( KAMEN RIDER 30 TH ANNIVERSARY PROJECT) With a central atmospheric pressureof 985 hectopascals and breaths of over 30 metersper second near its midst, the big typhoonswept across Yonaguni Island, leaving a trailof demolition in its wake. From last night to around 8 a. m.this morning, the tornado finally -Here.-Thanks. Grandpa! What? Daigo! Don’t touch that! What on earth?( KAMEN RIDER AGIT)( EPISODE 1)( SQUAD AGAINST UNIDENTIFIED LIFEFORMSG3 PRACTICE ROOM) -Are you ready, Hikawa? -Yes, ma’am.Commencing G3 Manoeuvers. Excellent. You’re doing great, Hikawa. Okay, Hikawa. That’s all for today. Yes, ma’am. -We have the data.-Okay. And we’re ready to synchronize H-0 1. Do we proceed? -It’s ready? -Yes. Excuse me -Yes? -Where’s Mikumo?( SQUAD AGAINST UNIDENTIFIED LIFEFORMSO-PARTS RESEARCH LAB) She’s over there. I’ll be right back. This is incredible. Is this really an ancient artifact? It is, distributed according to our exams. It’s so age-old, “ancient”doesn’t even begin to describe it. Let’s begin. It’s rotating It’s an old riddle. There are so manypossible combinings for the dials, we’d never be ableto try them all on our own. We’ll leave itto the computer to figure it out.But who improved this and why? That’s what we’re trying to find out.( OBA JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, BUNKYO WARD) Shoko? Hurry up! Coming!( JOHOKU UNIVERSITY) I don’t quite understand, Okada. “Manifestation of Human X-AbilitiesUnder Stressful Conditions”? I want to write about how we developa sixth sense in the face of danger. What, like superpowers? -Is it a bad theme? -Oh , no. But I don’t know if that’san appropriate topic for your thesis.( YOSHIHIKO MISUGI) Come in. Excuse me. Is this everything you need? Yes, thanks for bringing the books over. It’s no trouble at all.What would you like for dinner? Are you cooking tonight? Yes. It’s okay, I’m eating out today. Oh. Okay. -Is he your lad? -Oh , no. He’s just living with mefor the time being. Shoichi! Oh, hey, Mana! What’s wrong with your motorcycle? -Ran out of gas.-Are you serious? Could you stop calling me “Shoichi”? I’m older than you, you know.What, you want meto call you “Mr. Tsugami”? So? Remember anything? Can you stop asking me that? It’s a lot of pressurewhen you ask me that every day. But I’m doing it for you. Doesn’t it bother youto not be able to remember your past? It doesn’t really change me. And besides, what ifI’m actually some kind of criminal? Or you are able to, like, very rich. If you are, you can marry me! Later! Maybe I’m better off not knowing. Ryo? Ryo, are you here? Ryo! I knew it. Practice time is over. Sorry. I time felt like cooling off. You’ll be realizing your comebackat the next swimming gratify. I know you’re stimulated, but you shouldn’t overdo it. I’m glad to have you back on the team.That coincidence could have endedyour swimming career. But I shouldn’t have worried.You’re actually faster now. How do you do it? I’ll do one last lap. Thanks for helping out.We precisely have to iron out the kinks. Let me guess what’s on your imagination. You’re thinking about the artifact. Yes, but that’s notthe only thing on my mind. Have you heardabout the incident at Oba Junior High? You necessitate the studentwho was found dead inside a tree? I can’t stop thinking about it. It precisely isn’t possible. Use this.( SAEKI) Here. Oh, sorry. Have a great day. Hello? Great, thanks. Take your mark Yes. Sure. No difficulty. I’ll have it ready in time. Ryo? Ryo! Darling? Mr. Saeki? Hello? Are you there, Mr. Saeki? Can you hear what i just said? Hello? -Did you returning the ladder? -Yes. You wanted the studentwho was found dead in Oba Junior High That was the victim’s son.What on earth gone on? He died inside a tree, just like his son.( SAEKI) Try to remember, please. Your husband and your lad Was there anything odd about them? Mrs. Saeki? I’m sorry, I No, don’t be.Call me if you think of anything.( MAKOTO HIKAWA) What are you doing? You’re from SAUL. You belief an Unidentified Lifeformwas involved in this? -Yes, that’s-You’re wrong. It’s comical, I’ll give you that, but it’s nothing more than a magic trick. Like what? That’s what I intend to find out. I may be from SAUL, but I’m still a cop.I should be allowed to investigate. Fine. Just don’t get in my acces. Well? How is he? I can’t say for certain, not before we have the test results. His muscles are overheating, and we’ve spotcheck child cramps. Has he been overexerting himself? No. He’s a swimmer, one of the best. He knows better than to overexert himselfbefore a swimming match. -Ready, adjusted pull! -Let’s do this! -You can do better than that! -Me? Put your back into it, Taichi!( MISUGI) -Ready, defined pull! -Ready, placed pull! Whoa! Why are your veggies so large-scale? What’s your mystery? Easy! The mystery ingredient is Love. I know! Maybe you were a farmer, Shoichi. Huh Maybe I yam. Hello? It’s me, Saeki. I have something to show you. But I don’t know if it has anything to dowith the deaths of my husband and son.I understand. Mrs. Saeki? You! You killed them ?! Hikawa? What is it? Unidentified creature sighted! I need the G3-System! Yes! It’s finally our time to shine! But we aren’t cleared to No time for that! Let’s go! Yes, ma’am! G-Trailer, moving out! What Armor equipped. 2-1-2-3. Commencing G3 SystemCombat Operation! Releasing Guard Chaser! Target procured. Moving in. Understood. GM-0 1, active.You have permission to fire. Roger that. You’re close. Get ready, Hikawa. It didn’t work! Why ?! GM-0 1, lost. Status, red. Battery unit injury! Battery output down to 80%! Chest unit damaged! Balance control unit injury! G3-System is no longer functional! Camera offline! We’re pulling out! Get out of there, Hikawa! Hikawa ?! Hikawa, can you hear me? Hikawa! Agito But his muscles are overheating, and his cataclysms become worse. “Unknown, ” huh? It has a nice resounding to it. Aren’t you saddened? G3′ s artilleries didn’t work. Remember what you said to me? Sometimes it’s better to not remember.All that nonsenseabout running into another UL? You reached it up. Superpowers don’t exist. Awaken the soul !.

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