Kamen Rider 4 Blade King Form – Heroes For A Day

Kamen Rider 4 Blade King Form – Heroes For A Day

Hello again, my friends! Welcome to a new video by Heroes For A Day! I know it’s been too long but whatever… These things happen. It’s Argyris and let’s take a look at something that we haven’t seen before. Here is Kamen Rider!

Kamen Rider is a Japanese tokusatsu series, which I personally like very much; I watch it all year long. Sometimes it’s more kid-friendly, some other times it’s more serious. Yet, it has given us really good stories and of course figures. This is the first Kamer Rider figure I got; I bought it online. It’s Kamen Rider Blade King Form.

It’s from the titular series ‘Kamen Rider Blade’. It goes like this every time. The series is named after the protagonist Rider. And the ‘King Form’ is the ultimate form, the final upgrade of said character. The figure is by Bandai, from a series called ‘Digital Grade’, which for a small size (that small to be precise) offered a lot of detailing on the design.

Something I was happy to find out after getting the figure. Other figures, even official ones -not bootlegs, may not have such good detail on the color or the quality of the plastic, even if they are manufactured by a legit company. Let’s have a closer look. Here, it has a base stand that comes off. Basically all parts come off.

The sword blade comes off. The head comes off. Anyway, it comes in pieces but there no need for an assembly now. I really like this form of this particular Kamen Rider, because it has this knightly feel, the armor, all this detail and the combination of black, gold and silver. I’m putting back the base.

Ghim của Jaden chamberlain trên Kamen Rider Blade King form | Siêu nhân

It offers better standing.

The feet may not be perfectly straight sometimes, even though these ones are nicely aligned. What was I saying? Oh right! I like Kamen Rider Blade King Form, because he has this plated look like a knight.

Traditionally his helmet emulates the insect motif. This feature has been with the Kamen Rider franchise for years, no matter how old or new the series were, their helmets were usually sculpted with nods to various insects. You can clearly see it here. Don’t ask me what kinds of insects. I don’t know at all.

For the rest of the body, the armor is magnificent. The silver and gold blend nicely. This thingy on the gauntlet, I think it has to do with his cards. Yup, Blade’s and the other Riders’ gimmick was using cards. His primary sword, Blay Rouzer, his belt Blay Buckle, which he uses to transform, and his new King Rouzer sword all use cards to activate.

Here’s a better look on the insect emblem.

The black color has a nice finish. The quality of the plastic is really good; it’s sturdy, except maybe for the sword blade and the handle, which is softer plastic, possibly making it a bit curvy, but it’s ok. There were instructions saying that you can warm it with a hair dryer and straighten it, and when it cools of it will retain the shape. Fortunately, mine didn’t have as much of an issue, so I kept it like that.

This Kamen Rider Blade was, I think, in Digital Grade Series 4. Bandai had four or five series like that for Kamen Riders. I don’t think there was a wide variety, yet there are pieces that might interest you. Blade was one of my favorite Riders or at least he has one of the most outstanding final forms/upgrades. That was it for today.

A really nice and interesting figure and usually in a good price on eBay or Amazon. So, until next time, I’m Argyris and… Bye bye!.

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