Kamen Rider Decade Toy Review (Part 2) DX K-Touch (HK. Ver) : Part 2

pushy too little bit more nakisha girl yeah yeah hi guys this is Harry 62 and this is the part 2 of the k-touch video video so i had i have the Cato chair and I'm just going to play it so I just switch this on I really like the chamonix switched on and that's one feature when when you don't put and you don't have card in it's just press the button here and it makes kind of like put a pattern here staff really still ready so yeah I really like this feature as well it's just you n you don't put card in you still have a pattern here like that and then when you press the delete button it goes like that so it's quite cool and then plus here as cool press here okay so that is basically order pattern includes when you don't put anything in and when you put this card in your maker as you know this is the normal decatur when you when he transformed into your complete form so this is the complete card or something become decayed complete car so put this in into the gate into the k-touch ok so here is shown all the riders logo logo or their symbol the symbol representing them so how to transform it a complete form I can just do sorry how to transform complete form this even if you don't press anything you press the decade bottle you don't still transform MTV yeah you have just now transformed into the complete form without pressing order logo and if you want to do in the normal way the way that I discuss do it what DK does it so you just did this i knows that stuff so basically wives just it like you complete the transformation so the way i just did is basically house camera discuss our camarada DK does it in his way and what you do is just pressing the writer symbol in order of their of their riders sir culus first and then who's the lastest giver you start from cougar to Kiva and you just press them in order you can transform even if you don't press them in order you just be there you can still do that so the bend ice-clad well how they do that so if you even if you're not in order to press all the logos you can still play it with this you can still come transform complete form I think Ben died did that is because maybe a little when a little kid like really like kamen rider but they put that in and they don't know how to play they just like do that right now even if they press the decay button at the end you can still transform so that surprised me when I found that out so it's quite cool and then if you okay when you pressed all the rider button and you don't want it press see return Claire's or the airpo so if you want even in in the evening when you are sleeping in and you've and then suddenly wake up and you want to play with this thing I don't know who kind of weird person would play with this thing if you want to do it if you don't want to annoy anyone just press C for a long time now when quieter which is which is quite cool which is quite quite amazing and I really liked it because you don't know and I know anyone with it so yeah um I'm gonna press it again yes loud again yeah so I like this feature so so much so yeah so um here I'm just gonna press order right a sound yeah if you press cougar and press f you have the ultimate form yahoo and you have this ultimate form so when when you press any rider logo for once and then you press f you get their final form so I'm gonna do a Couture next come inside oh come in come in come in come in like oh hi oh come in like oh like ah so that is basically about this cart really that's all you can play with this car if i press whoo I didn't know that so okay sorry excuse me um when you press a rider logo a long time it will say free to run do you use for that that's basically that's so cool I like it okay i'm done with this card so yeah this is basically is complete car what does it does on the back you can still play this card on the gammaroid machine so I was quite kind of amazed because yet the you get the bar code here for the game right game and here's discard this time I'm not going to do the long way I just show you one feature and second feature to show you order on your name this cut this basically to make you know what when what year is the right as each rider before decade is broadcast so which right um as you know cougar is broadcast in two thousand year year 2000 so if i press two thousand here yeah i will say cougar so if you press 2001 they'll say I Tito 2003-4 2002 Yuki 23 vice so yeah I'm not gonna do the long way I'm gonna do the cheap way so if you press the 0 long enough ya SE fuga and you if you press one for longer Akito yeah so that's basically it's what this number pad does if you do something weird like this am I bye-bye hell she would do nothing basically just did you did it like that if you do random number like EF the random year like my birthday yogi nothing really if you do random things really so yeah there's basically it's number pad really that's nothing different with this ok so i'm gonna show you to put this on just to show you just going to put this cut back in put this my camera down ok that is catered of my turkey driver and this now my decade driver is now not a complete form so I was quite pleased to have that and then I'm now I'm going to show you the two cuts while in this one so the k-touch is here now and then i'm going to show you the two cuts that is included so the first class the first car card sorry the first card yep ok I should put my camera then I'll do that again yeah I'll do that again so what do you do with this is basically you put the car in and then you press him press ignore yeah just press in that's fine and here is the second card there again so yeah I'm turn this off now so this basically is the cater TV and its really good cool feature that the k-touch have and if you haven't watched part if you haven't watched part part 1 from this point to sport watch part 1 about package so this basically is the case review I will review some more gundam models up there show you just quickly oh my goodness yeah you say why would you review all of those stuff and I don't have time to review those but i will review those soon soon as possible really so yeah and then i'll review each to as well i got e to a few days ago yes so the two sheep you include with a guy memories so yeah so this basically is the review i'll see you guys and see you guys and examine another review and the ring series so wizard ring series so goodbye and I thanks and I thank you guys for watching goodbye

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