Every Episode of KAMEN RIDER EX-AID in 10 Words Or Less

Hey, everyone? A lot of YouTubers like to do a Top 10 lists of their favorite episodes or shows, but we prefer to be more of an informative channel with event coverage, interviews and documentary-esque videos. That said, we’ve seen a lot of people summazing show’s in a unique way, one in particular, in 10 words or less, and we thought that would be quite enjoyable to do here. Now this isn't a review by any stretch, just a bit of fun and not to be taken seriously. We’ll be starting with Kamen Rider Ex-Aid that finished in the summer of 2017, the show was possibly the wackiest rider show we've ever had and we can all at least agree that it was quite the roller coaster We'll be doing all 45 episodes of the TV show and there will be no scores or review in sight.

With that said, let's begin. So what did you all think? Which episodes could you describe in 10 Words Or Less? We’d love to read all your submissions in the comments below. Also, big thank you to Malunis for his submissions and please subscribe..

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