HENSHIN Part One – feat. FKMovers [FOREVER SERIES] Power Rangers x Kamen Rider

We have no time for this, Chris. I need your help. Okay, but just this once Drakkon, just this once. Guys, you ready? The time has come. Oh, Chris… thank you for gathering 
all the White Ranger Powers for me. Hahahaha! I can't believe I was that stupid. Of course Drakkon tricked me. Now I have no 
idea how to beat him. He's just too strong. Hey Chris, maybe I can help.

Hey I know you. You're a Masked Rider. You mean Kamen Rider right? Po-tay-to po-ta-to. Anyway, I can't trust you.   You guys have been giving us Rangers 
some trouble throughout the years. Look I know we have our differences, 
but it looks like you need our help. I don't think so. There's no one more 
powerful than Lord Drakkon in his final form. Let's see about that. Minna Ikuzo! Hensin! Oh Chris, your foolish attempts 
to defeat me is pointless.

No one can beat me, not Rangers 
and definitely not Riders!.

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