Dx dangerous zombie Gashat & bugster buckle review (Kamen rider ex-aid)

hello everybody multiman 37 back you with another view this time of the deluxe budster buckle and dangerous zombie gash at from kamen rider it's a this is the special accessory kit for your gash akan bud weiser to make the bubble driver and for you to use kamen rider gaim mousse zombie gamer level 10 form which is awesome pretty cool oh excuse me um so here it is in all its glory and I actually like this thing it's pretty cool so anywho let's take a look at this by the way another way you can buy this is you can either like I did by the budweiser separately and then purchase this set or you could buy the buggle driver set which has everything you need which is pretty awesome so let's take a look a box then a gash at then the bugs to buckle I just took a nap earlier so I'm a little bit tired and then um anyway so here we got comic-con writer again new zombie game at level ten right there you get the combination to make the buggle driver you got the contents of the front on this side you get get mu same thing on this side top shows you how to make the buckle driver bottom has get move with the content and BD for bubble driver instead of GD for gamer driver and on the back is of course everything you're gonna do with this set so let's start with the dangerous zombie gash add this is a white gas yet and this is the first special gash at that we got the patches on the front are very different to the oh you do get the the image right there this is based on a horror game dangerous zombie right there you also get dangerous zombie on the side um can you okay yep excuse me uh yawning then you get the the QR code you want to scan it go ahead so when we hit the button we get especially has two LEDs but when it's by itself it only has the white LED there's also a red one in here then you also get well not yet game over game clear just show that off here's the image which is a pretty mangled looking get mood just like the image that was hidden on here that you sort of got to see not really though um anyway excuse me we have the game a driver for levels one two and three cuz it's got that functions in here so put it in slot one ooh and then open the driver up for level two okay move that and put this into the second slot that's pretty much it I kind of care it up with anything so they don't really have to next we'll use the quinoa the slot holder for the clinical strike [Music] I got a lot of sound anyway I'm a bad boy on for the Gascon barranca are hmm for the critical finish oh yeah good where's that Oh sick of whoo take a look at the local driver or another bubble driver the bug stir buckle so here we have the bugs to buckle and it's pretty much just a black piece of plastic that doesn't do much but I do like the design for it and little details that they put into it it looks very very nice just to note the way you're supposed to wear this is with the little triangle park facing upwards it also comes with these two belt straps this is done out more in the design of the scent I belt straps rather than the rider belt straps so it doesn't have anything to attest you on the back they could have done it I felt like they could have done it in that design though but again I actually do have a custom belt for this so I'm not going to be using these belt straps i will be using the stoppers on them though so to put it on you got an R right here so this goes on to the right l right there going on to the left put this over connect these in the center and then finish the process just loop those through attach the buckle push it through and then there you have the bug stir buckle ready to go and of course just to show it off in this angle put it on for the bubble driver and I do display it in this configuration so it is nice to have I have this off still think that's that's a cool little turn on sound effect anyway I have a tripod so i can actually do writer can without the thing falling over so i will get my face set up and i will get my bigger belt straps so that i can wear this you all right the summit redbud my apologies for some reason my I hit up button and my thing cut out but anyway got the book bug stir buckle on make sure this is a good focus we're good so now that I have this thing on let's put this bad boy on standby take out the gash out [Applause] and turn off my front light for this is she thus the transformation for comrade again moose zombie game in level 10 is complete that's why the images on the front were looking a little mangled because that little animation was kind of a shambling zombie look which was kind of cool now to do your finishers you can hold both buttons for the finisher or just hit one of them it doesn't matter [Applause] that was the critical end that was the critical dead attack now if you hit both of them it will default to put it away [Applause] so yeah um that's pretty much all this does it's simple but it's cool I actually like this it is a pretty cool set I definitely recommend this this is this is actually pretty cool I just like it and I like it the zombie game her design is so cool but don't would suggest you pick this up uh so yeah I will see you guys later take care is she [Applause]

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