Kamen Rider Double TRIAL MEMORY: EmGo’s Kamen Rider Reviews N’ Stuff

okay wait a second they got eyedroppers hamburgers and even stop watches that give you superpowers I gotta move to Japan products here so boring hey what's up my peoples and go here the freakin geek himself and today we will be reviewing they come in a writer double trial memory so here we are a there it is I'm usually first and foremost I would take a quick look at the packaging but I bought this year's so I did not get any original packaging but I do have a I have a box of husky bags roughly rusty rusty will be will be will be I don't know look I write people's okay have we not established that by now I ain't right but anyway movie right along here we have a trial memory and this is what Kamen Rider axle uses to achieve is upgrade form on the show axle trial now let's get a closer yes you can see the details you have a nice big screen right up front right on top here it says stop watching half lap time seconds maximum counter 100 trial we got a lot of nice Bandai silver on this toy and looks really really good because of it gets metallic red going down here Dalek blue a lot of silver on this toy and just looks great lots of nice mobile details and they even painted the back which they did not have to do but they did and that is awesome more than metallic red there something's bit right here also picked out and silver very very cool got the main body of the memory right here done that smokey transform plastic and you can see the circuit boards and gadgets and gizmos and whatnots it is a gold tip memory I'm right up here you have the button to work the stopwatch you got your speaker right here on/off switches right here battery compartment is right here it takes two triple a's if we flip this around so you can see the memory itself you can see the trial logo right there trial got the front button right here which at the moment doesn't do anything and yeah basically it for that so let's get down to some noises so your on/off switches right there turn it on and you get that right there no confirmation noise and the screen will blink for you and we're ready to go so now we can push this button and you get provider ladder step English always adds like five extra letters cool I love you you get nice bright blue LED now there's no speaker on the memory itself all the sounds were coming out of this speaker right here so they have that and the only thing left to do right now is to hinge in so to do that you just take the section right here and you flip it around to open it up or if you want to be slick about it you can just use your thumb just ah like a boss you can do that if you want thing let's bring in our axial driver here let me just raise the camera up just a little bit to make sure you can see everything that's going to be going on here so there we go so when you're ready just take memory and drop it down and you get your standby noise engine just idling there and when you're ready to go you just turn the handle so let's pin shrim there you go you have pinched end into axle trial now you can do your maximum drives just pull the clutch you stand by noise we ready to go just turn a handle again and there you go now there is stuff going on up here on the screen itself so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to actually take the straps off not percolator what to do that yes let me put the straps back on yeah I would just pop the driver off the belt all together cuz that's a smarter thing to do there we go so what we're going to do now is we're going to pull this out pop it back in I'm going to hold it this way so you can see what's going on on the screen here so there we go you ready to go just pen trim a little 3 2 1 countdown right up there which is pretty cool and the maximum Drive rue so you get things happening all around this toy when you're activating stuff and that's pretty cool so there you have that right there so we'll just pop that out but you can also activate the maximum drive with the memory outside of the belts which is pretty cool and that's actually the way he does it on the show so to do that you just want to hit the button and you see the numbers will go off there it'll go all the way up to nine point nine and when it passes that point I'll just start over again you hit the button at any time you get that going on now I'm going to turn it around so you can see the light show going on here so I'll do that again now one fun little game that is on this thing is that you can do the max you can get extra noise with the maximum Drive if you can actually match the numbers up so if you get a one point one to point two or three point three so on and so forth all the way up to nine point nine you'll get a kind of a super mega maximum Drive so let's see if my reflexes are gonna have to do this on the first try we're just going to try for one point one so let's let let's try cross your fingers great for me do something just you know vibes my reflexes suck anyway ah there you go get the confirmation noise at any point to hit again see you get some more explosions and things and stuff because it's awesome so now I'm going to try to do that again so you can see what's happening up here so pray for me like this twice in a row – so come on Wow there you go I usually takes a lot more tries of that so I lucked out this time anyway now the thing is like if you hit one point one you'll you know hear that confirmation noise it'll keep going if you actually hit it at two point two it'll give you the confirmation noise again so you can actually keep going as far as you can I've only been able to get it up to four point four without messing up but it doesn't matter how many times you get the matching numbers in a row you're still going to get that same you know the beefier maximum Drive noise um if you get all the way up to nine point nine I don't know if anything different happen like I said I have not been able to do that myself but you know if you can get the numbers to match up you'll get that beefier maximum Drive that's all telling it the beefier maximum Drive but uh yeah there you go that's basically everything that the trial memory does I believe if I mess anything up or missed anything I do apologize like I always say I I do the best I can with these Japanese toys so there you have that trial memory very cool I do quite like it oh one question that I'm sure people are going to ask um no you cannot use this in the bubble driver it does not fit in a double driver because this bit right here just gets in the way so it will not clip down all the way into the double driver or into any of the any of the the weapons either I don't believe it will work in the skull Maggie give me a second all right I got my skull Magnum here let me just see here I doubt seriously this will actually no yeah that is that ain't happening not enough that ain't happenin sub ya can use it a skull Magnum I think this will actually fit into some of the gadgets I don't have any of the gadgets from double but I think it works in some of the gadgets in double I mean some of the gadgets in double some of the gadgets words I know them anyway so they have that right cool you quite like it now I picked this up from CS Toria so if you are interested you can check them out they do deal in used items you can find a lot of older time writer or super sentai stuff there so you can check out CS stories also other stuff or sites rather where you can pick up stuff like this if you are interested such as a hobby link Japan amiami I'll be search maunder okay of course there's always a bay and amazon but do be wary of their pricing you can also check out big bath toy store found they do carry some Kamen Rider items mostly figure arts at this point but if you want to check them out they'll be linked in the description down below and you can also check out my coming writer double playlists for any reviews you may have missed also linked in the description down below so check that out as well and I think that's it so don't forget to check out end game check out lori plan follow me on twitter all of that good stuff down in the description below and i think that's pretty much all there is to say so there is the kamen rider double trial memory and this is an go saying remember you don't stop playing because you grow old you grow old because you stop playing big geek they're proud boom in your face

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