Amazon!( KAMEN RIDER AMAZON) Gedon, an evil organizationled by the Ten-Faced Demon, sends a mutant to kill Amazonupon his arrival in Japan. The Spider Beastman attacks Amazon, but fails to kill himafter Amazon transforms into a lizard. How does Amazon transform? Why is Gedon trying to kill him? Lost and confounded, Amazon gratifies Professor Kosaka, the only person who knows the truth. But before the professorcan answer his questions, he is brutally murderedby the Spider Beastman. Amazon assembles Masahiko, and the two become fast friends despite the language barrier. Why is Gedon after him? Where did the armlet come from? These questions continue to haunt Amazon. The Ten-Faced Demon! Is it God or the Devil? Amazon! You can run, but you cannot hide.None shall flee the wrathof the Ten-Faced Demon. Gedon will destroy you! We will send you to the pits of Hell! -Amazon! -Amazon! Resistance is futile. Gedon will destroy you! -Your fate is sealed, Amazon! -Your fate is sealed, Amazon! This young man is Amazon. 23 several years ago, a plane crashedin the Amazon rainforest. One of the passengers, a merely babe, miraculously subsisted. The baby, Daisuke Yamamoto, now goes by the name Amazon. Like Tarzan, Amazon grew upfree and wild in the jungle. We have to help him, Dolly! He must be Amazon, the man Masahiko was talking about. You’re Amazon, right? You’re bleeding. Come here. Wait here. I’ll drive do Masahiko. Hello, Okamura residence. Is that you, Masahiko? I procured Amazon.You received him? Where? Near the train station.Come right away, he’s hurt. Okay, I’ll be right there. -Where is he? -That’s odd. He was here a minute ago. Amazon? Where’d he extend? Amazon! Masahiko! -Amazon! -Should we facilitate him? Amazon! -That’s-Amazon Rider! Masako, wake up! Amazon Rider! Take her to the hospital, satisfy! Vampire Bat Beastman, you tell Amazon get away. -Wait! I can explain-No excuses! “You will kill your enemy, or die trying.” You have brokenone of Gedon’s cardinal patterns. Is your life more importantthan your assignment, Vampire Bat Beastman? No! I would lay down “peoples lives” for Gedon! Coward! Prepare to die! Wait. He failed to kill Amazon.That much is clear. But we must not forgetthat he roughly replaced. Vampire Bat Beastman, we will give you another chance. -Finish him and prove your worth.-Amazon is gravely disabled. -Do not let this opportunity slip away.-Kill him! Understood. Listen well, steadfast slaves of Gedon. Our goal is to take over the world. We are generating the Gedon Empire, and I, the Ten-Faced Demon, shall sit on the throne.To do that, we need Super Energy, a tremendous source of strength the Ancient Incan scientistscreated in secret. We need two keys to release Super Energy. I have the first key, the Gaga Armlet. Amazon has the other key, the Gigi Armlet. When blended, the two armlets will loose Super Energy. Super Energy will be quarry! Kill Amazon! Take the Gigi Armlet from him! The world-wide will kneel before Gedon! The Ten-Faced Demon, a terrifying boulder mutant, is the leaderof the evil formation Gedon. His underlingskidnap beings from the street to serve as livestockfor the Gedon monstrosities. Amazon Rider is our foe. Kill him! Masako? Hang in there, Masako. Doctor How is she? The exams came back negative.There’s nothing wrong with her. But anyone can see that she’s in pain! How is that possible? That represents it’s a new illnes, one beyond our current understanding. You can’t dry her? We’ll time whatever we can to help her, but these things take time.I hope you understand. My poor Masako Doctor, wait. Masako! Hang in there! Amazon Amazon! Wait, Masahiko! -Amazon’s worried about Masako.-Are you insane? This thing is his faulting! He did this to Masako! What are you talking about? He saved Masako. -You’re being biased! -And you’re being silly! Go away! Don’t come near us. We don’t want you here! Get lost! Amazon! Why did you do that? Amazon! Amazon! Masako Auntie She doesn’t deserve to suffer like this.The doctors have given up on her. My poor daughter My poor Masako Why is this happening? What did we do to deserve this? We were perfectly glad before this.This is all Amazon’s fault!( KAMEN RIDER AMAZON)( KAMEN RIDER AMAZON) No, stop! Save your sigh. No one will save you. You will become food for Gedon. Let me croak! Spare me, please! Let me croak! Someone, cure! Let me move, please! Go, Vampire Bat Beastman. Drain Amazon of his bloodand move him to the afterlife. My loyal servantswill lure Amazon into the open. Amazon, where have you been? I looked everywhere for you. What is it? -Is that medication? -Medicine. Amazon Amazon. Defeat Gedon. Amazon! Gedon! Gedon. Gone. Throw that away! It could be deadly! Why are you so planned? -Amazon made this for Masako! -That’s enough! Give it now! -I’ll toss it out myself! -No, don’t! Mom Masako? Masako! The medication Let me have it Don’t do it! I trust him.He saved me from the being. Masako! -Can you hear what i just said? -Masako! -Hang in there! -Don’t give up! Amazon The medicine will save Masako, right? Masako? Are you in pain? Hang on, Masako. Masako! Don’t give up! You’ll get better, I know it. Amazon! Look! It’s working. Masako Vampire Bat Beastman! You are a disgrace to Gedon! We have no need for cowards. Die! Lord Ten-Face, please, give me a chance! Kill him! Lord Ten-Face, delight! Spare me! Masako? Masako? Masako? -Mom? -Masako Oh, thank god. -Ritsuko.-Masako. I’m so glad you’re okay now. Amazon saved you again! Gedon craves the Gigi Armletto unlock the Ancient Incan secret. Amazon does not understandthe superpower of the armlet, but he knows he will neverforgive Gedon for their crimes.( TO BE CONTINUED)( NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW) Amazon has muchto learn about modern culture. The strange contraptionknown as the motorcycle frights him, but Tobe and Masahiko’ssincerity winnings him over, and he begins to enjoy himself.Next time on Kamen Rider Amazon, “He’s Strong, Naked, and Fast! ” Don’t miss it !.

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