DX Build Driver – Kamen Rider Build (Toys Review)

DX Build Driver – Kamen Rider Build

Hello hello, Welcome back to Zero’s Channel In this video i will introduce to you Dx Build Driver from the newest Kamen Rider series. Kamen Rider Build First, Let’s take a look at the box . In the front we can see kamen rider Build in his RabbitTank form and the Build Driver. At the top we can see the Rabbit Bottle and Tank Bottle There is not thing special at both sides. The first picture shows you how to use bottles to henshin The second picture shows you how to use Build final attack The final one shows you that you can use different bottles to transform to different forms.

OK. Let’s see the item inside. Here is everything in the box Build Driver and 2 bottles Let’s take a look at the bottles first. The rabbit bottle is red You can see a rabbit at the front. It looks really cool.

And there is a small carrot at the top. So cute =)) You can see some small rails at the back These rails are used to activate the sounds.This cap can rotate 360. When you rotate it to the front, you will hear a small click sound. You can see 2 letters R and T at the top that stand for RabbitTank best match.

Mua Thắt Lưng Kamen Rider Build - Bandai Kamen Rider Build DX Build Driver

There is a small plastic to simulate the liquid inside the bottle and it will make noise when you shake it. Next is the tank bottle. In the front we can see a small tank Like the Rabbit bottle, it has rails at the back too. And the letters R, T that stand for Rabbit Tank. There is a small plastic to simulate the liquid inside the bottle too.

Next is the Build Driver This Build Driver, I think it was design like a mixing machine in the lab. When we put 2 bottles in there, the machine will mix 2 liquids together. This Driver come with 2 belts 1 buckle. This is on-off switch This is place for batteries, you will need 3 AAA batteries for this driver. This is speaker There is a small slot here.I think that is for the up coming items. This is slots for bottles and there is 2 small slots which we will slide the back of the bottle into it. OK, Let’s activate the Build Driver and Henshin. Led lights will appear here If you don’t have any bottles in the slots, there is no sounds when you spin the handle. The gear in here, here and here will spin at the same time.

OK, Let’s use these bottles to henshin to form RabbitTank. That is the sounds when you henshin to RabbitTank form.

You just need to spin 1 time to activate the sounds. It is not depend on how many times you spin, 1 is enough. Spin 1 more time and you will activate the final attack sounds.

There is a release sound when you take out the bottles. It depend on the rails at the back of the bottle to activate the sounds. So it is no matter which slots that you put it in. It will activate the sound of the exact bottle that you use. 1 more notice.

When you spin the handle, you will see that these plastic inside the bottles, they are moving up and down. It look like a mixing effect. You can see inside these 2 slots, there is 2 small pieces that move up and down when you spin the handle. and these small pieces will push at the top of the bottles which have 2 small holes. and create the mixing effect.

OK, now i will give you my opinions about this Driver. This Driver needs a lot of extra items to activate more sounds, so more money. which is a downside. But it has a cool design Because you need 2 bottles for 1 form that means you could mix up a lot of bottles together. It is fun.

1 more downside in this Build Driver, you can see that all of the lights is show up here. I wish there was some light behind the bottles, It will become so much cooler. 1 more thing, I think it is really funny that this driver have so much things in common with W Driver. They both need 2 items to activate the sounds and the Riders have 2 colors..

OK, That is all i want to talk about this Build Driver I hope you guys like it.Thanks for watching. See you in the next video. Bye bye..

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