( Satisfy WATCH IN A WELL-LIT ROOMA SAFE DISTANCE FROM THE TELEVISION) Hey! You all right? Yeah. Just got some sand in my eye. That’s not what I’m talking about! How did this even happen? There are sometruly unlucky parties out there. -You okay? -I got it out! -Thanks for the help.-Sure. -Be careful.-Okay. Sorry! Is … everything … all right? The Train of Time, DenLiner. Will its next stop be the pastor the future?( KAMEN RIDER DEN-O)( EP 1: “I HAVE ARRIVED! “) Pay up for the damages. No complaints. “Ryotaro Nogami”? What is this? You’re going tothrow away my purse, right? With that attached to it, I’m more likely to get it back. You’re too used to this, dude.How often are you stripped? -Seriously.-Let’s get out of here. Last-minute. What’s with that chap? -Weirdo.-How much is in there? -Barely anything.-Let’s go over there. We is there a problem? You’re braver than you seem. Today’s luck is even worse than normal. Someone threw thi … What? Wait, what ?! Would you like some coffee? Here. It’s not here. Uh-oh. This isn’t good. I have to get it back right away. Seriously? Hey, have you seena key holder around here? -It has a bell on it.-No. I saw someone trying toreturn a lost item … but he’s probably gone home by now. Really? What did he was like? I think he was wearing a red scarf. Red scarf? What is this? Tell me what you desire. Whatever it is, I shall grant it.I only need one thing in exchange. That had to be an illusion. There’s no way that was real. Great , now I’m late. Tell me what y … -Look.-Wow. She’s an angel. Beautiful.( FOR AIRI) -Here, Ms. Airi.-Hey, hold on! -Stop! -What are you doing? -Wait up! -No fair! Hey, Airi! You must not ended. The chocolate is almost finished. Sorry. -Hey! -Miura! You’re a regular. You shouldknow better than to distract her. Sis! Sorry I’m late. What happened, Ryotaro? Today’s specially bad, huh? Ryo, what happened today? Did you shall be divided into a manhole? Or were you hit bya three-wheeler like the last time? I’m not even sure what happened myself. This guy’s bad luck is Guinness-level.-Hijiki Salad! -That’s right. -Thanks.-Hey, Ryotaro. You’re covered in sand. Huh? Oh no, I forgot I still had this. Ryo! I messed up big time. The owner’s probably looking for this. What the …? Hey, you! Why is there a teach now? -Look, a develop! -What? You are caught up a pass, right? It belongs to me. Please throw it back. It’s in a black event. Please pick it up from a police container. What are you talking about? Please! That’s really important to me.Wait! Huh? No mode. What was that all about? Hey, human, you shouldn’t steal. Where’s Tetsuo’s key purchaser? Huh? Key holder? I has got no idea. Sorry, I’m busy. Don’t scamper! This is too much, even for me. Am I being retained? Yes, that’s right. By me. What? Ow, that hurt. -We’re done playing tag.-What did you do with it? That key purchaser isvery important to Tetsuo. Wait, what does it look like? It has a bell attached to it.Don’t play dumb. -Oh! -So, you do know about it. I know he had it, but that’s … Remember now? We heard that you picked it up. -I picked up…-You better tell us now, while you’re still able to speak.Am I die now? Sorry, Sis. Satoshi! I have arrived! I knew it! This is my partner. I can’t let you rough him up too bad. You ready? I don’t do warmups. From start to finish, I go all out. Get ready. Take this! My turn! Don’t move. I’ll evidence you my special move.Thought of it just now. Please , no! Perish. This is my Special Move! Wait, don’t! What? What am I doing? Hey, don’t get in my way.It was just getting good. Who are you? Doesn’t matter. Yes, it does! Stop! How? How did he stop him? That adolescent has to be … Why are you able to stop me? You’re a strange one. Whatever. Let me say my lines this time.Tell me what you desire.Whatever it is, I shall grant it. I only need one thing in exchange. Hey! Begone, evil spirit! -Begone, evil spirit! -What did “youre telling”? He’s not that kind of being. The thing inside you is … You’re the one from the civilize. I should’ve noticed it sooner. That you’re a special case. -You’re a singularity.-Huh? -A what ?… -A singularity? Seriously? You’ve gotta be kidding me! I procured you. You have what it takesto become the Den-O. Huh? Give it back. This guy. Give it back. A demon? I realise. So you’re a singularity, huh? I must destroy you! You little … Hey, keep it together! You there has that pass, right? -Huh? -Use it! -Use it to henshin! -Henshin? Defeat him. You have to fight. I can’t do that. Idiot! Do you want to die? -Um.-Hey! If you die, I disappear! Fight him! Better yet, let me! I’ve had enough of you! Go on! Well…-Hurry! -H … Henshin! Come on. What the … -What is this? -Come on, focus! What are you doing? Fight! I still can’t do that. Oh no! Hey, permutation arranges! -You take a back seat.-What? How? -How would I know? -Come on. -Hurry up and let me out! -I don’t know how! -Press the maroon button on the loop! -Huh? Button, button … Sword Form! I … have arrived, again! What do you think you’re doing? Have you forgotten our requires? I was never gonna remember those. I was down at first, but this seems room more amusing. I much favor this kind of stuff, anyway.I’ll take on anyone! -Are you stupid ?! -Just so you are familiar with, I go all out from the start! Full Charge. My Special Move, Part 2. Game over. That was terrifying. That was the Den-O. I’ve been looking forsomeone who could be it. Let’s fight together. Invaders has been derived from the future. We must protect the passageway of experience! Wait, what? What are you talking about? Come on board. I don’t even havethe vigor to faint right now. Hurry, it’s starting. Kamen Rider Den-O. Do humen was like that in the future? Your lucky star is still a far way off. That at-bat … is still alive ?! That Imagin has mounted tothe time of his strongest memory.He has one goal, alter the past … to alter the present and future. I don’t really get wise … but I know I “ve got to do something”. Henshin. Time for my Special Move, Part 2..

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