DX Drive Driver & Shift Brace Review (Kamen Rider Drive)

man these ugly monsters sure are annoying I think it's time to teach him a lesson drive type speed hey guys Roberto here in sin remember you in the drive driver and freeze from kamen rider drive now the drive driver and shift brakes are used by shinozuka in the show to transform into chimera to drive and guess who knows this remains to boy back in October 2014 which was the same month that I started my channel so that's really cool now it was released from like 16 and $50 if I think that's the usual price for a common area velvet it's released and I actually got this like Christmas of last year now when I got this vault I really wanted to review it because there was a copywriter bill I'd never had one before and I was really excited but I just did how many time because at the same time part is not just work hard towards were coming out and I was trying to finish the year and all that I was just very busy going to parties in our stuff so it was really just overwhelming and then when I did finally get a chance in January I just never wasn't able to because I was trying to review all the parties I'm supercharged I saw that I had gotten and then February was more intense were charged and then finally I'm on March like Spring Break I was able to do the review of the intro but I wasn't able to do the review so I had to wait like another few days you know and I stuff and eventually I did I wasn't going from there which I'm calling it right now of course this video is scheduled to be uploaded in June but it's May 29th as we're filming this review but it'll be uploaded in June so yeah that's really confusing or whatever but anyways yeah I finally had a fine time finally review in the drag driver and free so let's get to it now as I mentioned earlier this is actually my very first commentary driver and I'm really excited because I've always liked like the whole felt to sign in on stuff para Super Sentai part just barely do that since it's obvious ooh purse inside of said it's gonna be like copying and it's gonna be sort of like it's not gonna be like oh it's not gonna be creative because you're copying from like your sister serious or whatever but I said I decided to get a common writer bow and yeah originally I wanted to get like the guy belt because I've seen some so a few episodes of galleon and really got into that but a guy belt was like sixty dogs back in December it's if the price is lowering like once in a while it decreases but it gets back up and then it decreases it's really hard so I decided to just go with the drag driver because it was also the new it was a new show that ended and plus I really like the whole design more like though like the the whole like LED lights in our stuff and it looked really cool so I just decided to go to go for the drive driver but anyways you know for Emily let's take a look at the box itself now before we start looking at the box there's a little sticker here and it's orange and Kamen Rider the when this Bell was released up there like a little like a giveaway thing we're like they wouldn't like the first few sets of the driver of the drive driver would come with like a little gamba Rider card and if you guys know what gun ride it's like the you guys remember back in par in Jamaica for dead Megaforce has they had the little gimmick with the car to know stuff yeah it's like a card game basically for Kamen Rider I'm not too familiar with it all I know is that it was a card game and it's still on so yeah but I actually comes with this and I was really surprised because you know I got this like in December of 2015 send driver had ended a month already so yeah it was really surprised but it's really cool that it comes with like a little card and I'll show that to you guys but anyways let's take a look at the box itself and it's really big let me show you a comparison if you guys have a part of your 5 inch figure here it is compared to the box in the box is huge so yeah it's really cool and if you have here it is next to the jewel changer the junior takes up like half of it so yeah it's really cool it's a big box for a big story now it says a commoner to drive your drivers race it comes with a chip speed shift car and the shift max player shift cart here's the belt itself and it shows a little odd things that does those little LED lights and then the shift braces right there with a little shift car a big picture of driver here and he's like posing another stuff and it says Bandai down there and it says a DX drag driver and brace and then so then in English here and the drive logo and then this says that it has lights and sound on our stuff and at the bottom is the common air to drive logo at the bottom here is just a drives waist and then it shows ascending sign on top those drive drivers should praise Drive logo on the side is a really cool picture of drag around which is the the car that drive uses is his thing is coming right or drive and I really don't get that he's a writer that drives and then uh shows the little boat making a face mr.

Bell it's actually a sentient being mr. bell actually talks to in the show and I enter it it's really cool so yeah that's really cool I'll show you guys that the belt actually if you press the buttons here it actually makes faces and everything so it's really cool on the other side is driving the ship flare no not the shift flips max player sorry using the max flourish it's car and he saw in his different mode tire coke on and in the bottom you look cool picture of the drive driver when it comes with and then the back is really cool because it shows a bunch of stuff let me just erase my camera a little bit more see I some can take a look at that let me get it closer this is a really big box are you guys up here is the contents of the box and the extra driver and shift brace and then the whole thing that it represents try it on enough stuff it's so many things to do to do here it shows how you play with the toy itself you insert the car mixer size makes it the sound you transform into Drive etc you can do a shift up and it's basically like like really fast driving on stuff and then the final attack which is the rider kick then it shows you that the the driver itself actually makes faces its mr.

Belt faces different expressions you can entire cocon into max flare and drive use the max clear thing and then the other stuff in the in the toy line is the little shift car holder and then the drags are saber I forgot the name it's really strange and yeah so that was the box and now let's open this thing up now guys here's a little card that uh that comes with a drive driver and it shows off stats there it's a really cool picture of Drive I'm not really familiar with gun right so I don't really know how it works but it's some sort of card game from Kamen Rider and the back shows drive using like the max flare or some of that and then here it is compared to one of the power cards from over here in the u.s.

From the powering trees action car game and I think the power card is a little bigger so yeah there it is and it comes to this is like this little booklet and I don't know I guess it showcases the new stuff and all and I really can really with those works it's supposed to be like some arcade game or something to that and that sort of looks like double card or double yeah and in the back it's just a little cord that it comes with and yeah it's really weird I'm not really familiar with it but it looks kind of cool and yeah now here is all the contents out of the box there's a lot of things that we have to go first thing here it is the boat itself the driver here's the shift brace the to shift cars it comes with a dried race which is the main thing that Dragons is transforming to these face mode and then here's the max where shits car which is like an artillery shift car here is the thing that holds the belt through the back you basically connect as a little belt scrap parts and then you stick them – in there – like connecting our stuff and then here's the belt straps himself and it has a really cool car theme and everything this is the thing this looks like a seat belt you can actually connect it there it's really cool now let's talk a little bit about the driver itself it has like a little car theme and everything it's really cool here's the whole the whole car thing in our stuff and if you guys know wanna know how like basically how does this make sounds well this when you turn it on you could actually like when you enter – its chorus ends like a signal to the belt itself the driver and then the driver says – sound and that's really cool it's it's also a reason why I got this thing because you know for such a cheap price like it was really cool that like the whole egg signal thing and it's just really cool the fact that it sends a signal there and then it just makes the sound my parents are really impressed with a like when I'm pressing on and the whole single thing and they were just like mind-blowing by that it's really cool stuff – Japan does now that we take a look at everything with me – Godzilla belt straps cuz we will well actually I do need to stuff not this stuff though but if you guys want to know how to connect the belt the bus stripes here it is and has the cord whole car theme and since press it's really cool it's like and it actually makes the whole like belt sound when you like inserts a seat belt it's really cool and then the other side let me take a look at the back you push this back and then you just put it in there and then it connects and there you just uh put the belt on of course that this this only works for a little kid you better be really thin if you want to put this on or unless you want to get like a extensions or something like that because if you if you want to like if you expect to put this on you better have like you better be really thin or you better be a little kid because this is not gonna fit an adult at all so yeah you always always take a look at the most let me disconnect them because I don't they're gonna be kind of a bother when I'm making the sounds and stuff so let's just put this away not to turn on the driver there's gonna be a little bit in the backing just push it aside and there's no led yet basically now before we start on locking on sounds with a ship brace and their shift cars of course when we take a look at mr.

Belts expressions as said earlier mr. Bell is a sentient being he's an actual character in the show this driver is actually as an actual being in the show that I really like though and yeah and he has different expressions now if I'm pretty sure if I'm correct of the box that I had like four expressions so let's take a look at each one of them the first you're gonna do is where she's done now make sure the ship weights acts like a remote control you got any very clincher you kinda like this you got it close to it I like control light here and shine tonight that's the happy expression that's like the set determined pissed off face on I guess it's confused or hurt or something of that and then it just turned off and those were all the expression that he made so that's really cool and I just like the fact that they actually import incorporated like like the fact that he's like an actual sentient being and you makes faces and it's just really cool now let's push this guy back the driver back because this is on now we start doing those sounds and everything so first we unlocking the ocean the dry sounds and this is let's take a look at the car for like a few seconds here's the driverless car and it's a drive shift car and uses it to transform anyway actually flip it like this and there's a really cool Drive logo we flip it around that's really cool actually very satisfying and the car does roll it's like a Hot Wheel it's really cool next up is the max leadership car and it's translucent orange really cool be turning around and take a little flame and it's really sparkly such really cool so now you're taking a look at the ships cars himself this haven't started walking there sounds and I put on the shift brace because I have to send the signal in on stuff and actually let me get closer wall Matty and the first thing gonna do is we're gonna pull down get the shift part that you want to use and then flip it around and then and now that the belt of the driver has the full drive car it's in its memory you can you pull down again and it makes a whole music thing let's leave it out you can tell it's really loud as I said earlier it makes a hold music theme in our stuff next you want to do is shift up shift up is basically like drives like he goes really fast and he shoots everybody in our stuff it's really cool and to unlock unlock shift up you're gonna just push this up once we do it twice and three times three hit for Ripper for like an example we do it once and it makes the whole sound you do it twice it makes the whole sound again and then two times yeah I'll just show it to you guys so let's go and finally you're gonna do the final tack which is the rider kick and to unlock that you're gonna pull this down again and push the bun here make charging up and push it down one time so yeah and that's all it sounds that it makes for a shift car it does the transformation thing the transformation sound and then it does the shift up and then finally the final attack so next we're going to do is tired coke on its budget that's basically like changing to a different auto-ship card so let's turn this on again and that's the sound it makes when you take it out and then we're gonna get the max flourish of card push it up and that's the sound it makes with max players know not to unlock to shift up a line again to do it twice and then to do it the third time and now we're gonna do the final attack which is the writer kick again with max Flair and so guys with all the sounds in a mixer – cars and the sounds that makes one by itself now if you guys want a lot more sounds obviously you have to get the different tire tire coke on sets or a little shift car set so they have seven number one a few others and they're really uh they're really cheap on Amazon right now if you want to get them since driver ended a long time ago so the cores are really cheap down but yeah and you'll draw this nonsense it makes my final thoughts I sorta it's a really cool toy I like the fact that it has a flake you can actually unlock a few sounds without using the gimmick thing you literally can just like make it like the mr.

Boats like different faces are so that's really cool and then when you get the carts and you start unlocking sounds that's even better because like it's so cool I like the fact that the little LED light lights up and everything I like the whole signal thing that's really fascinating actually and then uh if you want a lot more sounds obviously gotta get the other sets but just the fact with these two you can have so much fun just the fact that you're walking like the rider kick and then the shift up and also it's just so cool now I made a very great decision by choosing this that's my bird for his commentary driver originally I wanted the guide though but I sorta like I'm gonna be honest I like this guy more than the guy Bell and I don't have the guy in Bell personally but I just like the whole car theme I like the shipped up thing I like the little LED lights that it makes I also like this I spent like my hopes putting it wrong I spent like the whole entire day just when I got this thing I just kept doing this this is just so cool and take a seat bone everything it's just really fascinating but yeah this is definitely a great pickup if you haven't gotten a driver yet this one is really worth it the whole led thing the whole signal thing the shift cars they're really cheap right now so if you know I'm gonna find plenty on getting more soon so I can unlock more more so I actually like the midnight shadow one it looks really cool and then yeah but definitely it's just a really cool driver overall and so guys that was my review of the DX Drive driver and ship race from carbon writer drive I hope you guys enjoyed this review in this Roberta from in Germania sign now

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