Previously on Kamen Rider Decade … You are the one who willdestroy all the Kamen Riders. Why me? Decade … I time want to capturethe world on movie … but the world won’t let me. Nine Kamen Riders wereborn on the Nine Worlds. However … the storeys are coalescing together … trying to become one world. Henshin! The World of … Kuuga? Number 4! ULF Number 4 is here! What should we do, Yashiro? It’s clear that ULF No. 4 is on our slope. Tend to the wounded! They’ve targeted a policeman again. Why? Decade, Destroyer of Worlds. Traveling the Nine Worlds, what does he receive?( KAMEN RIDER DECADE)( EPISODE TWO: “THE WORLD OF KUUGA”) Is this really a different world? Hey, Natsumi! It’s on TV.The animal can be seen among the police. What is it? What could it be? We received a tip thata dangerous offender was hiding now. I target you under arrest. Funny bone! This is no time to play around, Tsukasa! Indiscriminately pushingpressure targets is a criminal offence! Nuts-umi, I’m jumping out of my bark! Now, look at this.( UNIDENTIFIED LIFE FORM) Unidentified…life pattern …( POLICEWOMEN TARGETED) “Scholars are calling them Grongi.” So in this world theseunidentified living figures perform … and the police fight them. We have … indeed come to a different world. Look at this. Unidentified Life Form Number Four. That is what the Kamen Rideris called in this world. In order to save our world…We have to travel through the Nine Worlds. But just what should we do here? By the style, Tsukasa.What’s with that clothe? Policeman Tsukasa Kadoya. That seem to be the roleI’ve been given in this world. Role? There is somethingI must do in this world. I’ve become a police officer. Which conveys I have to fight the Grongi! Is it truly that simple? What kind of place is this? Don’t square up! Move your foot! I know! Super Henshin! Kamen Rider Kuuga. Changes assemble to fitthe combat occasions. Gives his surrounds as artilleries. I hate to say it, but he’s impressive. Hey, you! Is that a personal item? What “are you doin “? You were told to fall back! Right, right. Then one for the road. Yusuke! Use this! -Got it, Sis! -Sis? Super Henshin! Don’t spread it around. Thanks, as ever. Parties have died.Don’t get carried away. Right, right. How was my henshin today? So-so. You definitely defeated bothNumber 7 and Number 8. In that case, buy me dinner or something, Sis! Yusuke, take a break. There’s a lot we don’t understandabout your henshin.( POLICE STATION) The prey was a policewoman.Hers was the third death. All three were officers on duty. Say, Yashiro … If an ULF materializes, the police immediately mobilize. So it stands to reason thatthe victims would be police. However! ULF’s have always … killed according to some set procedure … with the main victims all havingsomething in common.The Grongi Game Murder Theory? But do they havethat kind of intelligence? But if female police are being targeted … are you saying we should framed securityon all female police officer? That’s impossible! Killing according to regulations…it’s like a game. This is a meeting of the ULF Division! What’s your separation? Emergency Alert: An new unidentifiedlife formation … has been distinguished by a car on patrol.I repeat … Number Nine? Matsuko! Matsuko! Matsuko! Kuuga? Kuuga? No , not him. So the Lynt have a new warrior? Stop babbling. I’m only here to talk. The fourth martyr … Where’s ULF Number 9? Final Attack Ride! D-D-D-Decade! -Who is that guy? -ULF Number 10? Hold it! Why did you exactly kill another ULF? I’m no Grongi! -Get off that motorcycle! -Yusuke! Tsukasa, have you perhapsforgotten your mission? Tsukasa? Huh? Wasn’t this a coffee shop? Does it look like it was? We’re a photography studio.If you crave chocolate, I make a good bowl! Come on in! Well, then, if you like, are now in. Who do you think he is? ULF Number 10. I’ll defeat him next time. He seemed to me to be … a little bit closer to you than to the Grongi. Closer to me? If he is someone who fights the Grongi … I want to speak to him. What for? So you can have him fight instead of me? Yusuke! I just thought that he could help you! Oh…I watch. Tsukasa! Hey there, Detective Yashiro! Who’s this? Yusuke Onodera.He’s helping us in our investigation.Oh, about the ULF happens … I thought of a little something. What would an amateur know? Back off. Well … I learnt Ms. Yashiro helping outthe monster called ULF Number 4. It looked like hard work, so I believed I’d lend a hand. What did “youre telling”? Let’s hear what you have to say. The invoice for the coffee? Are you perhaps … Number Four? And if I was? I think it’s amazing. To fight for someone. For someone? I only fight for myself. If I don’t crusaded, I … That Yashiro person … She really worries about you. How do you fucking know? Because you worry about someone? The policewomen who were killed … I thought they hada strange thing in common. A thing in common? -Their birthdays.-Their birthdays? This one was born on the thirteenth. Her, the twenty-seventh. Her, the fifth. And the one recently killed … the twenty-sixth. 3-7-5-6 and 4: read as “minagoroshi”, “Kill them all.” I look! So next they will target someonewith a birthday ending in four! Check the birthdays of all policewomen.Any suffer on the 4th, 14 th, or 24 th … -put security on them! -Yes, sir. Was I a little bit useful? Who are you? The arouse is near. All tales will be rewritten! This one, extremely … This one’s no good, either. This world-wide is also refusing you. Is that because youare not from this nature? -I don’t know.-You don’t know? The same as this. Even traveling the Nine Worlds … I don’t know what I should do. -And so…-And so? In the meantime, I’ll play with the Grongi. This is Yashiro … Policeman Kadoya? A different prospect? What do you intend, your ideology was mistaken? Check it out. The websites where thepolicewomen were killed. They are all equidistant to Mt. Hitoki. As is this place. This is the next site wherea policeman will be attacked. So what is with that ridge? So you did producing him along. There are Grongi devastates up there.In prescribe to awaken … a most dark power sleeping there … they are playing this ge-ge … recreation. You know a great deal about them. I heard all about them … from Grongi Number Nine, yesterday. Heard? So what was thatwhole “minagoroshi” thing? Oh, that was a fib.It has nothing to do with birthdays. The convention is to kill … five female warriors of the Lynt, in other words, policemen … at five places equidistantfrom the mountain. Why did you lie about your inference? I get onto. If you get them to focussecurity around installations … then no policeman would come here. Exactly. The only policewoman here … is you, Detective Yashiro. Come on out! I know you’re here! It’s in this nature, too.The Gegel has begun! It is is ended when we kill … that female soldier of the Lynt. Two versus one, again. Linguists tried to analyze that word, and couldn’t make love. If they kill the fifth martyr now … the great darkness will be resurrected. You swine! Take a good looking. The blood of the Lynt spurts! The Sacred Gegel has miscarried! Up to now, they havekilled the policewomen … without spilling a descend of blood. The Sacred Gegel. The most important rule isto kill without spilling blood. But now it’s disappointed. Because blood has been spilled. What are you trying to do? To intention the Gegel … without any more loss of life. All that’s left is to take care of them. Henshin! Kamen Ride! Decade! Decade? I see.This guy is Decade. Yusuke! What “are you doin “? It’s just as I examine, you devil! Devil? What the? I heard that you would show up someday. In order to destroy all the Riders! What did you say? Out of the style! Wait. Stop, satisfy. Stop! If the two of you contended …! If it’s come to this, I predict I’ll take you on. I may be able to get backsomething I lost. Attack Ride! Slash! Yusuke! -Yusuke…-Give it to me. No, don’t! Attack Ride: Blast! Decade … You must not be in this world. Bro, they’re here, very. Riders.Yeah. Let’s go. Partner. On the next Kamen Rider Decade … Decade, existing only to destroy it all. Humans are becoming Grongi! Just to attain person smile! I believe that! Destroy it all, connect it all !.

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