DX Build Driver Review (Kamen Rider Build)

Hi! Welcome to MaenanTV Channel! Today We will be reviewing DX Build Driver from Kamen Rider Build Series. The organize comes with Build Driver itself, Straps/ Belt( Right and Left) a Back Holder, And two Full Bottles The Full Bottles are Rabbit and Tank. Rabbit Bottle is red, and Tank Bottle is blue. So here is The Build Driver. To access Kamen Rider Build’s power, we must plug the Full Bottles into the driver. and then turn the bar For likenes, here is DX Bima-X Changer( Bima-X Device ). this is how they look together. There’s something interesting on this Build Driver … as you witness there are some pins on the Bottle slot…They will make sound when the bottles plug in . … and it is similiar to the Bima-X Changer. as you participate, there are some pins on Power Stone Slot … it will shapes rackets when the influence stone is inserted Now, Let’s play the Build Driver! position the Full Bottle … then turn the bar …( Moonsault of Steel) Kamen Rider Build’s Transformation resonate Turn the lever once more to activate the final attack…so that’s the final attempt bang Let’s change the bottle rank … So the bang is same just like in normal position. Now let’s try with one bottle! Rabbit Now let’s try with Tank bottle. I think that’s all for today Thanks for watching ….. and see you next time !.

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