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ladies and gentlemen this is internet personality evangelist here with a Chiba fide review of Defoe ride Kamen Rider rukhi this obscenely cute event was brought to you by hobby link Japan this is only one in a series of defo ride Kamen Rider toys off the top of my head I believe that five and decade also got this treatment it's a really cool idea and surprised me in a few little ways so let's put on some pink bunny ears and take a look at this kawaii no Kamen Rider this is totally the result of some sort of mutated cute vent card the sculpt and paint are really clean and in particular I like the way the eyes were done in having painted sculpted eyes with a separate venting piece laid over top one quibble would be the lack of fingers but a lot of those kinds of simplifications can be chalked up to the chibi style of the figure and here's where the toy really surprised me he's a cheap a fide little Lukey but he's also poseable he's got like a fully ball jointed neck he's got quite a bit of shoulder motion elbows and wrists although this wrist is locked up with the drag visor the wrists are just a simple cut swivel there's even like a ball jointed ab crunch waist deal of poseable hips double jointed knees on something this tiny and full ankle pose ability with with heavy heavy tilt äj– and with these clunky little boots he's got it means that he can stand up pretty solidly in a lot of poses and that is really helpful given the enormous size of his head I cannot begin to describe to you how amazing it was when I realized that this was actually poseable because I think that the chibi styling thing is so it's always kind of neat but also a lot of these toys tend to be bricks and to see one that actually has joints made me get really pumped up he also includes this stand so if you want to have him doing like flying kicks and stuff you just peg it into the back and he can totally do a chibi fide rider kick so this alone made me fall in love with this toy and this is not all that it does it's also got some accessories and again harkening back to so shock henshin and harkening back to RM and basically doing something again I did not expect out of a chibi style toy all the accessories come in the form of a little cute drag Reder this is just too cool it's a teeny tiny drag redder and he's got pretty much all the detailing and painting you'd want on this memorable monster nothing was skimped and again it's all very clean and crisp I really like it unfortunately this guy is not all that poseable it feels like there's some kind of jointed between the segments of the dragon body but I don't really see how they can do anything he can move his little arms actually they can also fall off because they're just pegged in his little mouth can also open and close so tiny drag Reder is sort of endearing and much like the RM in such a Kenshin series you can disassemble him into the various different vent component weapon armor system thingies that Chi be fired Ricky would use leaving behind this somewhat terrifying a little limbless headless tailless dragon body and in order to use those accessories you actually get another set of hands with deeper rider yuki comes with two fists and two open hands i've got one of each on here because his little vent actually requires the open hand to fully fit in place here but switching the hands is very easy they're just pegged in and once you have this one in place you can do stuff like give him his sword vent it clips right on there and now a little tiny chibi ryouki can totally cut little tiny mirror monsters and have little tiny totally surprisingly dark adventures and a surprisingly twisted little TV series which I quite enjoy it actually the guard vent piece is attached actually quite logically it's a little bit of a tight fit with the huge head but they just pegs snugly onto those shoulder circles and this is another thing where I kind of thought that being a chibi style figure they just give you like separate shoulders or something to swap in but now it's all very logical and highly toy etic which again as I said surprised me and I really enjoy this problem is it's hard to pose his arms without these things just falling off and that combined with the ease in which the little dragon limbs can fall off means this is a little bit more of a display mode rather than a play mode yeah anyway with all this stuff aside let's say that little chibi refuse fighting some tiny mirror monster far away he's gonna want to use his strike vent once again employing a bit of a hand sloppy just got to pop off one of his little hands and then stick the drag writer head on to the stump which can be a little bit tricky to line up because it's recessed inside the dragon scales the little hole you're going for this is actually kind of tricky but once we get it there we go it clips in very solidly there's let you a little bit of a pop and now you totally can shoot dragon facials at all kinds of monsters I mean some mirror monsters might be into this you know Ricky's a pretty twisted little world but you can totally go like oh and it's it's fantastically cute that's really the best way to describe this guy ladies and gentlemen he is so cute what makes this figure so interesting to me is the fact that it adds pose ability and playability to the tuba fication style done many times in past if this were a statue or vaguely poseable nice statue or limb swapping nice statue I would find it an interesting novelty at best instead it's a very well rounded figure that is ideal for any fan of Kamen Rider view key or Dragon Knight anyway this has been internet personality evangelist and I feel my head constantly swelling as the rest of my body shrivels up to the proportions of an infant I think I'm gonna run before I turn into a Hello Kitty I'll see you all matinee ugh ooh

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