Coleção Kamen Rider Black

Kamen Rider Black collecting This is my collect from the Kamen Rider Black series with usage digits figures from Medicom Here is Kamen Rider himself from Medicom I goes to show more of him Later with more details here is the diorama in sixth magnitude from the Gorgom base with LED and items like fume shadow moon’s throne uttering it as realistic as is practicable the ramp and details Here a custom-made chassis Sorceror Baraom Bishimu Daromu the three sorceros together They are perfectly custom the clothing their faces the stones emblems bishumu’s face I choose the copy where the goes Dai Kaijin Bishimu the second stage of the serial I considered the most beautiful of her even out More items of the clothings Daromu is a little shorter as in the sequence Bishimu’s even off baraom’s cover-up Now I begin the medicom people battlehopper Sixth Scale Bike it is great to pose with both Kamen Rider and Shadow Moon anatomies it comes with a LED on figurehead It is beautiful, enormous to collect my favourite illustration I try our best to imitation the scene of their final battle from the last episode of the present Shadow Moon’s items Kamen Rider Black riding Battle Hopper And that’s it until next time

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