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[Kamen Rider Fourze Theme] Tired of those boring serious riders? Had enough of their pointless drama? Want some who's just goofy, but not as obsessed
with underwear? He's like the ambassador for the ADHD club. Secret handshake and all. Kamen Rider Fourze A dark shadow falls upon Amanogawa High School,
as it takes center stage to a host of "Switch" users, who use the powers of constellations
to exact revenge Iiiin the exact ways you would expect high
schoolers to do so like: Revenge on the bullies
Taking out Ms.

Popular Stalking
Reclaiming confiscated items Starting a witch… cult? Okay maybe not your USUAL problems. Meet Gentaro Kisaragi, a man on the mission
to befriend everyone he meets and exchange as many germs as possible as Kamen Rider Fourze. Filling in as the hero for the sick and worthless
Kengo, watch how he relinquishes more and more responsibility as the Kamen Rider Club
expands, to the point where he’s just more or less there… until he’s not. [SPOILERS] Gentaro has his work cut out for him from
the very first day of school, where everyone from the football players who use him for
practice, to the cheerleaders who critique his lunch room seating arrangement.

Think of this as Japanese Mean Girls; but
with more explosions. It burns carbs. It just burns up all your carbs. I really want to loose three pounds. [Explosion]
Oh my god. Fourze has numerous problems like every other
anniversary series. The least awkward part isn’t the four and
the zero combined into a word, but all of the weird powerups our hero seems to acquire. Like: Oh, a winch, for all the times you need one of those. uhhhhh… Ryusei is another transfer student who steals
streams of old Kung Fu movies as he searches for the man who hospitalized his
friend… boyfriend? This guy.

He secretly hides his true feelings and identity
in the club, by constantly shifting facial emotion to reflect what he really thinks like
seconds after he has an interaction. Anyone outside of the immediate group should
have immediately noticed. It took you guys THIS LONG? C'MON! Next time you don’t get along with someone,
give it one more episode and I’m sure something will work out. This show overall reminds me what Toku shows
are supposed to be: fun to watch. The array of characters gives at least one
of them importance to nearly everyone in the audience. All of them, except for this f***boy over here,
play a critical role in shaping the events and story. Also I really like Gentaro’s hair squeak. Relive the season that would make Hongo proud
in its impressive rider kicks and finishers.

Watch how Fourze’s eye light up the same
way the producers did when they saw the overall sales from OOOs. Embrace the actually well implemented CGI
thanks to a little deal with the devil. And forever be double fist pumping while yelling
[UUCHU KITTA!~] Because no rider before or since has had such
a cool and fun pre fight pumpup. I bet he wanted to be more than friends with
her, you know what I'm saying? [Clears Throat] Just like these guys: Kamen Rider Cubed Suck it E.T.! [Episode intro narration] If you enjoy these Honest Toku Trailers, be
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