the group will have to confront a random
parent and this time the group has to confront is Choji to prepare for the training Inojin with the mindset of a lazy kid.

I drew a bunch of copies with the thought that when I go to war, I still have something to use that saves a lot of time sitting and drawing Sai now walks into my son's room to see him doing this, of course, it's quite disappointing because Sai thinks that it's completely wrong to think that the camouflaged super beast is simply a drawing and the training starts here at the same time we can see how great the kids are now when Choji punched Jirobo.

Just sit and chant all day to be able to use the divination technique, but now chanting is just an outdated game and I really Boruto's lack of appreciation from the scriptwriters at this point Inojin immediately pulled out a few clones
and used a disguised super beast but the beasts only took a few steps before they
were shattered into color and the whole group didn't understand. what's going on Inojin now takes out another clone and seals it but the result is the same his beast is
still dissolving into patches Inojin is now wondering and asking Sai why is it like that Sai just mused and asked him to participate in a drawing contest for the children of
the leaf class. Inojin was obviously offended because he had to go to the competition with the kids, brought his anger home with Inojin and resolved to draw a picture. the picture is really good to crush all the kids, but life is not like a dream because this contest also has the participation of Himawari, the son's favorite daughter and obviously Hima won first prize
and nothing I can't argue with him here, but he directly came to give the award
, so how can I lose Inojin at this moment ''The picture like that got the first prize, lol.

I hope my brother won't abuse his power and Himawari wo
n't be because of big roots '''' if you don't realize the difference between your
paintings and Himawari's , you'll never be able to use the apocalyptic super beast again'' After saying that, Sai turned away and left. Inojin now went home and thought about it, but couldn't figure out why the parents in Naruto often had such a difficult game, I went to class the next day Sai to teach. give the kids
an art course in the hope that their son will come up with an answer instead of saying it directly to his face to save time. Sai now ask Chocho to model for the whole class to sketch and somehow magically That's why Bor's picture like *** received a rain of compliments from Sai Inojin seemed to have understood the problem and then the boy decided to ''do not draw anything else to save time'' ' and on the next day's friendly match between his team and Iwabe's team, instead of using his father's disguised super beast , Inojin decided to use his mother's mind-transformation technique
that he I learned last night, although I can only use a few minutes on Iwabe's body, but then he is already very good and of course when the group can't work as a team
, it's understandable that Ino will fail now.

asked Sai '' why don't you just give it to him but keep going around the three kingdoms'' and Sai was like a big brother the next day, he went to class so that his son could realize the problem Sai invited Hima too. came to teach drawing with the whole class and thanks to this class, Inojin decided to burn all the drawing paper that night. But while cleaning up he found a
drawing of the whole family that he drew when he was a preschooler. As if he understood something , the next morning he went to Bor's house to worship Himawari
as his drawing teacher and Hima told him to draw for her first before deciding whether to accept him or not . said he was shy but instead of drawing, Inojin created an explosion causing Himawari's painting to be blown away at this point they all frantically
chased to get the painting back and even though Bor was dirty driving a train into the head of the hokage, invited the whole class to skip classes to watch him fight
with the most delinquent guy in the class.

responsible for causing him to become depressed and almost quit his job and put onions in his mouth. Kamen rider used martial arts to subdue the terrorist who smeared buffalo and dog in his father's face in order to sabotage the five-kage conference to pull the gang to rescue juniors
and expand the territory. The table was abroad and together with the head of the village, he smashed the TAN seven swords of the foggy village up and down the field, but the dirty Bor couldn't afford
to hold a new piece of spicy paper, Inojin was in the moment of life and death when Himawari's painting was about to touch. When he entered the water , the boy understood that the super beast of apocalypse is not simply a matter of putting a pen and drawing, but inside the drawings must also
contain the emotions of the pen holder like realizing the truth Inojin made. immediately
took out a pen and paper and started drawing and now the paper continues to almost touch the water like an indian slowmot movie ion never touched the water bro, then Inojin's baby boy caught up with Himawari's picture now he thanked her profusely because thanks to her he was able to be enlightened.

The episode ended with the family scene. Inojin's family gather together here we can learn what we want to say frankly go around and take time, the video is over here if you guys like it, please like share and sub
to my channel, okay? See you in the next video.

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