Figure Rise Standard Kamen Rider Build RabbitTank Form Review

hey everybody OmegaRiderDX video review today review is my first non-Gundam model kit my first is Figure Rise Standard Kamen Rider Build RabbitTank Form by Bandai Japan also i got at amazon also thank to my brother gave me my Birthday my second Birthday present i'm already review Legacy White Ranger now Figure Rise Standard released Gundam also not only Gundam released Kamen Rider the Heisei Riders maybe Showa Rider maybe Reiwa Rider maybe along Digimon,Doraemon Dragon Ball I know the model kit plastic model yeah very awesome now here is Kamen Rider Build I done all piece of plastic model kit now take in look detail the head sculp yeah alike SH Figuarts but is Difference this is model kit I know is translucent this is sticker see there sticker so problem alike silver alike SH Figuarts eyes Difference yeah this is sticker sticker full bottle rabbit and tank translucent yeah that's sticker this one too sticker sticker the back is sticker very awesome articulation this is model kit be careful this very losing the head rotate this and go up and down like this arms rotate this and go in and out rotate this bent in elbow and rotate fist waist swivel and go up and down the legs front and back in go in and out rotate this bent is knee and ankle side in side and up and down that's it Articulation the Figure Rise Figure Rise Kamen Rider Build RabbitTank now the accessories is only Rabbit form Red fist extra hand along hold hand I can't remember weapon I don't remember and one hand blue one hand let's take out fist first I know that one problem ball joint very careful kinda remind me this is drill sword weapon drill sword very similar Drill Saber from Megaranger also known as Spiral Saber from Power Rangers in Space also open this the cannon sorry very losing can't fall out yeah sticker yellow sticker I mentioned that rotate this like DX Belt and Stand this see connect hole now there in go sorry is pop in out there in go yeah this figure is it was great figure rise standard only plastic model kit yeah all figure built model first read read instruction book reading just read all building piece model kit yeah very losing happened yeah I more model kit Gundam model kit similar model kit along like Super Minipla I know Super Robot Real Robot model along Super Sentai Mecha model kit Super Minipla I recommend that one in Amazon for My Birthday thanks to my brother now guys check out my OmegaRider now check up my follow my Twitter and Facebook Subscribe my YouTube Channel don't forget thump up you like don't forget click email notification bell now guys OmegaRiderDX video review sign in out and Thanks for Watching

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