Henshin Belt DX Eyecon Driver G Review (Kamen Rider Ghost)

hey guys care recipient under review this time I'll be reviewing the Hanshin belt Lux icon grabber key I'm Kara a ghost this is a new belt that lets our ghost power up into grateful da machine so this includes a few things that can drag itself to Belle straps and the belt sapper so let's get started to start we'll look at the icon gravity itself and as indicated by the design and the name this is based on a ghost icon it's basically in and of itself a giant ghost icon it's mainly cast in calico plastic with back part being black it is for the most part just a giant curse icon in design see the eye in the center with the typical gross icon iris pattern before mounted on boats it grooves along the bottom and a place where the pin set would be if this was a regular ghost icon the top part with the ID sticker though in this case instead of having the name be along the bottom with cigarettes here on the front and so for a grateful God this seal right here and numbering is g15 with the name right there and this will be part of the gimmick they'll get to later outside we also have this metallic red painted lever which is the other part of the gimmick and then they bun on the other side though this one is a bit more flat bun as opposed to the buns that you see on regular ghost icons and looking on the back and see that they even molded to look like the back of a ghost icon though a bit flattened out and with the spiral pattern in place of qr-code but it's nice to see that kind of attention to detail yes for a little comparison it is next to the order goes icon and devil see the size difference but also has similarities so it's definitely something pretty unique as fully belt straps they're the same molding as the ones from the ghost driver though instead of credulous and orange scraps instead they're casting couch gold and the belt supper is metallic old as well and so as is typical just press down the two clips and slide them into each side and they are little for left and right in just the belt stopper and have it with the straps on one thing else notice is that because of the design this is very reflective when while light is cast onto it so you can definitely see my reflection and that of the room behind me but got press on so the gimmick here is by pulling this lever here on the side it rotates the panel here on the top as the icon driver G contains the power of the 15 luminaire goes icons so and switch to a panel representing each of those 15 icons and turn summon that ghost so we have 0 1 musashi 0 2 SN 0 3 Robin Hood 0 4 Newton 0 5 Billy the Kid 0 6 Beethoven 0 7 Ben k08 goemon 0 9 glioma 10 Huy Co 11 2 in common 12 Nobunaga 13 Houdini 14 Grimm and 15 sans Oh this loop back to grateful though I'm gonna leave it on sons Oh get started with the electronics so you know our switch is right here it takes three Triple A batteries so using it on you get some lights and sentence as in see the lighting sound gimmick here is that well normally this looks like a regular goes like on its default mode when it lights up apparently shows through the iris in the center so start will do the transformation in to read um she which can either be done by hitting the button on side while set to grateful or looping all the way back to grateful when it's first turned on just like so then husband outside activate the transmission and there you have the translation into great food a machine as you see the parent in the center contains both the symbol for grateful donkey as well as the other 15 symbols surrounding it this has a multi a multicolor LED inside the change the light colors for the corresponding forms Avenue done transmission pressing it the bun again where they stand by say will start a standby phase for the special attack now with doing that afterwards we'll continue to do the it's better sack so to cancel transmitting present pulled the button that will reset back to the default state with that you can do the other method of transforming the Grateful down machine which is like I said first press the button on the side then press gettin next we can get to the ghost something gimmick so you do that turn the wheel inside using the lever that'll change it to the corresponding ghost symbol then press the bun now that you'll get a summoning sound it's time for Musashi if you move on to Essen the kid or Newton rather next is birth the kid Beethoven and Benkei next I'm gonna move on to the third thing you do which are omega formations so this contains a memory system that remembers what goes through summons so after summoning Howard may ghosts you want pressing that leap on again we'll start a new one stand my face then press the button again to activate and so you'll say a scripture word for each of the different goats then do the Omega formation tax and so that one I did for the cosines to ghosts normal body next we'll do 143 toke own the ghosts next I'll do one for specters three go and finally it's right nekron stew ghosts rather now one thing to note is that you don't actually have to do this in order you can if you want skip so for example if you want to do two goats from sengoku era you can just skip over the others to get to the one you want so you can create all kinds of different combinations of different ghosts next thing to do is the mega Omega formation so signing back to great we cycle through all of them some of them then do another formation as shown you'll activate the mega Omega formation let's go thank you all Omega for me saw the one last thing I wanna note is about the gear system inside here now when you pull the lever down and release you'll hear three clicks as it comes back up and that's because this works on in our system and every time it moves one of them over it goes over three notches so if you were perhaps isida not don't pull the lever down all the way you might find yourself getting stuck between two panels so you just want to carefully move it until it locks into place on another panel and then it's back to normal so you want to make sure that you pull the lever down all the way to switch the count completely just like so and there we go so overall the icon driver key is definitely a really cool toy it is notable that while other riders have on occasion switch belts changed forms this is certainly the first time where a main rider has changed belts in order to go into a powerup form so this is pre knowable in that way it's also interesting in that it's as opposed to some of the other toys complete 7 contained however it also isn't a substitute for the ghost icons or the ghost driver itself as it doesn't contain the full summoning songs from the ghost driver so it's its own little self contained toy that has some sounds but doesn't supplant any of the sounds another choice so if you've been collecting those icons up to this point gang this will make all your other icons and ghost driver pointless and it's just this cool little toy that is no kind of a oh just a simple power of device it gives you a new form gives you some new features and some new sounds and I definitely think that it's got a cool idea of being basically like multiple girls icons in one where you can use the lever on top or on the side to switch what icon represents I don't think that's really cool gimmick so if you're collecting ghost toys you want something a little bit different or just want a more self-contained Connor ghost belt where you won't have to get a bunch of other things in order to get all the sounds out but I can definitely recommend picking this up so next time I'll be reviewing the yokai watch loosely on plumber thanks for watching if you enjoyed this video please like comment and I'll subscribe you take me on Facebook at facebook.com slash carrot city and for now this is carrots if t right now

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