[ENG SUB] A RobToys’ Visit to A Kamen Rider Collector

Hey Guys. Welcome back to RobToys. in A RobToys visit edition Thank you so much for the overwhelmingly great feedback from my first and second RobToys visit Thank you so much for the support This is my third RobToys visit I'm gonna take you guys to visit my friend's house. He's a collector and he lives nearby. Since he works late in the office, we can only be able to visit him in the evening. I hope I can nicely capture his collection in my video. This is the first time I shoot at night time 🙂 I've arrived at my friend's house. He's a Hot Toys collector, and he also collect other lines I really want to show you guys these 'other lines' because I also want to know about them And this collector happens to share the same name as mine: Robbie Let's get started, shall we? Please come in. This is only the living room. Get ready to be amazed! I haven't been here in a while. I'm sure your collection has changed a lot.

Oh wow. look at that! 3 rows full I'm only familiar with the first top row. Hot Toys I need to learn more about the second and third rows from Robbie himself. Let's start with Robbie's collection from the first row: 1/6 scale Which one are you, Rob, Team Iron man or Team Captain? I love both to be frank but if we see it from the figure's point of view, from Hot Toys figure, I prefer Iron Man. because Iron Man figures are more easy to be posed.

The rest are a bit harder for posing. If you ask me, the best Hot Toys is still Iron Man. That's why they keep making Iron Man 🙂 They change the colors, the accessories, the name, and the sell it again. I'm completely clueless with your second row. My guess is this is SHF? That's right. Japanese Anime? Tokusatsu I hope you can see this, guys Basically, I like Kamen Rider Recently I changed the concept of my display You see here, I put them together with DX, another toyline from Bandai Here is the belt, the rider is on top Each has their own gimmicks If you love this toyline, this feels like heaven for you. Let's start slowly form the right side. Which one is our favorite, Rob? from this second row? I only buy the ones I like if you see it here, it means I love it I learned my lesson.

In the past I collected set. In the end, it stressed me out because I ended up with toys I didn't really like, just for the sake of a complete set. I don't do that anymore. That's a great tip, guys. Don't waste your money on toys you don't really like. You can focus, but choose the ones you like. But again, it depends on each individual. Do what you think it's best for you. Rob, tell us how you set your display? How do you make them stand and not fall down? There was a quake once, thankfully it didn't ruin the display. Some fell but not a lot. When I posed the toys, I put stability as my priority. So far I haven't experienced them falling down, even after I left home for a while. Rob, I see that your stands are made our of glass. One of the things I love about Robbie's display is that the pose is so alive. Robbie says, he doesn't just pose. They must have style.

People often think that the greatest pose is always the action pose. Not really applicable for me. Pose can be simple. For me, it must look natural. And the most important, they must look meaningful. They must have personality. I want to make sure the characterization of the said character can be seen in the way I pose the figure I will shoot a more close up take on the toys later, guys. The third row is about Dragon Ball One thing I am also clueless 🙂 Rob, can you tell us more about this? There are a few lines here: SHF, Banpresto (Some of them I don't remember the names) One thing for sure, I only buy the ones I really enjoy. I don't chase the complete set. Which one of these Dragon Ball figures you think is the rarest? These days, I don't think there are rare items anymore. All are re-issue Especially Bandai stuff. Same as Kamen Rider, I pose my Dragon Ball according to their personality.

I love how you manage to set your collection in such a manner that's still nice to see. It's not jam-packed crowded. Doesn't matter how many figures you have, displaying them is an art. So that you can enjoy them. Personally I don't like if I see blank spots in my display. So I painstakingly make sure that I display my figures the right way so every space is filled nicely and proportionally. I totally get this. If you're OCD about this thing, you'll get what Robbie just said 🙂 If I posed my figures, I wouldn't rest until I got the one I like, right and left side must be satisfactory to me. What are these characters ? Funny story… I don't know what character it is, the one sits on the sofa 🙂 But I thought, he looked kinda like me, so I bought it I juts wanna say that too :).

He does look like you behind the man on the sofa is Nobunaga from game Onimusha I bought it because in Kafe Gaul, my ID is Nobunaga 🙂 That's the black one. The white one is Zeus, the enemy from God of War I bought it also because in other forum, I used Zeus as my ID these three toys represent me This section consists of many different things from many animes and movies I like I spot Nemo and Mr. Incredible My son will love this Marvel section. Here we have Marvel, Star Wars, Anime characters, game characters. All of them have special meaning for me. This one is more like my nostalgic from childhood. That's so true We only watched the TV or movies when we were kids. Our parents not always bought the toys for us. Now we're adult who can earn money for ourselves. We can buy things that make us happy. There's Optimus Prime Revoltech It was released in 2007 And we enter the Star Wars section Again, I only collect the ones I like. The Obi Wan who leaves an impression for me is the one from Phantom Menace These red figures are from Anime Ranma 1/2 I thought they were Kung Fu Boy 🙂 Metroid, Sailor Moon etc.

And I assume this one is not Disney's Mermaid? These are from One Piece One Piece is currently hot in Japan. One Piece is the name of the story, not the character's name. The details are amazing up close Hello, Nemo and Mr. Incredible This is Gaban Ultraman is my favorite show when I was a kid I wish I could have 1/6 figure of Ultraman 🙂 The Ninja Turtles naruto This one is more like statue The effects are very nice transparent fire is my weakness 🙂 You can see from my collection, almost all has transparent fire effect.

This one with the blue effect is new. It just came. It comes in pieces but not many. Only one or two parts. This figure with 3 samurais is from One Piece too. I hope you Anime lovers will enjoy this video. I know this one. Voltus is legendary. It's my childhood hero Once it drew its Tenkuken, it was over for the enemy There are the big version of Voltus that's been separated into their individual planes. GX 31 How much is this smaller Voltus? About IDR 1.3 million (USD 100) I heard the articulation is so good. Yes, very articulate. I see Godzigma at the back getter Robo Transformers Optimus Prime G1 from Hot Toys Guys, let's chat with Robbie now Maybe he can share a few tips for us and tell us a bit about his collection history. when did you start collecting? 2006 It's been 13 years I started mine in 2009, so we need to call Robbie Master In the beginning I collected Marvel Legends then I collected robots Hot Toys Street Fighter Finally I found Kamen Rider Guys, since Robbie has been collecting from 2006, he must have gone through some addition and as well as reduction of his collections.

Let's ask him about it. I love recycling. the great thing about collecting figure is that once we're bored, our collections are not worthless. We can sell them. I just looked back at some interview I did 5 years ago, and I realized that 80% of my collection has changed. My principal is: Don't get too attached. I agree. New toys are definitely better so we can sell the old ones, then we get money to buy the new ones. But I'm not a seller. I juts recycle the ones I don't want anymore.

So when we buy new toys, we feel less guilty 🙂 I wanted to share a bit here. I used to be very focused in a line called SIC This is the first SIC I bought in 2006 there was one time when I had almost 200 SIC My 75% display used to be filled with SIC SIC size is bigger than SHF This is 18 cm 6-7 inch Probably 1/10 if we use the scale As I told you before, I used to chase the complete set. After a while, I kinda got tired so I decided to sell all my SIC (the last batch was just sold last week) But I keep one as a memento. My first and my last SIC Guys, remember when I told you about Robbie's display? although it is full but still nice to see. he's a master in display managing What are his secrets? I always want my display to be fair. It means everyone can be seen. For that purpose, I use leveling Differentiate the heights I notice that your stands are made out of glass.

I don't like acrylic stand because I don't think they can be used to maximize space. Because the stands, the stand legs, will take space. because of that limitation, I started making this one. Round top, round bottom Why different size? So you can switch it up or down. If the figure doesn't require much space, I use it like this If the figure needs more space for dynamic posing, I just flip the stand like this And the other figures next to it can put their legs or other parts at the bottom of this stand.

But I learned that this shape was not maximal either. So I redesigned the stand Much simpler this time, like this. I made three different heights these are very flexible. Look at this example they can overlap but will never bump into another. A lot of people asked about this. thank you for the chance to talk about the stands and the display I also need these 🙂 You think they make one for 1/6 figure? Of course they can How much does it cost? when I first moved to this house in 2012, one piece cost less than IDR 20K (USD 1.5) Guys, this is glass. Just in case you want to make this type of stand, remember, it will break if it falls. they are very useful for me as you can see in my shelves. Very handy in managing space. The figures can be seen without crowding one another. here is a more close up shot at the bases.

The ones in the back must use higher stands. Rob, do you choose the figures based on the movie or other criteria? For me it's the figure itself. And proportion. For those who know the history of SHF, the first figures they released were thin I don't like that I prefer figures with great proportions. Those cards I printed them myself I Photoshop and printed them myself so the form was already like that. I got the idea from the movie. I now enjoy Kamen Rider and DX DX is a toyline from Bandai for Kamen Rider's gadgets. The belt there and the one underneath his feet are the same Guys, learn how to pose like this the belts can be lighted up but since I only use them for display, I didn't turn them on So actually you can put the batteries and they can have sound and light effects Guys, let's hear Robbie's tips about the cool cabinet he designed for the collection.

It goes back to individual's taste First thing I consider is the height. Not too high because what for, we cannot see I don't design it too low either because well, I don't want to lie on the floor to just see my collection. Also, based on my personal experience, the bottom shelf gathers the most dust This cabinet is 3 m wide 40 cm height per section 40 cm is still enough for Hot Toys. 40 cm for me is perfect for smaller figures like these one, I can use leveling to maximize the space 40 cm is perfect for many different size of toys 40 cms can hold about 3 – 4 levels my rule of thumb is, when the figure has to overlap, they cannot cover more than thighs I also put mirror at the back of the shelves so it looks like the figure is a lot more.

Also I can get a sneak peek at their back. I use warm white lights because if you use white lights, it will empower the color on the figures. Also LED strip with my old cabinets, I used spotlights. Turned out the light distribution wasn't fair. This is the cabinet that suits my purpose Top and bottom part of the cabinet I use for storage. There's the useful tip on how to design a cabinet that's functional Thank you so much for coming I hope RobToys visit is useful for you Instagram @obie4.

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