[ Eng Sub] REVIEW CONVERGE #89 // Kamen Rider Zero One Rising Hopper!!

hello, see you later. on my channel, popotato is back again friends , this time i will review the kamen rider converge again, namely kamen rider zero one kamen rider, the first in the Reiwa era after the heisei era was closed with kamen rider Zi-o this is the kamen rider zero one that first aired on … September 1, 2019 yesterday let's check, unboxing and review how good is it? for converge kamen rider 80, kamen rider zero one Hiden Aruto the main character in the film, ok, let's open it, will there be any candy ?. yesterday when I dismantled .. Kamen Rider build tank x tank form in it had candy, didn't know this was there or not it turned out that this one is out of date or not? I don't know we just keep the candy for the details are pretty good if this one at the bottom is there …

Let's see that there are all of me who don't really pay attention to the bottom, there's that (the place of manufacture) the eyes are really good in the eyes, it's just that yesterday I read, so the difference is this is the difference with the old kamen rider release, namely (the old one) in the form of wearing a helmet, my friend, if the zero one is like just a head covering then the front is just like wearing a mask maybe so that it fits the concept of "mask" / Kamen kamen / mask, the articulation is only on the shoulder, this is also on the shoulder on the belt, not really The belt details are not as detailed as those of Kamen Rider Build is the comparison, Kamen Rider builds from the hazard trigger to the bottleneck to the color around.

The belt loop tends to be more detailed than the Zero One, for the print is not too smooth for the arms and hands for the hand part, quite as usual at the bottom there is a hole to stick the leg (on the standbase). It looks really different from the previous series on The eye visor part of the Zero One is better than the Kamen Rider build he is more, more good, this is fun, when we enter the Reiwa era he takes motives again such as Kamen Rider Ichigo, or Kamen Rider Kuuga motive kuuga beetle, stag beetle later, motive Ichigo, the grasshopper and Zero one, returned to the grasshopper yesterday, had a chance to browse, used grasshoppers from Africa whose size can reach 5 cm and more and can fly far. Hopefully this story is good and doesn't 'bear' like Kamen Rider ex aid for the back and front for the belt is not too detailed, but it is very worthy of collection as long as you like it , friends, enough so first my brief review until you meet again in my next videos, video reviews and other videos, hopefully all of you like it, thank you.

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