Henshin Belt DX Drive Driver & Shift Brace Review (Kamen Rider Drive)

hey guys carrots have here another review this time Oliver during the Henson Belt deluxe drive driver and shift brace from Conrad Drive these are the two devices that Connor drives used to transform so the set includes a few things the drive driver shift price belt parts and to shift cards which are this year's gimmick item so start let's select take a look at the drive crapper body the car drives theme is cards and as such his belt is designed after various car parts the main part is designed after the front bumper with some gold painted headlights front venting a chrome symbol then the mill part is I decorate the front display with a couple of stickers pedometers on the sides and then it also has an ignition key built in which also has Drive cymbal mode on inside you can see part of the belt mechanism which is the like the release lever for a seat belt and on the back you can see a bunch of mechanical details notice that this takes three double A batteries instead of triple-a batteries as this actually happens a motor inside taking a look at said belt parts you see it's designed like a seat belt main thing being flexible red plastic with a textured legacy belt these molded in stitch detail as well as the typical seat belt clasp so use it you would basically first play it into this side by holding down this lever play in and Leasing then moving over around here and snapping into place like so and there you have the completed belt and of course release you press the button and eject then you have the shift brace now this is a lot less detailed than the B driver and this is basically the activator as this works via infrared signals to send information to the driver to actuate different features the main body is silver with some black and red the bomb is some kind of dark grey plastic once again you've got drives to move here vagabonder kirilus takes Bond cell batteries which are included and the honor switches here as far as the actual straps go rather than being a miniaturized version of the belt straps this is more like a watch strap with various notches and then this clasp and loop as well as a little holder right here got bun here would you like to rate some other features and then what I assume would be different gears is one ringing htd I also see the mechanism here which works on similar rail system to the chuck you can hear you got a little bit more a molding detail here as well as another button so then we have the gamma guy in the shift cards there these come in two types ones are transforming and once retired coke on which is a method drives used drive uses to change into sub forms so the included shift cars are shift speed and shift max flatter social speed is designed every sports car has a metallic red body with some black white silver and pale gold paint apps you see that's got racing stripes headlights mold on Drive cymbal windshield some racing stripes spoiler back here and the painted rear bumper on the bottom you've got the four wheels as well as the rail that gives rather the rail part that indicates what ship kardia is when put in the share price this also change to a lever mode for activating the functions you that by taking the back half and rotating around on this axle then you have a single heater with drive symbol and then here this part is actually lever itself it comes out on to ratchet joints then goes back in then you have shift necks flare we just done up in clear orange plastic with some cleaner red paint apps and clear blue wheels while also a sports car shape design to look like it's completely made that fire or engulfed in fire see a lot of nice details mulligan see the front windshield headlights and taillights and also see its symbol it's panned onto the hood same symbol is on the sticker here in lever mode which is a flame with targets running across it there's also highlights the main difference between these two types as the preservation types are done installs plastic while tire cocon types are done in clear plastic so now we can get to the belts functions to start off you turn both the drive driver and the shift brace now while there is a light here this is basically alight that gates were never sending signal to the driver so this doesn't contain any scent itself is just the activator so start off for any functions you need to turn the key here they stop the motor which will start spinning a 10 LED pad that's India and they tell LED computer that second side better yes or none yes turn-key get me so the first bit of functionality is mr.

Belt the AI is that the drive driver hasn't show by pressing this button while no shift bar is in the brace this will cycle through a few phases that exploit the slight difference happiness anger a dull face which comes at random pain and sadness and if you leave it alone for a while it'll turn itself off basically does that to preserve battery power as the motor running it does use up most battery powered so this whole thing with a key is done to make it last as long as it can so then you need transform so first thing to do is turn the key just on the standby phase then take the shift car seem to love the mode insert it in on the rails and tell boxing the place then pull up until it hits this part this transforms counter drive into his main form type speed after that you get a new stand by stand into a field called shift up by pulling the lever and continuously hitting the button this actually matches the tempo at what you present hmm do it from one two three times skip to three but then there's also Terry then you activate the hissatsu or the finisher attack by pressing this button while it's in the standby phase this wind you a charcoal can so turn on the Ibaka remove the shift car then flip the other one into lugs and sardines and nitrates and so a tired Cogan does is grassman gimmick is that he wears a Tyra's body and by doing tire coke on you can change that to different tires to given different powers for max Laird gives him fire based powers we can shift out and then they do the hissatsu then you can actually cancel the Federation – so you do that turn back on the belt remove the shift car and press the red button and you don't actually have to go into a type to do it out of coke on the inside right here however if you do that method you'll still get the pre transformation to stand by Samuel and so when you're done make sure to switch off both devices as there's no actually actual indicator that you have them on unless you test them by either pressing the button or turning the key and so there you have the drive driver now what honestly I think this is a pretty fun toy I like the neat idea of having two separate devices that interact via infrared signals although this wouldn't be the first time as this is kind of a tribute to mass rider black Rx who is actually the first mass rider to have a car it also the shift cards are very nice and well detailed it makes some fun sounds that's just got fun to just switch between the two modes it's like flipping it I am really very impressed with just the amount of detail that's put into the patterns and this does work pretty well as long as you have at a high enough level that the signal can clearly go to the sensor on top and it is nice that you get one of each type of shift card so you get all the basic functionality of what this does right out of the box of course the details are nice and it really does hit nail in head with its car theme so what honestly if you're a fan of car drive or this just seems like an appealing your belt toy like Delhi recommend this of course this is the kind of thing where if you buy this you should probably buy you know some more stiff cars to get a little bit more playability although if you are clever you may be able to hack the chip brace as I found that you can't actually hack it without actually using any chef cards of course I'm not going to reveal that method as what's kind of been having the in recent years is that Hawaii such Bonnett have been cracking down on hack videos this is because they want to keep spoilers hidden but once again overall this is a very fun toy and jelly recommended and now this won't be the stop of my arms changed figure reviews just that the counter drive toys take priority so once I'm done with the drive towards I have right now I'll get back to the arms change series so thanks for watching please rate comment subscribe and check my channel for more videos and for now this is character ki riding off

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