(Kamen Rider Decade) DX K-Touch Review

hey icbt great here here we have another toy review here we have the deluxe k-touch from Kamen Rider decade this is a cool toy really do love this toy so let's go over the paint details and overall design of this cool k-touch so this is the k-touch closer up as you can see here this is basically supposed to be a phone a weird looking phone k-touch I guess is supposed to be the word for cell phone so I guess that's why they have the K because K doesn't mean anything else does American so whatever as you can see it has the motif of decay it's kind of in the shape or a similar shape to decades helmet as you can see with the magenta black and black lines and the green little dot here for the top of the head and you can see there is k-touch there you see the full bar strength and full battery life we see DC D which I guess means his service provider and we see uhm sound I guess it's on so that is basically as you can tell you can see the night lights in there this is a pressure-sensitive screen so lightly touch this and you'll activate sound or lights so we go on to the top here we see the button release so you can remove it from the driver see the bend ice over on the top and on the bottom as you seeing here is where the on/off switch is and as we turn it around we see where the battery compartments are it's one triple-a battery for each compartment and this is the connector piece that goes with the driver so now just basically all that you can see with um the k-touch so let's go over some of the accessories and here we'll first start off with the phone card as you can see there is a little nudge here that will tell the ktouch whether it's the phone card or if it's put on this side it'll tell us DK complete card you'll see that later when you see the complete card so as you can see here we have an awkward sub upward line up of numbers you can see there you can see decayed complete and he turned it around you can see a barcode and you see all that in reverse so yeah there's your phone card next up we have the decayed complete card as you can see here the nudge like I said before is on this side telling the ktouch that this is the decayed complete card as you can see we seem a squatter decayed when you see him in his complete form you see the first nine hasty riders and the decayed complete button we add the final form button and the Clear button as we turn it around we can see that we had a bar code here and we have what says if you could read it authorized signature I guess this is supposed to be a credit card and I guess the ktouch is a credit card slash cell phone very weird but still very cool very show-accurate card and here we have the belt connector that will connect the UM the original buckle for the PK driver onto the side just like in the show it's nice that they actually arm a total of gave this to us instead of actually having to buy it separate as you can see on the top there we have the decayed logo it's very cool very nice and actually I ate in some of the attack functions that decayed complete form does so it's very nice so let's bring in the driver and see how this k-touch actually works and so here we have the k-touch in front of us so let's turn this bad boy on very cool now without putting any cards in here we can actually press the button you hear the sound and you can see that any on any button that you press you'll see a light show or a lighting effect here and even here the sound effect every different arm pressure point use you press will do a different sequence of lights so that's pretty cool so let's insert a card here so let's first insert the phone card so let's insert it here like this so now before I do anything else if you press the X or C button here and hold it it will actually control the volume effects so let's do that see it slow now so let's do that one more time to bring up the volume now if you just press it once it will actually just clear so now you can use this as a phone so let's go for as you actually use your index finger because since this is pressure-sensitive being index finger is probably the best thing to use and now you press the circle button to complete the sequence of numbers and there's a quick call to whoever you're calling now two more features when you have the phone card is if you input a year of the first ten Heisei riders or the first nine easy riders you'll actually on the k-touch will actually announce that year's rider so let's put in 2004 Kouga and now you press the circle button cool it actually does it when he does a final attack ride sound so that's pretty cool so the other function is if you hold the last number of that specific year it will say the UM the extra numbers that you didn't put input so let's put one for Augie – very cool I really do like how they gave you that kind of function it's very cool so let's remove the card and let's input the decayed complete card this one here so let's go in here very cool now we can actually transform into a decayed complete form as you see there we have the driver behind us so all you have to do is either press the combination I'm just like in the show and then press the composite button here or you just press the decayed button so let's do it like they do in the show and let's transform so awesome very cool obviously you saw that I messed up a little bit there that's why you really should pay attention to exactly what you're pressing because this will activate any sound effect with any kind of pressure on to those specific points so do be careful if you're trying to show off to your friends so you don't look like a noob and like I did anyway so now when you actually transform into decayed you can um you can um summon the other final forms of the other hey see riders so let's quickly do that starting off with Kouga press the f1 come in Saito Ando come in Saito oh come in Saito like ah come in Saito so the last thing that we can do with this toy is actually complete it with the belt attachment here so we just clip it onto the right side of the driver and bring in your original buckle and actually connect it here let's turn this bad boy on very cool here so now if you activate any of the other riders let's say the Hibiki arm form if you have the final attack right for that form you could insert it into this into this and actually activate it so you can make that rider actually attack but I don't have any of those cards all I have is the decayed attack ride card so let's insert that just so you can see it very cool now all you have to do instead of turning it you just pass it like so very cool um I guess for mine it actually doesn't on just press it and you can actually actually beat the sound I actually have to hold it to activate the sound effect now I do not know that's going to be the same for all of you that is just the same for mine maybe it's because of the reissued version or maybe it's a creamy into Japanese thing I do not know so that is all that you can do with this toy so let's bring in everything together and go over my final review so my final opinion on the deluxe k-touch from Kamen Rider decade now let me get this off the back as I didn't say before this is the Korean version if you didn't hear that from what I just said with the belt attachment this is the Korean version I repeat that one more time Korean version yes the box is different but everything else is exactly this the functions the sound effects work exactly like the Japanese release this is just slightly cheaper so um the design is great the cards work definitely um if you actually input a regular combi ride card into the k-touch you can actually activate a sound basically telling it that is a common ride card and you can say um boat ride Oh but that's not really that impressive just saying sorry I didn't do that but it's not that impressive anyway um when you actually attach it to the on driver it makes it look a hell of a lot better it does look great on its own but this makes it even look even better even look even better anyway oh it's I said it came with a belt attachment so you can still use the entire driver so you can actually put it on display and it'll actually look very nice um the cards look great I really do love how they really do match the show um do I wish they'd use the phone on the phone card more not really um do I like that this is a Korean 20 yes because like I said reward is very cheap um you can buy this on eBay for maybe around thirty to forty dollars so it's very very nice to buy especially if you bought the reissue drive a DK driver like I did it's very nice to have a little bit of a discount on some added um toys that you would want to have especially with your DK driver so what I recommend this to other people yes it is a great toy especially if you like decayed especially if you like accessory toys and especially if you like decades complete form so this is tickety tigre saying thanks for watching guys if you like this video definitely help me out like and comment below subscribe above definitely leaving messages I'll definitely love to answer you guys's questions I really do love that you share the love with me I really do love that you um subscribe to me and definitely make my channel grow so thank you guys for all the help and support so like I said TTT grave saying again thanks for watching and bye guys

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