HJU Reviews – Kamen Rider Kabuto(PS2)

Tom Constantine here for another video perhentian justice unlimited this timer will be reviewing camel rider kabuto for playstation 2 this tie-in title was released during the 2006 run of the TV show this editions of the camera rider game series is the last one that can be found on the playstation 2 and also the last fighting game to feature just for current Aaron seasons characters before the climax series started which just featured main essay stars later I'm gonna say this straight away this is good like pretty good which is honestly surprised I in fact the kind of refreshing sure it's not a triple a title and it never would be but fans of Kabuto should be rejoicing and giving it their time it features all the riders from the TV show the Godspeed love movie and also hyper gak from the hyper battle video plus you can play some of the worms that are integral to the story the characters have got their own different kind of moon sets and unlike how you'd think dot and hyper Kabuto have completely their own moves some of the characters start off in their armor form to cast off you need to fill up your power box on sat's complete then you can clock up it gives you the ability to move at supersonic speeds while in this state you can perform your finishing move if your finishing move managed to defeat your opponent we retreated to a short video showing off your attack you can skip them however sometimes it's awesome to watch like this dark Kabuto one which sadly we never got to see in the TV show the controls are fairly basic can quite easy to pick up and play the graphics are good the presentation is nice and the character animations are practically spot-on story mode is the main mode in this game it roughly follows the same story as a TV show inserting godspeed love halfway through the middle as Kabuto you play the most important fights that / in the series after doing this you unlock the other story mode which allows you to play the other riders and play through the TV's story from their point of view surprisingly the characters from the TV show are voiced by their original actors sketch on my own I got diddly de janeiro on order them and towards the climax of a fight for full starts to play acting as a countdown clock overall the game is worth playing even mine on droid a fan house may enjoyed it there's various modes and plenty of characters and performing the finishes correctly is immensely satisfying one Tom Constantine and thanks for watching on what with your EEG recordings are you

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