( WATCH IN A BRIGHTLY ROOM, SITTING AWAY FROM THE TV .) Finalvent! Decade …( KAMEN RIDER DECADE)( EPISODE ONE: “WORLD WAR RIDER”) Decade … Decade … That dream again. Why do I always cry? Hey! How can you sleep? What’s with this photo ?! -Explain this! -Well, you find … -these photos…-Granddad! W-wait a minute … This is your shop. -What do you have to say? -Yes, but … Only wait a moment. Were the photos taken by Tsukasa? Yes! He came up to us, saying, “Shall I make your photo? ” So I modeled for him. “A one-of-a-kind picture, ” he said. Then I come the whole way down hereto select it up, and it’s this? -Not in the picture…-at all … -Where was he examining? -How bad is this? It’s bad. It’s the worst.But, everyone … these are rather artistic, don’t you think? -Are you serious? -How mean! Are you saying my face looks like this? No , no , no! Tsukasa! Today of the working day! We’ve compensate money for these! Natsumi! Where are you going? To throw Tsukasa a piece of my recollection. He’s where he usually is, right? Tsukasa Kadoya. The guy who simply appeared in town, and then resolved down. That chap. Where he came from. What he wants to do.He doesn’t talk about any of that. He is truly a pain in the neck!( PHOTAGRAPHS IF YOU LIKE) Hey! Look over here! You truly anticipate I’d pay money for this? Or for this? You did say … you would capture all that I am. Is that what you call these paintings? No good again? What’s that you say? You weren’t going to takegood shots in the first pla…Why go draws like this? I can’t captivate it well. I want to capture the whole worldin the picture. So I time try to capture as much as I can. Decade. Today, your world will end. Decade? What are you up to? Uh, I’m very sorry! Tsukasa. The Hikari Family Secret Technique … Funny Bone! Natsumi! You did it again … He’s creepy. Let’s go. He’s defending, with snaps in his eyes.We certainly apologize! Tsukasa! That’s not what “funny bone” implies. “Nuts-umi! ” If you’ve learned your lesson, display some regret! Why do you save takingthose strange photos? I’ve told you.I exactly want to capture my macrocosm. “World”? How does that become those photos? I precisely want to capture it. But the world doesn’t want to be captivated. It warps all on its own. The city. The brightness. The people. It runs away from me. This isn’t my world, either. “Your” world? A world-wide deserving to be captured by me. At any proportion, our photo studio willno longer be used by you like an bureau. Including the cost of film we lent you … Yeah, I got it more or less. Not more or less! That aside…there’s a strange wind blowing today. You felt it, more? You should go home now. Nuts-umi! What is this? -Tsukasa! -Nuts-umi! What is this? Tsukasa! Tsukasa! Can’t you hear what i just said? Tsukasa! Nuts-umi! Nuts-umi! Decade. Today is the day. Who are you? You could’ve killed me! Where are the buckle and placard? I don’t believe in credit cards! Your strength is needed to save the world.Natsumi? Natsumi , where are you? Why? Tell me your desire. I will concede any libido. Stop it! Say your desire! What’s that? From my dream. Why? -Nuts-umi! -Tsukasa! Can you hear me? You’re safe! I’m so glad! You announce this safe? Natsumi? Natsumi! Natsumi! Is this it ?! The period the world countries resolves … Where is your buckle and card? That? Natsumi! Hand me that! But … I’ll save the world countries … I repute … Stay apart! No! Henshin! Henshin! Kamen Ride! Decade! Tsukasa? How? Rambunctious! Kamen Ride! Kabuto! Attack Ride! Clock up! Why did I opt this placard? -Come on! -Decade … How do you know that name? Where can we go? Back home. Nuts-umi! Stay apart! No! Kamen Ride! 555! Ow! Attack Ride! Auto Vajin! Get away from here, Nuts-umi! Again? Kamen Ride! Hibiki! Attack Ride! Sound Strike Clubs Inferno! How? How do I know how to fight like this? We’re going home, Nuts-umi.Where are we? What does this want? My power … it doesn’t last. That is because you once lost everything. Tsukasa … Nuts-umi! They are eating each other. Natsumi! What is this already? You. We still have a little time. You said I could save the world. Yes. Beautiful, isn’t it? Have you remembered anything? No. Just how to fight. What is that? It looks like Earth. Yes, it is Earth. How is it that the Earth is … Nine Kamen Riders wereborn in the Nine Worlds. Those were all separate, independent tales. But now, the fibs are merging … attempting to become one world. Eventually, all of theworlds will be destroyed. Decade, you must travel the Nine Worlds. That is the only way to save the world. Why me? You are the one that willdestroy all the Kamen Riders. Creation only comes from destruction. Unfortunately … While you are traveling … your best friend and I will helpthis world to hold out a little longer. Huh? Nothing’s coming through on the TV…Welcome home. So you’re saying thatyou will save this macrocosm. Yeah. So it would seem. The Nine Worlds … I’ll try to capture all the worlds. If I do … If that was not just a dream … Tsukasa will someday … Decade … I understand. Let’s go. Why do you have to go, Nuts-umi? As you are unreliable. And … And you are able to make this opportunityto not pay what the hell are you owe! So how do we go tothe worlds of the other Riders? I haven’t heard. You forgot, didn’t you !? I haven’t heard! That guy left outthe most important thing. People…we are all travelers. Announcing all officers on patrol. Unidentified life form seen in Fujimi. What is this? Command on the stage … will be taken by theUnidentified Lifeforms Division. All police responding to the scenefollow their degrees … and approach theunidentified life form with caution.Metro Police HQ, over and out. Fire! ULF Number 7, supported. Yusuke, do you facsimile? Look out! Sis! Henshin! The World of…Kuuga? On the next Kamen Rider Decade! Patrolman Tsukasa Kadoya. That’s the role given to me in this world. How was my henshin today? Yusuke, take a break. ULF Number 10? I am no Grongi! It’s just as I examine, you devil! Be stopped! If the two of you pushed …! Decade … You must not be in this world.( EPISODE 2: “THE WORLD OF KUUGA”) Destroy it all, connect everything there is !.

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