Kamen Rider Amazons (Temporada 2) [Mini-Reseña]

Warning: This season is even more brutal than the last one. Granted, I write the warnings before the rest of the script, so I don’t actually know how much gore is in the video. Professionalism! I was in one of those patented sleepless nights watching past videos to write about the sequels when I realized something. Dang, I actually write sequel videos now. Let’s start with a very sequel kind of sequel, the second season of kamen Rider Amazons.

Because it follows the honorable Japanese tradition of switching the protagonist for the second half, taking away the badass you grew used to, and giving you a whiny kid in exchange, while the former protagonist is now reduced to making cameos for half the show. I miss ya Caim. And yet, I feel I had more fun with this entry than it’s predecessor. The monster of the week angle is less important, there’s a clear objective now, there’s a new type of Amazons, this time infectious, discovering it’s origin and how to control or stop it becomes a race amongst all the factions. A bloody race, as it tends to be in Amazons. And while the second season ramps up the violence, the amount of blood and the gore end up proving that sometimes more is less. And it’s the quiet moments that prove more unnerving. The new breed of Amazons ad the search for it’s source will cause a clash between the new and returning characters, the exterminator group has split, and while some do continue on that line of work, their loyalty towards Haruka and Mamoru who are Amazons, is above their loyalty to any company.

On his side, Mamoru, who once was a kind and shy youth, is now determined to expand his race, regardless of the human cost. While Haruka continues with his personal law of defending or executing Amazons based on each case. And the appearance of the new protagonist, Chihiro, complicates everything, as he declares himself to be human, despite his Kamen Rider form, and despises the Amazon, executing them with a brutality that reminds us of a previous rider… If the first season was about theories, on when is it correct to take a life or not, this one is about reality, how those ideals work in practice. Can there be such a thing as an innocent Amazon? How would humans and amazons react to someone who acts as defender and executioner of both? In the first place, can mankind defend itself against a clearly superior species? Amazons was from it’s birth an unconventional entry, and while it’s second and apparently final season is not free of flaws, specially on the final run, the truth is that it gives answers to the questions it brought up from day one.

The question never was to hunt or to be hunted. The question is what side are you on. In this story of victims and perpetrators, who are you?.

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