Kamen Rider Drive (仮面ライダードライブ) Type Speed (Review – Part 1) Diary Kevin Adrian Nugraha (CC)

The rain stops, there's a break in the clouds The blue sky's calling out to you Alright, it's almost time to head out I don't need anyone else's advice I've gotta trust my own instincts It's high time, I found my own way Fire Up, Ignition The heavy pressure's on Slam the accelerator and power through Surprise, the whole world's got drive! Feeling high like you're finally awake Once you're on the road to destiny There's no way to go in reverse… All we need is Drive! Hey! What's up, guys? Welcome to my diary! This is my diary Kevin Adrian Nugraha.

Now, we are review about Kamen Rider
Drive DX Belt! Look! This is good! Okay. Let's see this shift cars. Wow! They look so good! And this is Shift Brace also, too. Let's… switch on! Start… your engine! He says start your engine… …but you can open this! I mean… switch on, I guess. Sorry, guys. Okay! Let's take it type speed, guys! Let's switch on again. That's like this… …and transform. DRIVE: TYPE SPEED! Okay! We have already connected and rotated. Let's switch on again! SPEED! Okay! Switch on again! Let's do this! SP-SPEED! Okay. Let's do it again and switch on again. Let's connect it again! SP-SP-SPEED! Okay! Let's switch on.

Let's do it with Hissatsu or The Finisher. THE FINISHER! Okay! Let's do it! FULL THROTTLE! SPEED! Okay! That was really nice! Okay! But let's switch on again. Okay. NICE DRIVE! Okay, that is already good. But don't remember, I will be back…..and Diary Kevin Adrian Nugraha! Subtitle by: Kevin Adrian Nugraha.

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