From Zero to 100: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (DS/Wii) Review

oh boy can't wait to play it cone writer dragging that on the Wii oh where am I where's Warren damn it zero so the games led me to this you know what this means trust over time hi I'm was worth 100 and I'm zero master this is from zero to 100 and today we're gonna take a look at the cone writer dragon that games on the DS and the we Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is an American adaption of the Japanese version Kamen Rider Ryu ki the same way Power Rangers is an adaption of Super Sentai the series focuses around a world called Montara a parallel world to our world that is beyond the mirrors only difference is it's completely deserted the Kamen Riders are warriors from Ventura that were designed to protect it unfortunately one member of a trade and defeated the other riders sending them to the advent fight a dimension of suspended animation however one rider survived and escaped in the hopes of one day saving Ventura the villain behind this takeover is av axe he has collected the Advent decks used to give the riders inner armored form and he has given them to the earth counterparts since they are the only people who can use the decks because they are DNA encoded to work only with a specific person yeah the games not here now we have to go into the mirror world to review the dragonknight games well in that case let's ride come in yeah alright let's actually get that the game now yeah the DEA's game is made by natsume the same people who made the Harvest Moon series and wild gun so the first game we'll take a look at is the DES game because this game can be horrendous really it can't be that bad oh it will be bad let's find out first off see these three modes only Ventura mode is worth playing and I say that lightly Advent master mode is just an arcade mode that doesn't unlock anything and it's just for score so it's pointless and you can only use Ryder's you unlocked and dual mode is pointless too because it's just you versus the computer but oh you can fight as the mirror monster oh and this game is no multiplayer why I do have an idea why it might be this game has a cheap combo system that would probably piss off other players in a vs.

Game and also when you get enough down you can't do anything to make your character get up faster like in the climax hero games or specifically Dragon Knight week which makes playing this game a bit frustrating instead of a versus CPU mode they should have included a training mode I mean what's the point in having so many single-player modes if they included multiplayer then I could understand but all these other modes are just pointless anyways you want to talk about bin taro mode Ventura mode is basically a level progression mode where you can unlock cards and other riders and other content which like unlocking enemies you'll never bother to play ass and levels which no one cares also in Ventura mode you play as one of the 13 riders each with their own story the problem with this note is that you have to level up by gaining experience like an RPG the reason why this is a problem is because it takes way too long to progress to fight other riders most of the time you'll be fighting the same minions over and over and over again so you can stand a chance against the rider since they are much more powerful than you are there are 10 levels each having a row of five levels in them so that makes 50 levels in total that you would have to play in order to unlock content and that's [ __ ] tedious because you only get them by beating the X levels and not by leveling up as I had hoped that might have been which might have made levelling up interesting also 50 levels for each Rider you'd be playing this game 650 times assuming you don't die and speaking of leveling up when you level up it only does one thing and one thing only and that thing is so vital to having a fair fight that one thing is giving you more health you have to level up to get more health so you don't die instantly from fights later on because the enemies will have so much more help than you that they'll survive longer than you and have survived mode oh and by the ways you know what you thing up your fight wolf incisors well being that he was level 4 and I was only level 1 it sucked however the enemy AI is completely stupid until it gets down to about 20% of their health then all of a sudden is like the game's difficulty spiked up to make up for the previous stupidity well after finally winning the match I failed you wanna know how there's a special condition I had to finish him with my final event really game I know it's my fault for not noticing it but most of the fights leading up to this one were just basic fights only one or two had special conditions and they weren't hard to complete there's also a condition called the ko challenge where you have to beat your opponent with only one piece of health would you try that challenge there oh I'd give it a shot but it probably wouldn't go well at the final level you fight xavie [ __ ] and this guy is a cheap-ass mother doctor this guy has Auto Garvin so you can't knock him down until it turns off and his attacks are [ __ ] abysmal they almost instantly killed you even at level 10 which is the max and if he catches you with a combo then you might as well restart the level because they're basically dead unless you just move away charge and spam been attacks but this only works with Dragonite and onyx since the other riders advents attacks our assist attacks which will tend to miss de VX a lot as he chases you and they don't do as much damage and luckily for the player you can continuously use the same cards over and over again if you have the Ryder meter to spend it but in Rio key and the Dragon Knight we game you're only allowed to use your cards once per battle imagine having that in this game this boss fight is just difficult for stupid reasons and to win you have to spam that's not a good boss fight after beating his stupid ass you have to sit through the goddamn credit sequence that you cannot skip and you have to watch this or else your game won't save and you have to do this for 12 other riders so have fun let's ride ask the controls for a fighting game they're stiff movement and attacking isn't as fluid as I'd hoped just as an example pressing forward and attack doesn't necessarily mean you'll move forward as you're attacking making it hard to hit an enemy in succession however you can do combos in the game to get bonus xp also you can charge your Advent meter manually by using both shoulder buttons or touching your rider on the touchscreen over I find this game at or it does have faithful designs to the series and the only fights worth fighting are the rider battles everything else is a chore and a bore this is what I would call a traveling game meaning you should play it while you travel because unless you're a hardcore Dragon Knight fan I can't see anyone investing that much time into this drawn-out game well I'm done wait a minute we still gotta go over the Wii version cut and here we have dragon knight on the Wii this game is better than the DSG but it could have been better too because I also don't like this game as much as I should Dragonite on the Wii uses a modified engine from the climax heroes game series it was the first common render game that ating had made for the week and it came out November 17 2009 just three months after the release of climax heroes on the ps2 and sixteen days before the release of climax heroes double for the week it's a basic 3d fighter that's very easy to pick up and play but take some time and skill to master the game works off a very simple control scheme will button combos for fast and heavy attacks grabs an Advent there isn't a good variety of combos that you can make you can only do fast or strong combo so you can't hit your opponents with weak attack then finish up a strong attack that's pretty late actually there is a combo cancel you can do which allows you to switch attacks to mix up your combos this is pretty much instantaneous and can be abused really easily to defeat your opponents you can also perform grabs and certain characters can perform grab like mini combos which I'll refer to as smash attacks where you can use a forward quick attack to get off some easy hits being the first game on the Wii several things about the engine are different coming from playing climax heroes O's and foes I was used to a more refined and improved system for instance turning around is not automatic you need to manually tap the direction and face quickly – or else you're gonna give your opponent some free hits also you can't charge your Rider gauge manually you either have to attack defend or punch the air the game also uses some stages and music from climax heroes while it's lazy these guys pumped it three games in the span of four months so I'm not gonna give them [ __ ] for it as for the game modes there's your standard arcade mode which you find a bunch of riders prefer fighting xavie acts this is the only mode that you would lock all the riders in and then you start the game with the riders they do not even have their respective cards with them like in climax hero or even the ps1 Ryu key game you have to go to the mirror world play it several times to unlock cards and not only that you have to earn points in the mirror worth to buy your cards why I can see what they were going for and I do enjoy unlocking content but when you start the game you can't just have fun right out of the box you have to play through a bunch of modes in order to unlock everything and it just really soils the game for me unlocking cards works in an annoying way as well you only unlock cards in the shop by defeating a rider in near mode who happens to have the card on him during fight this can be incredibly frustrating when trying to unlock certain cards and you can't get them because the rider won't have them on him so you'll constantly need to replay mirror world to get a chance to unlock cards that you can buy later in the shop tedious doesn't even describe this story segments only get told through mirror world and it's literally text at the start and end of the mode for that character really I know this is a fighting game but you couldn't put more effort into this as well as the normal fights there's also beat em up style stages these two just through a set number of enemies and you have to defeat all of them while it's a decent mode I think it's boring at all l it has its share of problems for starters the game gives you a few enemies at a time and if you outrun them it loads the next section enemies and the older ones disappear without any indication causing you to backtrack if you miss any there also is no indicator on how many enemies are left something which I had gotten used to from the later games the lack of which caused me more confusion in the game it's also worth mentioning that unlike an arcade mode the last battle is a V axes in one of these battles which is kind of anticlimactic and can be shitty when the minions drain your help down because they do so much damage is that's the only thing you do in the mineral world no there are also rider fights that have requirements must use such as avantgarde finish a final vent or special conditions such as opponents having double health or attack and the worse condition is guard vent mode this mode is not fun it's frustrating why well when a rider is in guard vent mode they cannot be stunned or knocked over which sounds like a challenge and you know what it is it just happens to suck because the AI also gets real [ __ ] cheap and destroys you when they get the chance you can however counter them with an Advent attack the schuiteman or a weapon bit if you can even get your weapons out to attack them or when you use a card you lose it from being hit unlike in Ryu key or the vs version you get item protection so you can at least get to use your weapon it also doesn't help that your weapons only last 7 seconds which I find somewhat stupid the Dia's one lasts for 10 seconds and then you keep you can keep it as long as you don't get knocked down which I kind of prefer but overall guard bet mode just sucks guard yourself against this mode while this game is not nearly as good as the later climax heroes installments it's still a fun addition to the series like I said the game is easy enough to pick up and play making it a great fighting game to play in any group the Wii version the vs game Pope seems to originally be one idea that got split in half but if I was to recommend which game I would say get the Wii version because if you want to play climax heroes dragon knight on Wii is a good replacement for and it's not as much of a chore to play like the DS version so this is with we're 100 and zero master from zero to 100 and we've got a DS game de Vence none zero it's time for me to go alright see you later alright don't convince it now yes zero don't get vented either now I wonder where he could mean by that whatever I'll just uh keep an eye on him

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