( KAMEN RIDER BLACK RX) General Jark of the Crisis Empireexecutes Kotaro by liquidate his ability to transformand leaving him to die in Demon Space. But the Kingstone inside Kotaroabsorbs the sun’s energy, earmarking him to returnas Kamen Rider Black RX! Kotaro’s resurgence is a true miracle, orchestrated by the universe itself! Let the Light Shine Upon You, RX! The curtain rises on Kotaro’s battle with the Crisis Empire! You! Are “youve been” Kamen Rider Black ?! Kamen Rider Black has been reborn! I’m the Child of the Sun Kamen Rider Black RX! Skull-Ma of the Demon Phantoms If you think you can destroy mankindand take over Earth, judge again! Neutralizer Beam! Finish him! We did it! We blew him to cases! General Jark, Skull-Ma won the battle. Maribaron Instruct Gatezone to dispatcha Demon Robot to Earth at once. Ouch! Oh no! Ouch! Going against the general’s orders? Me? Of course not. Oh, truly? Then show me your strongest Demon Robot. -This is your strongest robot? -Yes, that’s him. My strongest Demon Robot, Kubrickan, will finish the job if Kotaro lived. Kotaro You have been resurrectedas Kamen Rider Black RX thanks to the life-giving energyof the sun’s rays.The sun’s life-giving energy? Indeed. The sunbathe glints upon everythingon this planet. It is the universe’s offering of compassion and lifeto all living beings. Kotaro, you are now the Child of the Sun, Kamen Rider Black RX. You will fightand represent Earth against evil That is your destiny. If that’s my destiny, I’ll see it through to the end. Kotaro, the sun’s rays bestowsunimaginable powers upon Kamen Rider RX. You are now capableof extraordinary things. Listen well, Kotaro. If you use your superpowers before humanity, they will praise you for your stunts. But it is only a matter of timebefore they spurn you. You will never be able to achieveyour dream of living a normal life. You will be all alone. But I can’t crusaded alone! I don’t want to be alone! -Hitomi! -Shigeru! Shigeru! Hitomi! -Shigeru! -Hitomi! -Dad! -Mom! Hitomi! Look out! No! Don’t depart! Do not be deceived by illusions.You must picture things as they are. Kotaro, do not go downthe path of the foolish. Choose the path of the wise! But I don’t understand! What does that aim, exactly? Who are you? Show yourself! I am Kingstone Your soul. Kingstone? My soul?( KAMEN RIDER BLACK RX) Kotaro! Welcome back! Thanks. Kotaro’s back! -Kotaro! -I’m back! -Kotaro! -We were so worried! Sit down! What happened, Kotaro? Sit down No, wait! -Okay , no harms. You can sit now.-Oh, you! Well, here I am. So what happened, Kotaro? Your past is a mystery to me.But I’ll say this When I firstly filled you, you were all worn out and wearied. I let you getyour helicopter pilot’s license because I craved youto live a fulfilling man. I know you care about me.I certainly do, Uncle. What’s wrong? I precisely can’t person him out. Help! Someone help me, please! Ugh! A move! Don’t let him “re going away”! Who are you ?! Detective Hayato Hayamizu, Special Investigations, MPD! Oh, you’re a detective? -What? -I’m Kotaro Minami. So pleased to see you both. Pleasure’s mine. Sorry, I was expecting a firmer grip. So how can I help you, Detective? I wanted to take a closer lookat your face.-My face? -Yes. I consider. Good. I’ll be going now. Sorry for prying! That cheeky boy! “Firmer grip, ” my foot! Kotaro Minami There’s something different about him. I’ll keep him on my watch roster. You can’t park now! Hey, you! Out! Why are you parked here? You gaze suspicious. Get out of the car! Let go! My invests! Get back here! He took my clothes! This is so embarrassing! Get back here! Your aunt and I will cooka luscious feast tonight to celebrate your safe return.-Maybe you should stay out of the kitchen.-What’s that supposed to mean? An omen Kotaro! -Kotaro! -Kotaro! No! Get back! Rei! -Are you hurt? -Hitomi! Are you okay? -Why’s that automobile after us ?! -This way! Quick! -This way! -Hurry! Henshin! -You! -I’m the Child of the Sun. I am the supporter of all living things Kamen Rider Black RX! Is that your true structure? I am Kubrickan, a Demon Robot! General Jark has me to destroy you! RX can hop 60 rhythms into the air! RX Kick! A Rider Kick? No, RX’s kicking done a lot stronger. Don’t worry.Kubrickan has one last-place virtuoso up his sleeve. We did it! Acrobatter! RX! Bring it, Kubrickan! Revolcane! As long as there is light, Kamen Rider Black RX will never die! Kamen Rider Black RXdefeated Kubrickan with his Revolcane.Within him lies infinite powerand unlimited potential. But his victory today isonly just the beginning. The mighty Crisis Empirewill not be defeated so easily( TO BE CONTINUED) Bossgun, Head of the Naval Troops, routes Gynagiskhan, the Wind Knight, to kill Kotaro. Kotaro is taken to the Demon Realm.What does he interpret there? Who is Dr. World? What are the blueprintshe entrusts to Kotaro? Henshin, Kamen Rider Black RX! RX vs. the Wind Knight! Tear it up!( “RX VS. THE WIND KNIGHT”)

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