DX Drill Crusher – Kamen Rider Build (Toys Review)

DX Drill Crusher – Kamen Rider Build (Toys Review)

Hello, everyone Welcome to ZeroBug Hobbies’ channel. Today I want to introduce this little guy to you all. It’S the DX Drill Crusher, Which is part of the Kamen, Rider, Build Series. Let’S check out the toy box first On the front here: is an image of Kamen Rider, Build in RabbitTank form, And this is the DX Drill Crusher, And this is the Harinezumi Bottle On the back. Here.

Are the image instructions on how to use the Drill Crusher And how to convert between the gun form and the sword form, As well as how to use the Finishing Move by combining the Bottle and the Drill? Crusher, There’s also instructions on ways to use Harinezumi Bottle with other Bottles And that’s everything in the box Now we’re gon na take a closer look at the toys. Let’S talk about the Harinezumi Bottle. First, In Vietnamese Harinezumi means “ con nhm” In English. It means “ hedgehog”, That’s the reason why, on the front of the Bottle, here are carvings of a hedgehog’s, spines, They’re long and sharp up here, All the other common features of the Harinezumi Bottle, like the top and the bottom parts look exactly the same as other Bottles’ features All the functions are the same On the top.

Here we see 2 letters H and S Which stands for Harinezumi and Shoubousha Bottle. It’S the best match firehedgehog. I don’t own Shoubousha Bottle at the moment, so we’re not able to hear the sounds of the best match. Yet Next up the Drill Crusher, Since the theme of Kamen Rider Build is mechanic. We can see that the shape of the Drill, Crusher is a drill when it’s in the sword form.

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These are the details on the Drill Crusher. There are two gauges here and here Here are the details on the top of the Drill Crusher. The top here is not sharp for children’s safety. Here are the details on the back of the Drill. Crusher 2 AAA batteries are required here.

This is the switch on and off of the toy. The speaker is located here Now. Let’S turn on the toy. That was the sound of the toy when you first turn it on To activate the attack, move sound, we’re gon na push the trigger here. As you can see, when we activate the attack move sound, the drill starts spinning.

If we push the trigger one more time. The sound is exactly the same. We can keep pushing the trigger When we keep pushing the trigger it won’t make a new RabbitFire sound constantly. It won’t make a new sound. Every time we push the trigger It has to wait until the playing sound is over.

Then it can start making a new sound. That’S why, when we keep pushing the trigger, we don’t hear a new sound being activated. It only activates the drill to spin until the sound stops. That was the sound that the Drill Crusher makes when it’s in the sword form Now to convert it to the gun form On the back here there is a switch. This switch here, We’ll push it and take the top part off Then attach the drill to the hole here When you hear that “ click” sound, that’s when it’s secured Now is the sound of the Drill Crusher in the gun form The sound it makes when it’s In the gun, form is exactly the same when it’s in the sword form.

What a pity Seems like BanDai was too lazy when they made the sounds of the gun and the sword form exactly the same. The only difference is this part over here spins Next to use the Finishing Move, we’re going to need the Harinezumi Bottle, We’ll attach it to its hole over here. First, we’ll, try! The Finishing Move in the sword form We’ll push the little button over here to detach the drill from the bottom part And convert it into the sword form. There’S a rail over here We’ll slide the back of the Bottle inside This activates.

The Finishing Move. The sound in the Standby mode is very lively When we activate the attack sound, the drill starts spinning As well as the gauges. Now is the sound when it’s in the gun form To detach the Bottle and activate the attack sound again, we’ll push this gray button. Take the Bottle off The sounds when the Drill Crusher is in the sword and the gun form are not different from each other. At all, BanDai was really lazy when they designed this Drill, Crusher Taking the Bottle off I’ll show you the inside, It’s probably a little too dark to see Inside there’s a tiny button here When we push the button, it’ll activate the attack sound of the Drill Crusher.

That’S why it doesn’t matter what kind of Bottle that you put inside It’ll activate one kind of sound only And those are the functions of this Drill, Crusher weapon. Next up, let’s hear the sound of the Harinezumi Bottle. We’Re gon na need the Build Driver. I’M gon na use the Harinezumi Bottle, along with the Tank Bottle, just like on the TV show On the show, Build uses this form to fight First put the Harinezumi Bottle on Next the Tank Bottle, Because this is not the best match of the Harinezumi Bottle. The sound is just the general sound like other Bottles when not in best match form.

Now the attack move And that’s all the sounds of the Harinezumi Bottle when not in the best match form, And now I’m going to give you some reviews on this Drill. Crusher toy, I’m going to say what I like about the toy first At the moment, I like it okay, Why There’s some positive points? First of all, this is a very creative toy because of the drill design, Plus the drill and the gauges spin. When you push the trigger Second of all, the Finishing Move, sound is very lively. Every time I activate the Finishing Move, I just want to dance to the music About the negative points of the toy.

The biggest negative point is the sound of the sword and the gun form being exactly the same. The same goes for the sound of the Finish Move, I’m so disappointed in BanDai for being so lazy in designing, If only they had put in another switch inside the part where you convert to the gun form, Then, when you convert to the gun form, it would Activate the sound of the gun, That’s just an example. My love for this toy would increase so much more. Also in the gun form, the length of the gun is just right. It fits in my hand perfectly when I hold it, Because this is a toy for kids in the sword form.

It’S really short. This is also another negative point, But in the gun form it’s perfect And that’s everything I want to say to you all about Drill. Crusher and Harinezumi Bottle. Thank you all so much for watching the post. If you haven’t watched other posts in my Kamen Rider, Build Series, You can click the link here on the right Hope to see you all in my next post Bye,

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