Kamen Rider Drive DX SHIFT FRUITS & DRIVE LOCKSEED SET: EmGo’s Kamen Rider Reviews N’ Stuff

check out big bad toy store come for this and other great toys okay wait so it's fruity and fast huh sounds like a recipe for a trip to the bathroom hey what's up YouTube land and go here the freakin geek himself and today we will be reviewing they come and ride our drive DX shift fruits and drive a lock seed sets so here we are and there they are running first and foremost as always well take a quick look at the packaging here it is you have a cool picture here of Drive any type fruits and game in the drive arms hey look this is from a movie movies you have to drive logo there chip fruits drive lock see it said on the underside get the same picture of game and drive on the back of the box we have your oblique Ettore product shots does this that the other all that good stuff don't forget that hurts sometimes and that's basically it's for the packaging so here we are here we have the shift fruits and the drive locks each said this is from the game and drive movie that I believe as of this recording is still in theaters in Japan and I can't wait to see this movie because actually looks like it's really cool but yes we have a dual set here of both gimmicks this year's gimmick and the last year's gimmick and um very cool set really really liked it so first thing we'll do is we will take a look at the shift fruits car so here it is you can see it's in it's an orange car at the nice orange logo they're done in gold paint you got some silver paint here some white some blue so it's totally done up in Guymon colors and looks very very nice very cool and right here you have the the drive logo and it does have wheel so yeah it rolls rolling things or button so there you go a very cool double shift car very very orange II looks like it's just chock full of vitamin C like it's like it's like it's a you know the Flintstones chewable vitamin or something I don't know I don't know what I'm saying anymore but anyway let's get down to the noises that this car can make because we got a lot of toys to plug this into so let's get right down to it so first and foremost most we will bring in belts on come yet bets under let's get down to what noises this makes in the drive driver and of course you can see everything that's happening on the screen clearly we have to cut off the light so clock off now alright lights are off so let's get right down to it so here we go as usual everything starts for the turn of the key so very cool although he rolls that our food on stage very cool so now you're in type fruits so let's get down to the attack you actually makes the game music which is awesome let's go oh yeah I love that and it makes the signature guy noises I love that I love it and I love the way he rolls that are I'm sorry I just have food like he really rolls that but anyway we will go on to the hissatsu and there you go that's all the noises it makes in the drive driver so we'll just move this off to the side and we're going to cut the lights back on so come on alright illumination has on returns let's continue on with the noises the shift fruits car makes so we'll take a look here our buddy here yeah the break gunner so let's see what noises this car makes in the break gunner let's see it says drive system because it is a base form so it's not going to use it same generic noise and no execution because again it is a base form so it doesn't give you that unique it does give you the execution sound with the base form so that's all you're going to get out of it are you that's always you're going to get out of it in the break gunner so let's see what it does in our new friend here the monk driver oh yeah so let's see what happen we plug it into the muck driver Hey come on oh yeah you attack then he sucks ooh the finisher come on and there you go let's cut it to you too buddy there we go we have the noise it makes in the Mach driver and uh that is basically it for the noises that this makes in the said toys so yeah pretty cool pretty cool ship car I like it I like it very much so now we will move on to what I feel is the main events is the drive lock seat I love this lock seat very cool and I just love lock sees in general so I'm very happy that we're still getting more locks needs so here we have the locks 8 for Drive let's see here type speed got the drive helmet very nicely done nicely painted nice silver Bandai silver got the are painted and silver you got the white and blue stripe very nicely done on this whole front plate is done in a clear plastic the trans clear and plastic and it's painted over and they didn't paint over the eyes because that will let the LEDs shine through when you turn the lock see dong and that's really cool I like it very much and of course I brought Ryan is forever molded onto it in shame but anyway this is a DX lock seed so of course has an on/off switch when you turn it on and I love how the eyes light up when you activate the lock see that's really cool let's do that again very very cool now of course on the back of the lock seed you have your button here you don't get invest game noises obviously but you do get some very unique noises here so let's just push the button and see what we get you do get the crack opening max Flair funky spiky midnight shadow to ride it on they get the crack closing and then it just like fled again I don't think there are any other hidden noises on here I don't think I could be wrong but I don't think there are any other noises on this but um yeah there you go so of course it was looking left to do but to bring in our buddy here you know his name oh yeah Sengoku driver time my old friend so let's get right down and to it and open this baby up and see what kind of noises it makes oh mission dude I like it in close it up sorry do I have to do this anyway slice there you go you have pensioned your transform to to game derive arms there you have the open lock seed now you see the drive driver and the type speed shift car right there and of course you do get your three attacks so slice once it's up to full throttle slice twice tried Iran and then I don't know what the heck it says after that three times tire coke on and there you go that's all the noises it makes in the driver remove that hey we will bring in the last piece here the moose Oh Simba so now we will plug this in and see what we get from it yeah there you go we pull the trigger again draw a bow powwow to open it up close it again then we go into gun mode pull the trigger and then pull the trigger you don't have a powwow look we're at a break power but there you go and there you have it ladies and gentlemen here we have all the noises I do these two particular toys make I like a tie to shift cars they're a fun gimmick you know I love lock seat I can't get enough of lock seat so it's very cool to have a lock seat of the current driver um the one cool thing about locks is I think why I like them so much is that realistically when you think about it they can make lock seeds for ever because all the noises are in the lock see they're not in the belt itself unfortunately the drive driver all the noises are programmed into the belts so they can only do but so much that can only go but so far ahead into the future and that's basically it but this gimmick they can go on with forever pretty much like with Gaia memories it could have made Gaia memories forever they could still be making Gaia memories if they wanted to and same case with Locksley's I could really keep making these forever because all the noises come from these and not the belt so I think that's why I like lock seats so much because it can be really versatile but yeah very cool shift guard shift fruits is very cool um he does have this little hook right here in one of the trailers I saw the shift car was actually you know towing the lock see behind it like that or this cool um can't wait to see the movie it looks like it's good and I dig it I think it's very very cool toys if this has any appeal to you whatsoever definitely worth picking up I think it's quite quite fun so I think that's pretty much it so don't forget to check out end games check out Lawrie plan follow me on Twitter all of that good stuff down in the description below and I think that's pretty much Louis to say so there is the Kamen Rider Drive DX type fruits and five lakh seed sets and this is M goes saying remember you don't stop playing because it grow bold you grow old because you stop playing B geek be proud palm in your face you

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