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i think kamen rider build is one of the most 
interesting series in all of kamen rider it's   a show that i struggle to talk about because 
for me it's not just another kamen rider show   it's something special it's a story about 
the nature of science and war, identity and   breaking the chains of destiny and at least 
half of that i'm probably not even going to   talk about here so without giving the 
whole show away what can i talk about   hello and welcome I'm Highsea and this is Toku-Rev
red your introduction to tokusatsu movie   and tv shows to help you decide what 
you want to spend your time watching   kamen rider build is the 19th series in the heisei 
era of kamen rider shows the last series to be   filmed entirely in the heisei era sandwiched 
in the middle between kamen rider Ex-Aid and kamen   rider Zi-O Takahito Omori was the main producer 
for kamen rider Ex-Aid and continued on through   kamen rider build new to the production team 
Shogo Muto who had previously written train man   a story about a train otaku and the screenplay 
for you in full blossoms originally muto was   playing with the idea of an escaped prisoner 
who's granted extreme power and turns his life   around to become a hero of justice under the 
teachings of a master the character roles were   reworked and the prisoner went from the main 
character to a supporting character working in   a more monzai character relationship or basically 
an odd couple amore looked to the themes of war   and stunt in economic growth in the original 1971 
kamen rider and envisioned kamen rider build as   a warning to an advanced civilization and asking 
the question is the end of scientific development   war the team decided that they wanted to have 
a show with a lot of twists and turns so that   people couldn't predict what was going to happen 
on social media and image boards developing the   drama elements before the toy production 
inviting adult viewers back to kamen rider ten years ago the first japanese manned 
spacecraft landed on mars the astronauts   found a mysterious box and brought it back to 
earth to research dubbed pandora's box during   a celebration of the mission success pandora's box 
is activated where the island nation is separated   divided into three parts separated by the giant 
sky wall the sky roll creates a physical barrier   making all three divisions turn into their own 
nations with toto in eastern japan a government   that respects pacifism and advocates 
for diplomacy choosing to avoid conflict   through dialogue they never push strongly for 
policies and rely on special forces for defense   hakoto in northern japan before the skywall went 
up hakodo had a lush agriculture pushing policies   that supported a healthy family life however after 
the skywall popped up the soil became polluted   destroying their economy and impoverishing their 
people then there is sato western japan focusing   on developing the best and the brightest the 
faction is unsafe with cameras on every corner   and home to namba industries ever since the 
skywall went up people have started to be attacked   by smash no one knows the origin of the smash 
but blame it on the sky wall behind the scenes   the smash are the result of human experimentation 
using the gas expelled from the skywall causing   the victims to lose their sense of identity and 
attack those around them the experiments are   performed by a mysterious secret society named 
fost the name is the same as the german legend   frost where a highly successful yet dissatisfied 
man makes a deal with the devil at the crossroads   exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge 
and worldly pleasures foss is led by night   rogue looking to create the ultimate human life 
form creating smash after smash after smash   repeating and refining the experiment when smash 
lose control and attack people there's only one   person who steps up to help here you sento a 
genius scientist who transforms into kamen rider   build he develops and fights with his own machines 
inventions and tools when he's upset or excited   about an experiment he rubs his head and it makes 
this little uh hair thing that i think is supposed   to represent a curious rabbit ear he works as a 
research scientist for the institute of advanced   materials science in toto tasked with analyzing 
pandora's box kamen rider build fights smashes   and when they fall in he extracts their essence 
creating a full bottle full bottles represent   elements typically one organic and one mechanical 
with a build driver in research sento can figure   out which full bottles match together creating a 
best match always needing one organic element and   one mechanical element allowing sento to take on 
different kamen rider forms as the show goes on   sento discovers how to create new additions 
through research sento is not shy to call himself   a genius and typically has a snippy attitude 
yet he has a strong sense of justice and will go   far to help people at one point noting he doesn't 
care about the danger he just wants to help people   and doesn't want anything in return even if people 
dislike him it doesn't matter if you're helping   someone so that they'll like you or you'll gain 
a reward then that's not justice there's just one   thing with sento he doesn't know his past he's 
an amnesiac after a few months back he doesn't   remember much he was found unconscious by suici 
in a back alley and sento took up residency in   the basement of suici's cafe creating a research 
lab and sharing his space with mizora izaragi   soichi's beloved daughter who has an uninterested 
cold and distant personality who also works as an   energetic internet idol named mingtan mizura also 
has a mysterious ability to decompose and purify   the ingredients of a smash and turn it into a full 
bottle for sento sento's life consists of fighting   smash and doing research he mostly fights from the 
shadows not being known for battling smash that   is until a prisoner escapes from jail running into 
him disrupting his life banjo ryuga a former boxer   who was banished from fighting for match fixing 
for money to help pay for his girlfriend's illness   arrested under suspicion for murdering the pandora 
scientist katsuragi sento tries to capture banjo   and send him back to jail but upon finding out 
that they both have similar memory loss issues   sensor creates a partnership with banjo taking him 
into hiding through the show banjo becomes close   with sento and eventually turns into a companion 
rider as kamen rider cross banjo is a meat head   and the antithesis of sento always rushing in 
with his fist swinging the two together make   an odd couple pairing sometimes butting heads but 
always coming together to protect each other like   brothers fighting smash and harboring a fugitive 
has put a freelance reporter saba on their case   discovering that sento is billed and forming 
a mutual relationship keeping sento's identity   a secret and keeping banjo out of police custody 
taking her payment in the exchange of information   sawa also has links to the underground and helps 
sento in connecting him to things like smugglers   all together sento banjo suici mazura and sarah 
form a dysfunctional family that can lean on and   help each other creating a caring atmosphere in 
the show together they try to unlock the mysteries   of sento's past banjo's murder and mazora's 
abilities and the truth behind pandora's box the   skywall and fost i love the production of kamen 
rider build and i could probably write a complete   diatribe on every suit in the show and there are a 
lot of suits most of them follow a similar pattern   and design for build it's mostly about elements 
twisting around each other each of the eye plates   are representative of one of the full bottles in 
rabbit tank form it's the tank gun on one eye and   a rabbit's ear on the other along with rolling 
tank treads on one foot and a spring helping   him jump like a rabbit on the other probably 
my favorite build form is hulk gatling a black   gray and orange design that allows for flight 
mobility when i originally saw the build driver   i didn't love it i didn't hate it but i didn't 
love it i just thought it seems kind of weird with   its crank in my mind's eye it just kind of seemed 
weird to take out the bottles and shake them up   and then jam on this crank to get a transformation 
going the full bottles were made thinking about   mixing chemicals in plastic bottles and then 
later in the series they introduced jelly so   it kinda just looks like energy drink bottles and 
protein jellies from the grocery store i really   really like the cross form for banjo i also used 
to do work as an audio engineer and seeing a vu   meter on the sword is just awesome later in the 
show he gets another form from using the jelly   and i think that form still looks pretty cool 
but i kind of feel like the two forms should be   switched around because i still just find that 
base cross form amazing the suits do change   often but i think they always kind of stay close 
to what that base form usually is so when they do   add a significant upgrade it really does feel like 
something special then there's the transformation   scenes when build transforms it kind of looks like 
the rails from a gunplot model set and i'm not   really positive that's actually what they 
went for but either way i'm pretty into   it the addons make sense and work within the 
show's aesthetic basically research military war   devices for instance when they show the hazard 
trigger i'm basically in love it just feels   dangerous kamen rider shows don't have a huge 
budget and i really do think this is an instance   of completely maximizing their assets there 
are a lot of really great shots and camera work   and sometimes it can feel like an overexposed 
soap opera and then sometimes it seems so   masterfully crafted one thing i found really 
cool is the mathematics they use for a lot of   the finishing moves or just on the whiteboards 
in centos basement research lab the production   crew brought researches in from different japanese 
universities to make it so whatever formulas they   were using actually had a real significance to the 
show hazard levels are a device used in the show   to help characters advance their equipment or the 
plot using the real life formula for mathematical   synchronization or the ratio of how hard you have 
to adapt to fit into your surroundings the story   is told in three main chapters everything i've 
discussed so far is only involved in chapter one   so there are a lot of smaller things that i can't 
mention i think the storytelling is really solid   and very well paced episodes carry themselves but 
are also advancing the story keeping you intrigued   and wanting to stay through to the conclusion 
when i first started watching tokusatsu i loved it   but i kind of wanted something a little meatier 
but i also didn't want something that was going   to overshadow the things that brought me in and 
that i really liked you hear a lot about people   trying to defend their love of tokusatsu by trying 
to frame it so that it doesn't resemble a kid's   show anymore i've never felt the need to defend it 
and i really don't care that kids are the target   audience i mean i barely know any adults who 
haven't seen like every pixar movie and there are   things out there like garo and kamen rider amazons 
that are made for an adult audience in mind and   while i like both garo and amazons they weren't 
exactly what i was looking for at the time think   kamen rider build really showed me what i want out 
of a kamen rider show it's still colorful and has   fun fight scenes and there's this emotional weight 
that i've been looking for ever since i got into   togasatsu i really wish i could go into that in 
this video but i always thought of tokurev as   an introduction into tokosatsu giving you just 
enough information to let you know if these are   the themes and kind of characters that you want 
to spend your time watching there are so many   moments with such emotional weight kamen rider 
build just breaks your heart there are scenes   where characters really have to ask themselves 
who they are what they want to be and how to   build yourself into the person you see in 
your head every time they transform the driver   screams out are you ready and you just sit there 
knowing in some moments that they're not there are   characters that are so vitally important to this 
show that i wouldn't dare bring up right now for   fear of spoiling it for you think kamen rider 
build is a show with no superfluous characters   everyone in the show matters and maybe 
they're not all huge exciting plot points   but they matter and their lives matter to the 
story every character has some kind of arc and   i genuinely cared about each and every one of them 
more than i have in any other kamen rider series   and more than i have in really any show i don't 
think of this as a show with a main character   i think of it as a show with multiple stories that 
the viewer gets to experience to me someone like   banjo isn't a secondary writer he's just 
as essential as sento and at many times   in the series he's even more important i don't 
typically bring up acting in these videos because   i don't speak japanese and i don't live in japan 
so there's a lot of cultural things that just   are not going to translate to me that make me 
feel really uncomfortable critiquing them that   said there are performances that just had my jaw 
on the ground there's text and subtext and it all   translates through the language and cultural 
barriers these actors and actresses nail it   there's also another reason i love build and it 
has a lot less to do with the show if i can be   personal for a minute kamen rider build is a 
really special show for me i started watching   build when it was about three quarters of the way 
through airing it really wasn't that long before   i created this youtube channel and i was pretty 
uncomfortable about putting myself out there and   making content but i started to make these new 
creator friends over the internet people like   carnie x proto proto-dubs lambo calrissian and 
marco satsu in special form 12.

And they were   almost all watching kamen rider build weekly once 
i started watching it to try to catch up i fell in   love instantly it became a magical time of like 
talking back and forth in a group discord chat   talking about what we liked 
what we didn't like theories and   you know what toys we just bought me carn lambo 
and proto basically flew around the world to all   meet up in california for power morphicon we 
rented a house together for the weekend and   i can remember on the plane ride there i was 
watching copyright rebuild on my laptop between   two gruff military guys and i'm just sitting here 
like trying to hide that tears are streaming down   my face as they're looking over wondering what 
is this power ranger stuff this guy's watching   we all wore drivers to the convention all of them 
had different configurations of the build driver   or the e-vault driver and i had a double driver 
because it was the only one i had at that point   i remember two of them snuck off to 
the other room so they could watch   that week's episode of build but trying to keep 
the volume on their phone as low as possible   as to not spoil anything for us i honestly can't 
think of kamen rider build without thinking about   this small community of really close friends that 
i developed most of us don't talk about tokusatsu   anymore and some of them don't even watch it 
anymore some of us got busier with jobs and   you know we don't even want to 
talk about the pandemic and it just   made it so some of us grew apart more than others 
and it's natural to develop different interests   or get busy and fade away a little bit from 
each other but i can kind of always go back   to this one series and relive this really cool 
part of my life and i'm always gonna miss it and   it just doesn't feel like i could talk about this 
without including that so what i recommend kamen   rider bill well absolutely every time someone asks 
me what is the best kamen rider to start with i   immediately think of build i think it's one of the 
most developed kamen rider series it has strong   characters and arcs and it has great production 
and great suits it has amazing stories that are   both approachable and binge-worthy one of my only 
problems is going into another season a kamen   rider because it's really hard i think kamen rider 
build gave me everything i was looking for in a   kamen rider series and now i feel like i'm always 
going to be trying to fill that void whenever i'm   asked who my favorite kamen rider is i always 
say double but then i'm quick to add but build   is my favorite show thanks for watching this is 
tokarev your introduction to tokusatsu movie and   tv shows leave a comment and let me know if you'd 
like me to talk about that other stuff and build   in future videos or just tell me how did you enjoy 
build am i overblowing this am i far off the mark   or did you have a great experience with it too but 
that's it i'm high c and i hope you keep watching

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