Kamen Rider Decade Rider Lockseed Review (Kamen Rider Gaim)

YouTube Dawson Ryder here with a review / demo of the gashapon Kamen Rider decade lock seat for Kamen Rider gaim so we'll go ahead and go over the look and noises of it so this being a decayed lock obviously it's going to be pink you got the pink plastic back here green clear plastic around here very much fits them obviously you can see decayed space there it looks really nice you get this masked rider decayed around there overall very nice looking if you haven't watched one of these before all the sounds and this are self-contained so you do not need a driver for they all are accessed from this button meaning when you press this up it doesn't even make a noise I will show what it does in the driver but not too much just because it will make the same noise regardless if you put this in the driver or the sword and it'll just be a mess and the other things so there's really no changes to it so main bulk of the sounds will actually come from this so when you open it up you get a picture of the DK driver right here so it's really neat and then decades the card right here as if no this is the non LED version there wasn't a lady version of this I can't remember so now I had will go ahead and go over the noises by pressing this button on the back so this ad cage and then now its arms change noise and that's first attack noise so now by pressing it an additional time so four times total in a row you'll unlock it second attack noise and then by pressing an additional time so five times total in succession you will get its final attack noise so very neat so then because this works on a cycling system you're going to have to press the button here as if you were pressing this open to get it to work properly all right and then it will cycle through the noises and then it will actually go back to saying decayed because it works on the cycle system all right so that's about it very cool in particular on this one I thought they did a great mix of decayed sort of style of noises with the current game noises very very cool but ultimately it's up to you whether you like decayed or the noises are not now until next time make sure you check out the crazy podcast or writers Rangers rambles calm and don't forget to Like comment and subscribe until next time this is Dawson Ryder signing

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