DX Dice Saber Review (Kamen Rider Wizard)

hey YouTube Dawson Ryder here with a review of the deluxe die saber from Kamen Rider wizard but its kamen rider beast sword so don't get confused so let's go ahead and just we'll take a look look at the packaging because that's how we do it so on the front here in case you didn't see it there's a picture of beast right there shows you the die saber here I'm shows the buffalo ring that you get with it and then on the top you get this picture of beasts body which were like that's where they just put his body there and then the ring and then you're like oh look his head extends up there and it shows the various animals he's got and the name up there obviously because it wants to get but you know what you're buying otherwise just be silly and then over here you got a picture of him using his Buffalo Cape and picture the ring again and then here we've got a picture of him holding the sword looking all cool and then on the back it shows you how it works well first of shows you look this is the sword we get in case you forgotten the time it took you to turn this package around and that shows you how it works like the way you know it works in the show basically it doesn't work that way in real life and then it shows you how you can use this ring with the Beast driver and now you can use the ring from the Beast driver with this and the wizard driver functionality and just basically tells you to buy all their stuff the bottom hearing of him using his buffalo cape and his saber so yeah pretty cool a nice packaging as always now let's go ahead and get back to Latoya okay so here we have the sword and the ring it comes with obviously you get the Buffalo ring which says buffa or something else if you have a dirty mind you got the picture here it's kind of in a reddish crimson orange color I don't know but it looks nice um so here we'll take a look at the sword on its own first it's pretty small like most weapons it does feel a bit bigger of just when you're holding it around the handle just because of this giant piece here it does look pretty nice I have to say you've got the chrome detailing here for like the lion's mouth which looks really nice his eyes are even shiny here which is very gonna press the ring obviously you've got some nice chrome painting around here on this dice thingy this nice thingy and then here's the wheel here you got this cool symbol here that's all shiny little designs on the Wii obviously the wheel spins you can see the various dice numbers here on there and then on the blade here you get some detailing 's look pretty good this does extender like oh wow that really is bigger now I'm just gonna leave that closed right now because it's easier to deal with but yeah overall even though it's kind of small it does look nice I've got some nice chrome detailing down there and such stuff like that so now for the sounds put it on here there's no LED or anything battery's going right here I'm so for sounds the first most basic sound it makes is a rotates between three slashing noises and it just does those three so now we're the main functionality of it you spin this wheel and we'll make a noise and then you're supposed to place a ring in and it will stop it match various dice numbers and it'll say the number and then followed by some music and stuff many of them most share the same sounds I think one six have different ones and then I think it's like two through five that have the same sound unless I my ears are just totally off I'm gonna show one for each number on here just you can hear the number noises when I bring in the Rings from the wizard driver I'm just pretty much gonna show one because it would be absolutely silly to cycle through all the noises and waste your time because this isn't like listen to all the noises this is to let you know whether this is worth it or not so we will go ahead here and just spin it once and so it'll just cycle its little jingle and then let go it'll make that jingle alright now I'll do it again you see you've got a different jingle there and then press this all right let's go again about to get some ladies fighting accent going on that's pretty those pretty lucky we got all three of the main sounds out of the way already and when you hit six it's like you're hitting the jackpot apparently let's see if we get another one we haven't done game that we got one again you don't need to do that again so you can sort of engineer hope you get one five and six let's go for like two or three just spin it and then just kind of see like pick three and then so as you can see similar it's engineered again this time let's go for two landed on – no I think all the guys left his four Wow you couldn't even hear that was stupid I pulled out too soon that's a cease egg so let's just do it one more time well that was perfect yep oh sorry so that is what you get so I believe that two through five are the same well then one in six have unique noises and jingles and stuff will do since we have this already out I will just show that it does work with the other rings that you get with the beast driver and like I said not gonna cycle through all of them but excuse me I was talking I would just show that it does it if you can't tell it will make whatever that rings noises in succession the amount of times that the dice is on there I'll just try to get sixes for this just to show so you heard it there and now we will do Falcon so I keep wanting to talk to early as you can see it makes the same noises other than saying the different name of the ring and then their little animal noise jingle type deal so now we will show the buffalo ring in the Beast driver so I'll just open that right up and then knock it right over we're gonna need a little B string here just to be sure so now let's pull you back up here buddy and how that sounds so wrong and then it's kicked a so very cool and it does indeed also work with the wizard driver and gun I'll show that just to say that I did everything and just because we can alright so pretty cool we got everything done I believe so um overall I I do like this weapon I'm kind of partial cuz I do like beast stuff but I like the design of it as always it could be a bit bigger but you know what are you gonna do but other than that it's a pretty solid shelf piece I just like the the design behind me like I think it's kind of fun no way you spin the wheel and then land on different dice to get so many different noises and that's pretty cool and I like how just like the wizard driver and sword gun both have readers this also has a reader like the Beast driver does cuz like I said in beast drivers review this doesn't really have a reader it's just a little buttons that correspond to the nodules on here but it's still cool that this actually offers you sounds for each ring as opposed to a lot of series we will get like a belt and then a weapon that just makes like generic noises so it's really cool that this is like it's perfect counterpart to the beast driver just like the wizard driver and sword gun but it's a lot of fun it's got a decent amount of noises I don't think it's an absolute must-have if you're trying to save money unless you really want to this ring by this method but I can still recommend it just because I think it's a lot of fun with its noises um it was just kind of a fun weapon for me but yeah I think that's about it until next time make sure you check out the crazy toko podcaster riders range rambles calm till next time this is awesome rider signing out

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