welcome back friends! in this video i will show you the process of making zero one helmet that i made not very complete but hopefully this help you who want to make it too so lets get started i started by making a 3d models of zero one helmet i used 3ds max and if you want to use my models, please check description below when I finished modeling and measuring I
exported to STL file and open it it use 3d slicer when you're finished
with your slicer its time to ptint it i used PLA filament here it's cheap but not
strong enough you can use stronger filament like carbon fiber or use a
SLA printer to get stronger and better result make sure your printer
setting are good because it become a trouble for me during the sanding
process this is the most tiring process I think, but you can
avoid this if you print result are good or maybe you can use SLA printer
yeah it really helps a lot next, i paint it don't forget to use prime or surfacer paint it will help you cover small holes make sure you wear
respirators and gloves yeah i know, i don't wear gloves and also use paintbrush when you paint on small parts, or do a shading or maybe
do on details helps you a lot and also saving paint and finally coating with clear
paint protect your helmet from dust that can ruin your beautiful color of your
helmet and here it is I paint all the parts this is the result not, too good,
you can do better I use fluorescent yellow but my cameras said : "just yellow" here's some shot with different camera hopefully you guys enjoy it, maybe next time
I will make a video with a more complete process don't forget to subscribe and
leave your likes and comments below see you next time

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