Kenzaki, 20 kilometers to target location. Understood. Hurry, Kenzaki.
Tachibana is having trouble. You must help him. Hurry, Kenzaki. Kenzaki, you're getting closer
to the target location. Hurry. Tachibana! Kenzaki! Are you all right? (KAMEN RIDER BLADE) (EPISODE 1) Tackle. You're no match for him.
Sit back and watch. Drop. Fire. A Category 8, huh? Interesting. What is that card? Kenzaki, you can't just
jump headfirst into battle. Okay. Wow. You're on another level, Tachibana.
I'm nowhere near as strong as you yet. You were kinda cool at the start. Who are you?! -After that, not so much.
-What was that?! Nice to meet you. I'm Kotaro Shirai.
I want to be a non-fiction science author. -Can I interview you?
-Interview? I've been looking into you guys
for a while now. There's… an urban legend about armored men
battling mysterious life forms. Those stories about "Kamen Riders"…

-I don't know anything!
-are considered baseless rumors. -But they're real!
-What?! Wait, where are you going? -Let me interview you.
-Hey! Get off! -Stop it!
-Please, just a short interview. I finally found you! Wait, you! This is the third Undead
to appear in two months. It's like they're getting
more and more active. Just what are those monsters? You just focus on sealing them. We are looking into them. "Looking into them," huh? I get that the Rouse Card System
works on the Undead, but… What is it, Tachibana? Just say it.

I have a simple question. I hear you told Kenzaki
to hurry up so he could help me. Do you have that little faith in me? I trust in your abilities. It was just an extra precaution.
Just in case. Wow, Tachibana. You're so cool! Tell me something. What are you fighting for? Why did you become a Rider? Frankly, I needed a job. But of course, I want to protect
the planet and humanity. Don't let them take advantage of you. That's all the advice I have for you. The Board of Archaeological Research
Department, aka BOARD. This research lab is investigating
why humans have survived on this planet. They believe something that can't be
explained by evolution is involved.

They are looking into this mystery. But why do they need Kamen Riders
for their research? And what's with those monsters? (HIKAWA CASTLE) Home sweet home. It's been two months. Hm? Guess my neighbor's moving. Huh? Ow! Oh, you're back. I let someone else move in. So there you go. Sorry. Wait, hold on! What's with all the noise? Keep it down! I apologize.

I said wait! Hey! How could you do that to me?! I told you I wouldn't be able to come back
for two months because of work! I'm not running a charity here. Missing two months of rent is
very costly for my livelihood. So what should I do now?
I have nowhere else to go! What now?! I feel for you. But that's your problem
to deal with. Watch it! Greedy old hag. What was that? Nothing! Looks like you're going through a lot. -You!
-I've got a question for you. -Come over!
-To your place? You live here? That's right. After my parents died,
my uncle left it to me. He died last year. So, you live alone now? Wow, that's cool. It doesn't work, though. This place is pretty worn down. So let's fix it up! -We can clean it up together.
-Wait, I never said I'm living here. You don't have anywhere else to go.
My research tells me you're an orphan. Hold on. How much have you
researched about me? I really want to write
a book about Kamen Riders.

That's why I'll give you a room. And you'll give me an interview.
It's a good idea, right? Listen. What we do
cannot be shared so openly. I know that. And that's why
I won't publish anything… until I get the OK from you.
How does that sound? Can I trust you? The weather forecast showed a cold front
coming in. It's going to be a cold night. It'll probably go down to the mid-30s.
I'd hate to be the guy who sleeps outside. Okay, okay. I get it! Get what? I'll live here. As a favor. That doesn't mean
I've agreed to any interviews. -Got it?
-Got it. He's a hero who fights for humanity. Kamen Rider? He'll be living with me starting today!
Isn't that cool?! That sounds like fun! I want to meet him!
Can you bring him here? I will, soon.

What nonsense are you talking about? More importantly, do you have
a new job yet? -You left the publisher, right?
-Don't worry. I found something I want to write about. I'd rather write books than sell them. You just wait and see.
I'll write an amazing bestseller. I'll make sure that my sister
and Amane are happy. Thank you. -I'm back.
-Welcome home! -Welcome home, how's photography?
-It's hard. Isn't that brother-in-law's old camera? -You started photography?
-I'm not very good yet. That's fine. Everyone has to
start somewhere. My husband wasn't very good either.
All the pictures he took of me… -before we were married were blurry.
-But you found his clumsiness… -charming and married him.
-Yeah. And yet, why did you leave us so early? You left your beautiful wife
and adorable child behind.

Sis! Sorry, that's not like me at all. I'm an inept little brother. -Obviously.
-Obviously. I'm worried about these two. And yourself? That's why I'm glad you're here. You're their bodyguard and lodger,
so I'm depending on… I… like it here. -What's with him?
-He's shy. Don't worry. He's not a talker,
but he's a good person. Kotaro, all you do is talk. Try being cool, like Mr. Hajime. Amane, how come I don't get a title? If you want more respect, you have to be a more respectable person. Well said, Amane! Kamen… Rider. Kamen… Rider. Kamen… Rider. Dad! Mom! "To protect humanity and the planet", huh? (CALLING: BOARD) Hello? Kenzaki? BOARD is under attack!
Please hurry! Okay! On my way! Hey! What happened?! What is going on? Hey! What happened?! Wake up! Seriously, what is going on? What happened here? How could this happen? Hirose! Are you okay? The Undead… the Undead attacked us. And, it seems like Tachibana was
controlling them. Tachibana?! What are you talking about? I saw him. Earlier, he was arguing
with President Karasuma. -What?
-It's you! It's all your fault! Watch it! You know nothing
about what I suffered! I've had enough! Just know I won't let you get in my way.

No one will get in my way, not even BOARD. Tachibana! No way. Is that the only reason
you blame Tachibana? I don't believe it! Wait, Kenzaki! It's not true! It can't be true! You're Blade, huh? I'm Tachibana.
Or Garren. We can do this, together. It's not true! Tachibana wouldn't betray us! I won't believe it! So it's you! You hurt everyone! Henshin! Turn up! Tachibana! Why are you just watching? Tachibana! Have you really betrayed us?! I thought we were partners! No way. Why?! Why?! Kamen Rider Blade. Rather than a deceitful person, I'd prefer someone who is foolish enough
to be betrayed 100 times. Where did the Undead come from? What am I even fighting for? There are people who need your help! The only way to help them is to fight! Isn't that a Rider's job? There's a monster in Tenmondai! Amane's in Tenmondai with a friend! Everyone is my enemy. Including you! This is my job! Behold his full power!.

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